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10 Countries for Black (African American) Men to date and find love

Top 10 countries for black men to date and find love

Its time for Another beautiful Women filled countdown. This time we are going over the top 10 countries for black (African American) men who live in American can find wonderful women to share time with, play nice with and sometimes even make a life with. Date and find love. We can call this the "love map" abroad.

Kings…You ever get the feeling that story of Adam and Eve was about us? That wasn't no Tree. That was a black man over there in the garden minding his business. There wasn’t no snake, that was the Black man’s dick. How do you think Eve’s son, the one that didn’t kill his brother, found a wife? I'm starting to think there was a black family and a white family working in the garden of Eden. And eve couldn’t stop peeking over there. I’m thinking King James and the rest of those bad science fiction writers were actually using metaphors to tell the first version of “ONCE YOU GO BLACK, YOU NEVER GO BACK.” all I’m saying is think about it.

As much as we are told otherwise, African American men are very exotic and very desired. How can we not be? 1st of all, globally, we are rare like diamonds, America has decimated a lot of us with unfair laws and insurmountable odds of success. We still come out successful. The entire world gets it’s style from us. When any other man wants to try to display how tough he is, most likely he tries to do a watered down impression of an African American man. We are also coolness personified. We walk, talk and take care of ourselves in all of the coolest ways possible. We embody masculinity. We are intelligent because we have always found a way to survive and strive despite the fact that the country we currently occupy has had countrywide efforts to eliminate us. And we still get money. The black American man is not broke especially when income is compared globally. The world has tried everything to get rid of us but we are rebels. Not only that but we are the fastest, strongest, and most resilient men on earth. We even crack the best jokes. You know, EVERYTHING a woman wants in a man. Now our natural counterpart is the African American woman. They've been right by our side through this evil experiment that we find ourselves in, in America. Most American Black men OVERWHELMINGLY only date and Marry Black Women despite what the media has been trying to tell us lately. Read the pew results on marriage between races. https://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2017/05/18/1-trends-and-patterns-in-intermarriage/ 

But many times, the smear campaigns about Black men in the Media, has made many of our women just as against us - as media has tried to make the rest of the world against us. A lot of times media has made us battle against our women by hammering home negativity about them and only showing the most pessimistic aspects of them, whenever black American women are mentioned. Sometimes black men have decided that we need a break from them. either temporarily or permanently. A lot of times just out of curiosity but sometimes and Understandably, black men will seek to find a peaceful home-life with someone who is not going through a lot of the same mentally damaging problems as he is. 

Many have found the women from these 10 countries to be MORE than willing to temporarily assist or permanently present themselves as a gift to us, to experience relations with arguably the strongest men on earth. 

Number 10.Japanese Women: 
The minute they saw a hip hop video they fell in love. For the most part, the Japanese culture was cut off from our media other than probably the news. But one day, a hip hop video came on. The entire attitude of the women changed over night. Many of the Japanese guys picked up an American black man swag as well. They attempted to dress, walk, talk and act like the black guys they saw on TV. Many Japanese women were impressed by their imitations but they still wanted to try out the real deal. These relationships can last for years. My blood brother dated one for a very long time and I knew one brother, that I worked with, years ago, that was having such a great time with his Japanese GF that he married her and moved to Japan. When I met him, he had just came back to America after a break up with her. He did nothing but talk about her for the entire year we worked together. Toward the end, he was getting depressed in America so he packed up and left back to Japan. I don’t know if he ever found the same woman again but according to his social media, the Japanese chicks are choosing. I know I referenced hip hop as their main draw, but come to think of it, My brother and that guy from my job was not really heavy into hip hop. So hey maybe it was something else.

9.Nigerian Women: 
With a lot of nationalities on this list, you are going to hear me say that the women are taught to steer clear of the Black American man. This is certainly the case with Nigerians. It’s actually ironic because after African Americans, Nigerians get the 2nd worst rep of any people in the world. We should be the first people joining forces. Nigerians know how to get their cake up as well, money, so you’ll only most likely ever meet the these chicks if you run in rich circles in America. Going over to their country, you will think you are visiting Harlem in NYC. You can’t be a sucka but you don’t need to act so hard either. The women will date an African American man that they find cool but you MUST be about your hustle and don’t think you are going to impress them with dick size- they’ve seen way bigger! But they are tired of the arrogance of their men so you stand a chance in most other areas. The icing on the cake to dating one is they make Soya! If you haven't had it. Ask a Nigerian girl at your job to bring some in one day. You will instantly fall in love with her and ask for her hand in marriage. These women dress fresh to death when they want. So have some style about you to catch their attention.

