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Top 10 Caribbean Islands with the most Beautiful Women: Passport Kings T...

It's time for one of my final countdowns of the year. In this one we are exploring the Caribbean to see where the beauties are. But in this video I will go a tad bit further into these beautiful women's culture to see what we can do to put the odds in our favor. It's also cool to do a little bit of research of the Islands and try to figure out why the women look the way they do. Usually, going on an exciting cruise will drop you off to a beautiful Caribbean Island. In fact, we are planning an exciting cruise o the number 1 position on this list  Yes, some of these women are celebrities, but they have origins in the islands mentioned when their pictures appear. There is nothing quite like a caribbean vacation and there is also nothing like a Caribbean Woman... Go and have fun!

Make sure you check out the cruise to our number 1 spot

Top Caribbean Women
One excellent thing about the Caribbean is its’ easily reachable by cruise ship. There is pretty much a cruise ship travelling to these countries every week.
Check out the Passport kings Cruise page to take one of these cruises for more than just seeing beautiful women but for beautiful environments excursions and adventures. I look forward to reading your comments and your very own list. Leave it below. If there is one thing I’ve learned by traveling, it’s that people are different. I understand people have different opinions, its ok, no need to argue, put your pitch forks away!  Being sun kissed by the excellent weather and diverse history has created some of the most beautiful people on earth. Living off of tourism is not that appealing to a lot of the people in these countries so they have flee their homes for better opportunities but many of the black women we have accepted as African American are actually from many of these countries and you may even be surprised to find out about some of these people’s origins. Just remember this is JUST a Beauty contest and not necessarily about attitudes or opinions even though nice body shapes will help.. Watch this commercial about the benefits of Travel Hacking and I’ll be back in a second!

10. Cuba: Welcome to Cuba. People from the States have been all but off limits to this Caribbean wonderland for Decades. Let’s thank former President Obama for lifting those awful limitations and letting us travel directly to Cuba once again. Thank God he did because now we see the beautiful cities and Women who seem to have gotten stuck in the late 50s. But these women are pretty much superstars in the rarity department. Before they were cut off from the states a lot of the people who were sent there to “whiten up the culture” had left - thanks to their dislike of Castro. The women who were left are amazing to meet, beautiful to look at and fun to be around they speak Spanish, Creole and another native language. While you’re there go to Havana and check out the awesome doctors that you may need now that Obama care was axed.

9. St. Maarten: Don’t forget about the second “A” when spelling St. Maartin. The culture is a blend of African, French, British and Dutch Heritage. I’ll make it simple and say a mix of Africans and Europeans. This island is 2 countries mixed into one. The food on St. Martin is a collaboration of tastes from Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa, and showcases the diversity of the island's people. And as diverse as the food is, the women are even more diverse. They took the best parts of both words and combined them into sheer beauty.

8. Guadeloupe: Guadeloupe has less than a quarter-a-million women who are made up of African, French, European and East Indian descendants. These women are raised by mostly fishermen so pick up lines should include signs of your willingness for hard work and love of seafood so I suggest you start your conversation like this: If I had to rate you from 1-10. I would you a 9. Because I am the 1 you are missing.

7. Bahamas: Within the country, a distinction is made between the capital of Nassau on New Providence Island and the out islands of the archipelago. Foreign-born women from the United Kingdom, the United States, Haiti, Canada, and other countries are referred to by their original nationalities regardless of citizenship or assimilation.

6. Cayman Islands: The women of the Cayman Islands have been influenced by Afro-Caribbean’s of Jamaica, colonists of Great Britain, and more recent immigrants from the United States. In the 21st century, approximately 113 nationalities make up the women on the three islands that make up this country.  Try something along the lines of… "You're So Beautiful That You Made Me Forget My Pickup Line."
Before I get to the top 5, here are my honorable mentions. Anguilla, Grenada, Haiti, Aruba and Puerto Rico. I guess they would be considered my choices of 10-15.

