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10 Most DANGEROUS Countries you SHOULD NOT VISIT: Passport Kings Travel ...

I know I'm always telling you to travel as often as possible to as many places as possible, but some places, as of right now, are off limits. You don't want to get stuck in the middle of their evolution.

This channel is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and traveling Abroad. International travel can be exhilarating on a Global Level But sometimes even I have to draw the line. These countries are not as we;coming as others to tourist right now and many of them seem to not be getting better anytime soon. When countries are in turmoil for political, financial, and religious reasons you want to stay as far away as possible. Travel to these places could be a disaster for your vacation. Just forget the tourist attractions of these nations until these countries figure it out, our drive the meddling forces out.

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The good thing about Melanin is 80% of the world is melanated. So navigating this planet is not as scary as it may be for people who are of European Persuasion. Not only are African Americans more likely to be the same skin color as the countries we are visiting but more importantly, a lot of the people in a lot of countries realize we basically have the same enemies. That Enemy is the global system of white supremacy. Black Americans haven't really inflicted pain on other societies so we are many times not that society's sworn enemy. But at the same time, we can't be niave, a lot of places hear that americans are raking in all the dough and some of the places we visit can be majoryly poor that is enough to start animosity to the tourist and also there are countries with people who don't look like us... and a lot of them actually hate us because of our skin. But you know what, those things never stopped us from being explorers before and I refuse to let it stop me now. So while this list is not a list telling you where NOT to go, it is a list telling you which countries you should study the up to date current  political climate of before you  hop on a plane. In reality people are people and no one wants to go to jail in their country for kidnapping or killing you. A lot of them dont find us that important and also there are a lot of bad things that could happen to you in countries that didn't make this list, Check out this commercial then lets get to the bottom of this.
10. The United States of America. When most people think of the US, they think of the beautiful beaches in Miami and the Bright Lights of NY and LA but what's rarely talked about is what goes on a few blocks away from the tourist attractions and inner cities and trailer park towns. This country ranks a person's importance by how much money they have amassed in their lifetime and no one seem to care how it was created. So a lot of people take on a life of crime and unfairness  to get REAL money by any means necessary. With that mentality comes, anger towards each other and cut throat survival tactics. Sprinkle in a lot of racism from people who look different from each other and injustice from those in charge and a lot of times brief meetings of humans becomes newsworthy tragedies! Don't get caught slipping in an infamous black neighborhood, a methed out Trailer park white neighborhood or Anywhere that the KKK has infiltrated the police force, which is actually coast to coast according to the 2006 FBI report.
9. Burundi: For almost 20 years this country has been trying to put together a treaty to stop the ongoing political warfare. Many times the UN and other organizations of countries have tried to help iron out a solution to the ongoing battle but with no luck. As a matter of fact, things seem to only get worse. And guess what? As a Passport King, it seem like we are going to have to wait a few more years before we get to travel meet this society that I am sure by now, want to just relax and take it easy.
8.Honduras: Honduras has a flesh eating disease that eats through the face...But that's not even why I'm mad, Tell em why you mad son? The Police are the worst of the criminals you may run into while you are there. A recent investigation found that 13 out of every 67 officials were on the payroll of the most notorious drug kingpins in this country. The officers were reportedly involved in extortion, murder, bank robberies, auto theft, kidnapping and drug trafficking. The joint investigation also unearthed a network of 28 officials who would allegedly delete gang members' records and provide them with driving licenses bearing fake names for prices ranging between  $420 and $630. And that the ones they found out about. I would never want to be in a situation where the people who I run to save me from an injustice is the exact same people I should be running from. 
7.Israel: Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews are still fighting this ongoing conflict and no one seems to be saying how it started. From what I have gathered from reading, the real reason why these 2 groups will never stop fighting until the end of time is because it is believed that when Jesus Christ (Yeah, the guy from all of the bibles) comes back, he is supposed to be landing in Israel. I laughed when I began to here this is why The us has built a fake society there and will defend it tooth and nail. Israel is a racist place that just passed a law preventing unification of palestinian families but Jews are always welcome to do so. Everyone wants to have stakes here when the Bearded white Man Steps out of the clouds in his blue suede sandals. But as you know, well as you know when it comes to religion, people start to get very violent because of differences of opinions. There really isn't much to see in this country anyway so i suggest people just steer clear of this powder keg, because one day another country is going to want the country of the landing strip for the holy chariots and you don't want to be vacationing there when it happens.
6.Russia: If you must go to russia, go to Moscow and stay there, because travelling the unbeaten path could wind you up in a world of hurt. Russia are notorious for being racist and still taking on the Marxist ideologies that created the KKK and Aryan Nation. This country has not grown up when it comes to racism
5.Pakistan: It's not only political turmoil but there is gang warfare and of course the infamous battle between the Taliban and the Pakistani military. You could easily be caught in a gun battle in the middle of the streets
4.Syria: The Arab Spring through a lot of things into chaos in Syria. Differences of Religion and the allowance by some to let other countries come loot it's natural resources has flipped this country upside down. Many have left to go find shelter in other countries and the people who are there are on edge and a visitor is the LAST thing they want to be friendly with right now.
3.North Korea: Only a few Tourist can be in North Korea at any one time so chances are if visiting  this country was on your bucket list, you are already having a hard time visiting. Which is a good thing because if you did get in you would be accompanied by a tour guide. If you are caught doing anything that is against the strict set of hundreds of picky rules, you could wind up staying in the country a lot longer than you would have hoped.
2. Afghanistan: can you believe it was almost 20 years since the attacks on 911? Afghanistan has always been a hotbed of war and destruction because of the growth of opium in its fields that everyone wants a piece of, but after 911 this country has been really flipped on it's head. Tourist you don't want to be landing in the middle of this action. Public executions of foreigners are done to send a message to the western world, telling them to get out and take the western military with them. The US keeps pushing the date back when all the troops can leave every year so it doesn't seem like this conflict will be over any time soon.
1. Germany: I don't know about people from other groups but African Americans are just not the Germans favorite people. Besides Id rather travel to a Country with great weather anyway. Many well traveled scholars have said they would advise a visitor with dark skin to not visit small and midsized towns. They “might not make it out alive” if they dared set foot in certain towns, they warned. Africans and other dark-skinned people in Berlin, Wisner and other cities know certain areas in the eastern part of Berlin, such as Marzahn and Hellersdorf, are “no-go” areas where they are certain to be attacked or killed. It is also reported that German police routinely ignore these racist attacks and Germans, in general, are in denial about the depth of racism in their society. They have laws against racism  but no case laws that actually deal with them. Former government spokesman Uwe-Karsten Heye said in a 2006 radio interview that dark-skinned visitors to Germany should consider avoiding the eastern part of the country where racism runs high.
Basically, stay away from places where the barbaric thoughts and practices of racism has not been publicly and systematically destroyed by the government. Also, stay away from countries with Theocracies which is countries that many of the rules of law is determined by on bible or religion or another and also be weary of  extremely poor countries especially if your country is the reason they are in that destitute condition. But always remember, humans are humans are humans, we have some basic needs that if met, we are usually very kind to one another. Racism is just mental retardation that needs to be annihilated.



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