8.Jamaican Women: 
Many preconceived notion coming from Jamaican families is not to date African American men. A lot of African American families are told at an early age to leave Jamaicans alone. The good thing about this notion is when Black Americans get to know Jamaicans and vice versa,we all start to realize that we are the same people with the same struggles and many of the same victories. We just talk different. Maturity and both of our cultures rebel mentality helps us see through the nonsense we were taught about each other and why we should hate each other. Successful Black American/Jamaican relationships have many examples and they usually conquer the test of time in America. But even when a guy goes over to Jamaica, he is met with love from culture. I was. And once you hear about their battles with independence from foreign nations that they had, they will earn the respect that they demanded already. The women who are not still struggling with what’s real and what’s WS brainwashing will greet you with a big smile and show you warmth that you won’t find anywhere else. 

7.White Chicks in America: 
When a white American chick lets go of her inhibitions she is the freakiest soul on earth. The white privilege she has experienced her whole life makes her want to try things sexually that are illegal in most civilized countries. If you ever dated a slightly insane Black American girl who perhaps had a pastor as a dad, the experience with a white American chicks will be pretty much the same. But beware, the most amazing sex comes from crazy chicks but so does the most crazy situations to find yourself in. Long term relationships with black men usually last about 3 years. Some black men will go on to marry these women because they can’t imagine going back to boring sex lives. but if you get divorced, remember that this experience will be a hell that a black woman that you’ve scorned could only dream to inflict on you. You’ll certainly lose a fortune financially and you’ll actually be lucky if you come out of that break up with your freedom, or even alive. These woman and their desire for black men is one of the main reasons the system of white supremacy exists. Those men fear genetic annihilation. If a white woman gets pregnant by a black man, the kid will be black. We probably also would have worked hundreds of years to put our own system of black supremacy in place if every time a black woman had a kid with a white man, the kid came out white. Many times these women just want the experience. Sometimes crazy white dudes will fantasize about he girl getting banged out by a black dude so much, that he will encourage her to do it. Then the sick fuck may ask her to watch it happen. So if you are banging one, make sure you keep an eye on the little flaps in the closet door. You may see an eye peeking at you from the other side. Date these chicks if you're single but use extreme caution. 

6.UK London women. 
A lot of the black women in London are from many different countries in Africa. But if you date a white one be prepared for no backlash. Being an interracial couple is about as normal and boring as it’s ever going to get in London. If your goal was to stand out, you’ll have better luck walking down the street hand in hand with a woman of your same color. An exaggeration of course, but finding love in London is pretty easy. There is nothing else to do in London so everyone is so bored and tired of rain that cozying up with another living breathing human is not hard for African American men. 

5. Eritreans and Ethiopian (Habesha) 
MY HABESHAS. They may think they are a special case but they aren't. They may tell you their culture has the strictest rules when it comes to dating men other than fellow habeshas but it’s not as strict as they like to tell themselves it is. These women are so beautiful that I made an entire episode about them specifically so no matter how many barriers are up around them, African American dudes are still going to find some way to penetrate their cultures roadblocks. Not only are these chicks easy on the eyes but once they do decide, well I’ll just try a sample… They come to realize what everyone else who gives us a chance realizes. African American dudes are cool as hell. A lot of them has started to adopt our culture just like the rest of the world. They like a dude making a significant amount of money but so does every other woman, from every other culture, want from every man, from everywhere. Women SHOULD be Sexy and MEN SHOULD be making a decent amount of money. If your’e not, work on that before you start dating and trying to find love. And when you date or have the pleasure of doing the long term thing with them, it will be hard for you to comprehend how nice and respectful their being. 

4.Dominican Women:
If you grew up in New York as I did, you know that Dominican Families that Migrated to America had 1 rule and 1 rule only for their Dominican daughters… and that was to never date an African American man. When you would approach one back in Middle school and high school there was a disdain that you could read on their face. After high school your chances of dating would increase significantly because they would start to think on their own and become just as mesmerized about trying out the black fruit as everyone else does. Their interests are mostly sexual in nature but as you get close to them, they will begin to share with you how they were raised and you start to understand why they were so hard to get with, when you were younger. When you get your Passport and travel to the Dominican Republic for the first time, you will be blown away by their behavior towards black men because most times their mind’s has not been as contaminated by American Media yet. Find one that is not a lady of the night and These women will love you with their soul. You’ll get the feeling that you are a superhero when you are around them. Haters will say that they only act that way so they can get papers come over to America, but I’ve found that most Black men who gets into something serious with them, They wind up moving out to DR for good. 

