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Richest Independent Caribbean Islands 2020 | Countdown

The latest numbers are out and here are the Richest Caribbean Islands that are Independent from other Countries. This is a Top 13 list. Passport Kings usually does a top 10s but I wanted to include them all.

The last time I made a list like this, most of the comments were very positive. The few negative comments I received had a common theme, people from the Caribbean felt that it was unfair to compare the GDP of an independent island to the GDP of a Caribbean island country that has the backing of another country. So this countdown will be the a list of the top 10 Richest Independent Caribbean countries in the islands. Engage!

This list is based on Island GDP. It’s not an opinion piece or a list of Islands I recommend you visit first. This is just the current state of these island’s economy. If I mispronounce an island, it happens and a lot of y'all don’t pronounce everything correctly either. I’m all ears if you want to help me get the pronunciation correct, but miss me with the holier than thou attitudes because nobody is perfect. The Islands chosen are independent, meaning they are not financed by larger countries.

Gross domestic product (GDP) is one of the most common indicators used to track the health of a nation's economy. ... It represents the total dollar value of all goods and services produced over a specific time period. It is often referred to as the size of the economy and it changes rapidly. It’s rated by “GDP per Capita Income”

So yes, you will find Rich people and poor people in each island mentioned but when the finances of everyone and the financial state of these independent commonwealth economies are considered, this is how it pans out.

Haiti $868

13: Starting with number 13 is Haiti. Haiti has a GDP per capita of $868. Haiti is still struggling financially because semiarid climate and deforestation. Hispaniola was broken into 2 in 1697 when Christopher Columbus who was Spain’s hired invader, relinquished the Haiti side, to the French invaders. The climate on the west side made it almost impossible to turn a profit. 1804 came Hispaniola revolted and won. DR established itself in 1844 from Haiti, but still with the harsh mountainous conditions and sanctions from France, Haiti’s economy still has a long way to go.

 Jamaica $5,268

12: Jamaica is already the most well known island in the Caribbean. Reggae music which is played
on most islands is many times referred to as Jamaican Music. Jamaica became independent from the UK in 1962. The GDP per capita of Jamaica residents is 5, 114. Remember that 2.89 million people live in Jamaica. You can find Million Dollar homes in places like Cherry Gardens. According to Julia Rendleman at; Jamaica has been called “the richest poor nation on earth.” It may be because Jamaicans imports most of the food they eat so Jamaican farmers have had a hard time capitalizing on the amount of people who live in Jamaica with the money to spend. As far as the tourism industry goes, again Jamaica is one of the most popular Islands to visit. I’ve made more than one video about the islands when I vacationed there and you can follow the link here. The times I went to Beautiful Jamaica, I stayed around Montego Bay but just as popular vacation spots are Ocho Rios and Negril.

Cuba $6,682

Number 11 is Cuba. The GDP per capita is 6,682 in Cuba. There are 11.48 Million people living in Cuba and throughout 2017-2019 it has become a vacation bucket list item for many travelers. With hotels only costing $58-$175 depending on how many stars you want your stay to be, Cuba was becoming a real tourist attraction for American travelers who had been cut off from this island for decades. As far as I know, you can still visit so I suggest doing so before the political environment changes again.

 Dominica $7,031

10: Number 10 is Dominica, do not get this island confused with the Dominican Republic. Dominica is famous for it’s hot springs and tropical rain-forests and the 2nd largest boiling lake in the world. Dominica has a population of 74 million people and the language is Dominican Creole French. The GDP per capita of the people of Dominica is 6,719. The residents are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet anywhere in the world. Without a large airport, Dominica can be a hassle to get to. But once you get there you will have the pleasure of being one of the few people to see Boiling Lake, Morne Trios Pitons National Park, Ti Tou Gorge and Cabrits National Park. Non stop flights are about 6 hours but most likely you will have to connect in the Dominican Republic. Tickets cost from $750 to $1stack out of the US. Hotels close to the attractions cost about $150 per night on average

 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines $7,359

9: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has a GDP of 7,359. The last time the population was counted it hovered around 110,000 people. They gained their independence from the UK in 1979. Tourism to this island is on the rise and the new Argyle International airport on the islands coast is about 5 miles from Kingstown. The Pirates of the Caribbean movies were filmed on the island making some of the spots very popular to tourists. African descendants make up 66% of the population and everyone speaks English. Round Trip Flights from the US to Saint Vincent and the Grandines is about $750 bucks. And the Beachcombers Hotel will get you the best value with stays at about $125 a night but if you really want to be treated like royalty the Young Island resort at $327 a night will take the cake. Tell them Passport Kings sent you.

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Dominican Republic $8,341
8: The DR has a GDP per capita of 8,341 bucks. Dominican Republic became independent from Haiti in 1844. But the 2 3rd of the Hispaniola island that makes up the DR is not as mountainous so being able to plant and farm for the last almost 180 years while Haiti was unable to, gave them a very big advantage when it came to nation building. DR has a population of 10.77 million people and many tourist find DR to be a great place to vacation. 

