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Riu Montego Bay Jamaica review: Passport Kings resort

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I never recommend anything I haven't tried myself”

"I Love Montego Bay" sign in Jamaica Sangster Airport

Maybe it’s because this was the 4th of July Weekend, but Riu Montego Bay in Jamaica was LIT!

Where is the perfect out-of-the-country spot for you and your crew right now?

Some people may be concerned about the price per night for an All-inclusive Package in RIU Montego Bay. Some are not sure about the Covid restrictions and requirements that you’ll need for a week's getaway in Jamaica. And you may not be sure what to expect when you get to Jamaica as far as weather, entertainment, and the right time to go.

Well, I got you covered because in this video I am going to answer all of those questions and give you a glimpse into the couple's trip my buddies and I went on to RIU Montego Bay.

It’s definitely cool for a couples trip, but as we found out, you may feel like you bought sand to the beach.

I believe it’s well known that because of the rainy season in Jamaica, the best time of the year to go to Jamaica is between December and April.

But Most of my friends were off and it was the 4th of July weekend. So My buddies and I sporadically planned a little Jamaica trip.

Plus Bruce, one of my best friends from the Bronx that passed away years ago, birthday is on the 3rd of July, so we had a lot of celebration in his honor to do, and a great time planned.

When we got there, the party was in full swing. Apparently, nobody else cares about the rainy season either.

Riu Montego Bay Covid Restrictions

When it comes to Covid restrictions, getting to Montego Bay is very easy and straightforward.

1st Call your local CVS and tell them you want to get tested for covid. Make sure you set a date for about 3 days before your trip.

We got a drive-through and were giving swabs to test ourselves at the CVS window. It was quick and easy.

Lobby of Riu Montego bay

Next, you need to go to the Jamaica website and fill out your information (I’ll leave the link in the description of the video.)

You need to know where in Jamaica you're staying because that question is on the questionnaire.

When you try to check-in for your flight, the airline app will stop you and tell you you need to finish the process at the airport.

This is because they want to review your Covid results, make sure you filled out the website questionnaire, and double-check your passport.

But that’s it!

Everything else is the typical customs process that you would've had to go through anytime you visit another country.

As far as getting another test on your way back home to the US, It is an easy pain-free process that the hotel will do for you, free of charge.

You’ll have to visit their clinic in the resort 2 days before your flight home.

Oh, lastly, of course, you’ll have to wear your mask whenever you have close interactions with any workers at the resort and on the planes.

Beautiful Beach right outside of Riu Montego Bay

Riu Montego Bay Price Per Night

As soon as you come out of the airport, everyone will ask you if you need a Cab or Weed.

Weed never gave me the pleasure that it does for some people so I only accepted the cab offers.

For people who do smoke weed, you will be offered a lot of it during your stay. It seems like Weed is almost like water in Montego Bay Jamaica.

I actually had a few people just offer me weed for free.

I’ve been told that this is not the most potent type of weed today because so many dealers in the US have added chemicals that get you higher.

I’m under the impression that Jamaica weed is more natural but weaker than what today's weed conosiers may be used to.

Anyway, the cab to the resort is between 20 and 30 bucks.

You may be able to talk a driver down to about 15 bucks but when you realize how nice he is, you’ll tip him and probably pay him more than what he originally asked for.

It’s a really short trip to RIU Montego Bay and probably should cost less, but hey after a 2-3 hour plane ride, you’ll just want to get to your room and start enjoying your stay in Jamaica.

The all-inclusive packages that I sell usually include transfer service to and from the airport

Other than excursions and gift shop items, everything else is included in the price of the Resort. Right now rooms are about $250 per night depending on which days you stay. At www.passportkings.com I can get you some of the lowest prices on airfare as well.

Is the price of Riu Montego Bay worth it?

The short answer is YES, definitely.

The longer answer is, Riu Montego Bay is Adults Only.

Everyone loves their kids but no one is interested in seeing them in a resort setting.

At least I AINT!

RIU Montego Bay strong Drinks with All Inclusive

Have you ever gone to a resort and cheap bartenders are acting like the cost of the liquor is coming out of their own pocket?

Well not here.

They give you what you ask for!

And if you request a strong drink, they understand exactly what you mean and they hook it up.

Since what you will be doing a lot on a resort is eating, the food can make or break a Resort Experience.

Some dishes are wack, but about 95% of them are excellent and the selections are incredible.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were served by some of the nicest Jamaicans you’ll ever meet.

Your choices are the buffet and 3 other restaurants with waiters.

What may sound like a problem at first turns out to be a really good thing.

Because of Covid, at the Buffet, there are people standing in front of each selection to place food on your plate.

I wasn't used to that in buffet settings.

But then I thought back to what I said about the buffet in Mexico and decided that I like it this way better.

It’s safer to NOT have everyone from every walk of life digging in the dishes before it’s your turn.

I think this is a practice that all Resorts and Cruises should adopt and keep even after the Pandemic.

Riu Montego Bay Entertainment

Riu Montego bay is lit. The resort is so filled with activities that you may not even want to do excursions.

