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Join a team of winners, Making money in Travel


How to make Passive Income while Traveling.

Nowadays, we call it Consistent Income or Pre-worked income, but if a lot of us were to quit today, that income would become passive. 

Why? because most of our heavy lifting is done. A lot of us are on cruise control. Learning this business is only hard in the beginning stages. Once you get it, MAN, do you got it. It's a Rinse and Repeat type deal!

Joining us has never been easier

Every week my Marketing Company, Plannet Marketing, gives a free training that will introduce you to a whole new, travel world.

Join this page and watch as either 1 of the founding members or a multiple star director explains exactly what it is we do at Plannet Marketing. Learn how we made the travel industry pay us back. 

How to support yourself while traveling

When I was younger, I decided that growing up in the Bronx, getting a job with the city, and retiring a few years before my death, was not going to cut it for me. I was going to travel, and I was going to travel to extraordinary places and while still considerably young.

I may be now getting a little "long in the tooth" but I'm so happy I found this opportunity when I did. Join us.

After you catch one of our live webinars, start the signup process with me at:

Welcome Aboard!


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