 Saint Lucia $10,567

7: Number 7 is Saint Lucia. The GDP per capita in Saint Lucia is$10,715. Saint lucia is also called the land of the people. The volcanic island of Saint Lucia is more mountainous than most Caribbean islands, with the highest point being Mount Gimie, at 3,120 feet tall. St lucia is overflowing with luxury resorts and fishing villages. Most people get to enjoy saint lucia for just a few hours via the cruise port in Castries. If you are looking for an exciting cruise to ST. Lucia or any other island on this list, remember to contact me so I can set it up for you. St. Lucia became independent from the UK in 1979

Grenada $10,632

Number 6 is Grenada. Grenada’s GDP per Capita is 10,632 bucks. The main island Grenada and the surrounding smaller islands called spice isle is where most nutmeg comes from.The United States is still one of Grenada's largest trading partners. Grenada benefits from the U.S. Caribbean Basin Initiative also called the CBI, which makes it possible for them to have duty-free entry into the United States for many goods. This island can be pronounced Gree Nay da or Gra Nada when Spanish speaking people say it. Airports are located in the upper peals and Bamboo. Grenada became independent from the UK in 1974

Trinidad and Tobago $16,365

Number 5 is Trinidad and Tobago which is also the southern most state in the Caribbean. The GDP per Capita in Trinidad and Tobago is $16,844 The large reserves of natural gas and oil keeps these islands finances secure. They became independent from the UK in 1962. there is almost 1 and a half million people living in Trinidad and Tobago. The Trini people are well know for their carnival and if you have never visited during it, you should place that experience on the top of your to do list. Piarco International Airport is the leading airport in the world for customer satisfaction and efficiency. They have plans for mobilizing funding from the public and private sectors to foster research and development (R&D) in the business sector as part of CARICOM which stands for Caribbean Single Market and Economy

 Antigua and Barbuda $16,864

Number 4 is Antigua and Barbuda. This country sits right where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet. They became independent from the UK in 1981. The GDP per capita is 16, 864. In Antigua you can zip through the rain forest on high wires, swim with stingrays, hike, bike, dive, kayak, kite surf, fish and so much more. Hurricane season is July to November, and although they are rare it may not be the best time to go. I would suggest going from May to November when it seems that prices are lower. You may get a heavy pour of rain but like south Florida its usually over almost as quickly as it started. The population is very small topping out at about 100 thousand people.

 Barbados $17,758

The 3rd highest for independent islands in the Caribbean is Barbados with $17,758 GDP per capita. The last week of July is the Crop Over festival in Barbados. If you ever wanted to visit an island at the height of a celebration, this would be the time to go. Barbados got it’s freedom from the UK in 1966 but the Crop Over is a celebration that dates back before then. However, there is also other popular festivals like Barbados Jazz Festival, Holetown Festival, Barbados Wine & Rum Festival, Gospel Fest, Holders Season and Barbados Music Awards. Barbados exports sugar and molasses, rum, chemicals and electrical components. There is a total of about 287 thousand residents of Barbados.

Saint Kitts and Nevis $18,688

Number 2 on the list is Saint Kitts and Nevis. There is about 53 thousand people living in ST. Kitts and Nevis. It is the 8th smallest country in the world. SO when measuring by per capita there is a lot to go around. Their GDP per capita is $18,688. Their independence wasn’t taken until 1983. St Kitts is a golfer’s paradise. If you ever climb the fortress at Brimstone Hill you will be able to see 6 other islands in the distance. But for a beach that is really what it’s cracked up to be, Pinney’s in Nevis is the best place to be if you don’t want to be a starving travel photographer. These pictures are an easy sell.

 The Bahamas $32,997

And Number 1 is The Bahamas. I know I may get backlash for this number 1 spot because the Bahamas is actually located in the Lucayan Archipelago. But most people who are not sticklers for minor details considers the Bahamas a part of the Caribbean. Most Americans feel that everything under Florida is the Caribbean, so I guess It’s close enough. The GDP per Capita in the Bahamas is a whopping $32,997. The Bahamas also has a population of 400 thousand people. The value of money in the Bahamas is about 1 to 1 when compared to usd. Cruises to the Bahamas are leaving every day. If you are ready to book your 1st cruise or your 30th cruise,Click the link above so we can get you on the perfect cruise for your vacation. Getting to a bohemian island after cruising is the icing on the cake.

And there you have it. The facts. If you don’t like this list, fine, that's not going to change the truth but still leave your comments below so I can read them. If You write something super interesting, I'm not above researching it and I may even make a video about your suggestions in the future.

Again GDP is the sum of gross value added by all resident producers in the economy plus any product taxes and minus any subsidies not included in the value of the products. Its also calculated without making deductions for depreciation of fabricated assets or for depletion and degradation of natural resources.

Do you have any stories about the times you traveled to the Caribbean? Are you from the Caribbean? Which Island? Give your home a shout out in the comments. I love knowing that I reached all types of people through my videos. Now as I promised, I want to send you a free eBook called make money online so you can travel more. To get it, Go to and all you have to do is join my mailing list. Also, if you want to donate to Passport Kings to help keep my production equipment current and my video uploads frequent, you can easily use my Paypal This was not a competition about which island is the best, all islanders are my peoples and I hope that I’m yours too. The islands have many excellent and rich places to visit, visit them, like a king…



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