Our excuse for not horseback riding and windsurfing was there was a Hurricane warning for the time we were there.

Other than heavy rain on one of the nights, that cleared up just as fast as it came, the weather was perfect.

Towel Distribution in RIU MONTEGO BAY

The daytime pools were lit too.

Maybe it was because it was a holiday weekend or maybe it was just because people were happy to finally get out of the house, but everyone participated in the games that the DJs played around the pools.

There were swim-up bars with bartenders who were just as generous with drinks as everywhere else was.

While the restaurants were preparing for dinner, a small bar in the sand kept the food flowing - serving whole half of jerk chickens, rice and peas, and many other dishes.

Chances are, you’ll be full already but to have nonstop food available is dope.I hate when places call themselves all inclusive but then play stingy with the food

We all know how hungry being in the pool can make us.

There is even an amusement park-sized water slide called splash down on the other side of the building.

Daytime at this resort is great.

At night, the entertainment doesn't stop either.

Each night there was a stage performance following rounds of name-that-tune and other games that the resort came up with.

Performances included a Michael Jackson rendition that was almost like being at a real concert of the late great Michael Jackson.

I mean this guy danced his ass off.

Other nights they had the history of Jamaican Music and Numerous other shows that would rival broadway or Coachella.

Whoever’s putting these shows together is an expert.

Then as soon as the performances are over, the DJ comes on and plays a mix of reggae, up-to-date hip hop, and the classics that everyone loves.

By then, everyone is turned up, and with one recognizable tune from popular songs, chicks will pop up out of their chairs and start dancing as if they witnessed the 2nd coming of Christ.

It’s better than a club in the US because the Vibes are all good and you can tell that everyone has their inhibitions low.

Talk to girls and they are eagerly engaged in the conversation and none of the dudes are there trying to win a “Toughest Thug” contest.

Table View of trees and hotel walls in RIU Montego bay

Riu Montego Bay, Adults Only, All-Inclusive was my 3rd resort experience in Jamaica. I’ve truly changed my mind about where the most fun-filled resort is in Jamaica

I was told by people who recently stayed in RIU Reggae that this was a better-looking resort and an all-around better experience.

I’m thinking It’s probably better than RIU Palace because everyone was completely into having a good time.

Sometimes when people pay more for resorts, they're a little too stuck-up to mingle with everyone else.

To save even more money, Go outside the front gate and across the street for the ATM, to get Gas station trinkets and a lower-priced Gift shop.

Of course, you will have to fight off the weed and women dealers but the lower prices are worth it

Do you have a group trip to Jamaica coming up? I have 6+ years of organizing groups for vacations to Vegas, The Caribbean, and Africa.

I’ll make sure you get the lowest prices on a superb getaway that you and your crew won’t soon forget, contact me at [email protected]

If you only need individual flights, Go to the updatedwww.passportkings.com

and compare offers from over 4 million flight brands in one place!

Is Jamaica New Asia?

I’ve heard (mostly from fraudulent internet scholars) that Asians have taken over Jamaica.

Some people who most likely never left their hometown have made it seem like going to Jamaica is pretty much like going to Hong Kong.

Maybe in the background, Asians are pulling the strings but every experience you will have out there will be an authentic Jamaican experience - with Native Jamaicans on the front lines and running the everyday processes.

Ignore the politics and enjoy your time in Jamaica. It aint like getting ""internet mad" is going to change anything anyway

Can American Men find love in Jamaica?

I still love Jamaica.

I haven't had a bad time out there yet.

The people are friendly as hell. The facilities are modern and in 2020 RIU had a full renovation of the rooms and everything else.

If you’re talking to the local chicks, you won’t be talking to the same type of bums that you’ll meet in many of the other Caribbean islands.

The native Jamaican women are gorgeous, shapely, intelligent, and best of all, nice and cooperative.

Forget any experience you had in the past with Jamaican women who were new to the US in the 90s (in their tie-dye pants.)

These women are completely different.

They’ll acknowledge that we all originated in Africa and they just want to help you enjoy your stay in their country.

Beach front in RIU Montego Bay Jamaica

If you talk to the American chicks that are also visiting, they’re down for a great time and ready to create secret memories that they’ll never let leave Jamaica.

There are A LOT of women roaming around Jamaica.

Tourists and Natives.

Work out, don’t be corny, and have good hygiene and you can’t lose.

US women visiting Jamaica will easily find happiness too, for some of the same reasons.

My Ebook called “Make Money Online so you can Travel More” is free.

Go to www.passportkings.com and pick it up.

Lastly, follow these links to read about the my other 2 experiences in Jamaica.

I was in Grand Palladium: Lady Hamilton and Iberostar Montego Bay: Rose Hall.


And as they say on their website, Hotel Riu Montego bay is perfect for an unforgettable holiday in paradise.

It’s adults-only, all-inclusive, and on a white sand beach. I think the best way to enjoy RIU Montego Bay is with a group of your friends for either a girls trip or a dude's trip.

Your trip to RIU Montego Bay will be literally spoiling yourself, Like a king...

My Buddy Bruce Rumph. RIP
RIP Brucey B. We love you Man.


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