5. US Virgin Island: The U.S. Virgin Islands is a paradise with so much more to offer than the traditional beach vacation. Visitors wishing to immerse themselves in a profound cultural experience can enjoy historical tours, culinary encounters, artisan fairs, parades, storytelling and other special presentations. The women in the USVI are largely made up of Caribbean people whose ancestors were Africans and Europeans. You will find women from all across the Caribbean living in the Virgin Islands as well as Americans from the mainland, Europeans and Hispanics.

4. Turks and Caicos: While there are some 40 plus cays that make up the Turks and Caicos Islands, only eight of them are inhabited by people. The Turks and Caicos native women are called “Belongers” or “Turks and Caicos Islanders”, and are either descendant from African. The local population mixes a large expatriate community of British, American, French, Canadian, Haitians, Dominicans and Scandinavians, giving the islands an international influence and unique culture. The women here – both Expats and Belongers –are relaxed and friendly and generally operate on “island time”, resulting in a low-key, slow-paced environment.

3. Dominican Republic: The family forms the basis of stability. The individual derives a social network and assistance in times of need from the extended family, which generally encompasses three generations. When possible, the extended family lives together or within the same vicinity. Loyalty to the family comes before any other social relationship, even business. Nepotism is considered a good thing, since it implies employing people one knows and trusts, which is of primary importance. The oldest male in the extended family makes decisions affecting the balance of the family. Dominicans pride themselves on their hospitality. When someone visits, Dominicans go out of their way to make guests feel welcome and comfortable House guests are treated royally and Dominicans attempt to cater to their every desire. What are you doing tonight beside me?

2. Jamaica: The Jamaican family includes a close-knit web of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. Families are close and provide both emotional and economic support to its members. The family is the most important group a person belongs to, and as such, it the group with whom a Jamaican Woman spends most of his/her time developing and maintaining cordial relations. Jamaicans have a healthy distrust of those in authority and prefer to put their faith in those they know well, such as their extended family and close friends who are treated as if they were family. Being recommended by a friend or relative is the absolute best way to get one of these women interested. Have a person who knows the woman of interest say good things about you.

1. Trinidad and Tobago:  Music and festivals are the most dominant means of cultural expression here, but arts are also important to the culture. Carnival is the most well-known cultural festival, and calypso and steel band music are both internationally popular. One of the most unique aspects of the islands of Trinidad and Tobago is their unusual ethnic breakdown. While most Caribbean islands are populated in large majority by the descendants of African slaves, Trinidad and Tobago are home to many immigrants from the East Indies, who came to the islands as indentured servants after slavery was abolished in the 1800s. This gave Trinidad and Tobago a distinctive culture unlike any other island's as these cultures blended. Speaking of Trinidad, We are going on a cruise in 3 months to Trinidad. If you join us, we are going to all use lines on beautiful women, and then compare notes when we get back on the Ship!

Another thing, before anyone screams there is not enough light skin or dark skin girls in the pictures of this video, my short answer are you are actually the hypocrite. No girl is better or worse than the other because of skin color. People say they are running to the defense of dark skin girls or my favorite complaint about my mother being darker than the girls on my video. The truth is my mother is lighter than almost all of the women I ever put on any video. 2nd, would you tell a light skin little girl that she is cute but not as cute as dark skin girls, too their face because she is too light, and if so, what does that make you. They had no choice in deciding which hue there skin would be. 3rd Who cares and 4th this is a video about “COUNTRIES” to visit to see beautiful women. This video is not titled “here are pictures of the most beautiful women in the Caribbean. Now of course everyone would rather look at pictures of really beautiful women, and these are what I found. And if they are lighter than you would have liked, it’s ok. Opposites attract and there is nothing anyone could do about it and it has nothing to do with Colonialism or Self Hatred. Lastly, Brown skin is not hue that belongs on the scale from dark to light. So unless other options in your argument include black skin, redskin or blue skin, saying someone is “brown skin” makes no sense.



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