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About Us

Passport Kings is the new way to enjoy Global Travel at low prices and with good people. Go Travel to Caribbean Islands and Latin America. We will be your Travel Guide. We are adult trip advisers and party organizers to all of the great locations in the world. And we promise the voyage will be just as fun as the destination. You need Travel ideas?

You will be with like-minded guys (and gals) who love traveling. We enjoy to travel America to see the domestic sites as well, but our real passion is traveling International! We group-rate to the high end. We make sure your trip is fun, exciting and worry-free.

Join us as we hit the road and cross the seas in search for good times and sometimes even beautiful women! A bored friend of mine needed his horizons broadened. We welcomed him aboard and he found a broad abroad! We are light on the restrictions and heavy on the excitement! Join us on our next trip!

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