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Make money QUICK taking pictures of your receipts with Fetch app

Stop telling stores you don't want your receipts

What if you could take pictures of any random receipt, from stores you already shop in and make money on the side?

Make money QUICK taking pictures of your receipts with Fetch app

With the Fetch App, that's exactly what they give you the ability to do. Make money QUICK taking pictures of your receipts with the Fetch App.

How to make money from your old receipts

When someone asked me if I wanted to make money Quick taking pictures of my old receipts, my first question was: "Is it easy?"

I like making extra money on the side but if it's not thousands of dollars, I have to take my time doing tasks into consideration.

Once the process was explained to me, I was all in. It's a simple point my camera and click.

Make money Quick taking pictures of your receipts with Fetch app

Whenever I used to have idle time, like on planes or at the airport gates waiting for boarding to start, I used to play games mobile games like Candy Crush. 

Now I use this time to pull out my day's receipts and take quick photos.

Fetch rewards receipts

Now, when I shop anywhere, like the supermarket, Walmart, the gas station, footlocker, and even Dollar Tree, I simply ask the cashier to print a receipt for me. (They usually do it without me asking.)

Just snap your receipts from ANY STORE or restaurant and earn fetch rewards points every time.

What are the Fetch points good for?

This is the best part. Almost everything about Fetch gives you unlimited options!

Redeem your points for rewards, including hundreds of gift cards like Amazon, Playstation, Movie Theatres, Gas Cards!!

Download it at:

During signup you'll get 2,000 free Fetch Points and so will I.

Editing videos on the airplane

Scan Walmart receipt and get money back.

I do a lot of my shopping at Walmart. They usually have everything I want in 1 place. I am not a big fan of going from store to store. To learn that I can scan Walmart receipts and get money back was a game-changer.

Using the Fetch App, as soon as I pack my groceries in my car I sit in the front seat, lay my receipt out on the passenger seat, and hit the app icon on my phone. I swear it's a 1-minute process.
  1. I click on the camera Icon, line up the receipt, and snap.
  2. I get green indicators checkmarks that everything the app needed was captured.
  3. Then I press Submit.
  4. And That's it!
You'll earn the most points on thousands of popular products found in the app, and even more on Special Offers.

Best receipt app to earn money.

This service is 100% free to the public. I've had it for months and never paid them a dime.

The thing I like most about the fetch app is everything is as simple as possible. Even sharing the fetch app with others is simple.

As I mentioned earlier, the process is 2 to 3 steps tops. I simply throw the receipt away when I'm finished taking my picture.

Remember to use my link so we both can earn 2,000 free Fetch Points.

The Fetch app has over 1 million 5-star reviews so you know it must be easy.

Saving money picture by nosheep on pixabay

Turn your receipts into cash in 2021

According to you can: 

Exchange points for free gift cards by going to the Rewards page and scrolling through your options under Use Points. You can redeem points for gift cards when you accrue as few as 3,000 points. Gift cards are available in set dollar amounts generally ranging from $3 to $50.

How do receipt scanning apps make money?

According to
Receipt apps are apps that allow shoppers to scan their receipts and earn savings or cashback. Some of these apps work by letting shoppers search for offers or deals from their favorite retailers and then uploading receipts showing the purchase of these items.

In other words, you are doing marketing research for them. They even offer extra points when you buy certain items from certain locations. I once made 1000 points just by buying a $2 energy drink on my way to the gym.


So Royal Family what are you waiting for? I purchase little things like Playstation Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, and even restaurant gift cards with my Fetch rewards points. It's safe.

They even give away $1000 cash rewards in their monthly sweepstakes! 

So sign up using my code: and start earning points on ALL of your purchases like a king...


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