3.Panamanian Women:
When I finally publish my countdown on the countries where most African Americans retire, Panama is going to be very high on the list. Many African Americans are retiring in Panama because of the easy living. Panama has some of the most beautiful women on earth and dating them will bring you both peace while you are able to keep a big chunk of your retirement money. The women will treat you with respect and keep quiet. The stereotypical loudmouth Panamanian women only acts like that because they’ve been quiet for so long, doing what their man says, cooking cleaning and being a support system but then their dude leaves for the think chick down the street. An African American man has the power and resolve to return one of these women back to the peaceful creature that they have the predisposition to be. And that’s my my countdowns 

2.Brazilian Women:
What has not been already said about the beautiful women of Brazil? I personally know hundreds of African American guys who visited Brazil and was never the same again. They talk about women different when they get back. All they want to do is spread the word of how Brazilian women and the their culture and treatment of black men has changed them. They become almost missionaries in America trying to get African American men to see the light of Brazil. But no one denies that Brazil can be a little racist. The residents who are more than 60% black, has racist propaganda thrown at them in all forms of media. Their new President is being called the Spanish Donald trump (and yes Trump is a racist) and some say it feels like an apartheid system is in place. However, the people there are actually woke and/or rapidly waking up. They are embracing their African roots faster than any country in the world including the US. The system of white supremacy there is being called out no how cleverly it tries to hide. The black women realize how beautiful black is and they flaunt it like no other women in the world can. If you can’t find the love of your life in that environment some guys may consider you clinically brain dead. 

1.Ghanaian Women:
When most African Americans do an ancestry test, the results most like are going to say they descended from Ghana. As journalist Lydia Polgreen reported in a New York Times article, the fact that Ghanaian slave exports to the Americas was so important between the 16th and 19th centuries has made Ghana currently try to attract the descendants of enslaved Africans from the Americas to return to settle there and make the country their new home – although not all are of Ghanaian descent. As reported by Valerie Papaya Mann, president of the African American Association of Ghana, thousands of African Americans now live in Ghana for at least part of the year. To encourage migration, or at least visits by African Americans, Ghana decided, in 2005, to offer them a special visa and allow them Ghanaian passports. Over 3000 are currently counted. So being welcomed is an understatement. And the women are as anxious to meet you as the government is. Go date, fall in love, and just stay. It aint like America is going to miss you miss you! 

We are rare and one of a kind. Also keep in mind that many women just want to use us as sexual experiments. but many times they are not willing to put up with the social ramifications that come from being in a long term relationship with a man that the media has warned her is forbidden fruit. You will see those intentions from a mile away and If you can’t handle that it will just be a sex thing and know that you will want more, just don’t do it. Demand standards from these women just like you would demand standards from African American Women. If you happen to find love while you are sewing your royal oats. Cherish the chick and understand that a great relationship with any woman foreign or domestic is a scarce experience. As the late Honorable Charles Tyler used to tell us, remember that WE HAVE OPTIONS. 

Black men, never forget your worth and desirability. Use that power. Continue your conquest of the world, like a king. 

Honorable Mention: 
Ivory Coast Women
Just the other day I booked a trip to Abidjan for a man to go find the woman he lost contact with for 20 years. As you know, I’m a travel professional so I can book your trip and also show you how to start your own Travel Business so you can make an extraordinary income part time, and enjoy the perks of being a travel business owner. Go to my website to get more details. Anyway, 20 years ago, This man was all set to get married to the beautiful woman that he had spent months on the ivory coast with. I’ll keep his name anonymous. He met her on an educational retreat. He was supposed to spend a week in Abidjan but he fell in love with her and extended his stay for months after the group left back to America. Long story short, The dude got engaged, but just had to come back to America to pick up a few of his things so he could live there for good. The moment he left a civil war broke out and ravaged the area. He didn’t know if she was dead or alive. Civil wars are the nastiest kinds of wars because almost everyone loses a friend of family member. He lost track of the woman for 20 years and happened to run into her on social media a few weeks ago. She was doing well but after talking they still realized they still loved each other and were still willing to go through with the marriage. Now I’m not saying this story will happen to every guy that meets women on the ivory coast. But 2 guys had pretty similar stories and that's pretty good odds, plus telling his story was a cheap and easy way to plug my business. 

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