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What is Ghana: Year of Return?

What is Ghana: Year of Return? 

Well unfortunately, it caught me by surprise. I was not prepared to go this year and it kills me because I really really wanted to be a part of Ghana: Year of Return. A lot of people don’t know exactly what it is so I decided to do some brief research for the Royal Family. In this video about Ghana: Year of Return, I’ll explain this event’s goals and how it impacted so many people in the most layman's terms possible.

2019 was a special year in Ghana, Africa

1619 was the year when Africans was brought to America during the trans- Atlantic slave trade.

Ghana declared 2019 the year of return which was an invite for all African Americans and African
Islanders to come for a visit. from January to June tourism boomed to 20% more visitors. If you look at social media time-lines of some of your favorite personalities, a lot of celebrities have been taking Ghana up on their offers. A lot of people are visiting Cape Coast Castle to get a feel for what our ancestors where going through while being prepared for the gruesome trip across the Atlantic Ocean to build the United states. I have not met any black person who visited the castle and come out the same. African Americans gain a new respect for those who made the journey to America and started our 2nd history here.

2019 signaled 400 years since the anchoring of an English ship in Jamestown, Virginia in the United States carrying enslaved Africans commencing the slave trade in the USA.

Even though the invite to Ghana is open to the larger black diaspora who actually originated in a lot of other nations in Africa, Many African American who take DNA test come to realize that their heritage is from west Africa and specifically Ghana. The year of return is an invite for us to finally, come home. Accra is a lot more than a vacation destination.

Everyone will treat you like family. But unlike in the USA, you actually are family. You're no different than others. Ghana granted citizenship to over 100 African Americans and Afro-Caribbeans this year. 

A lot of African Americans will tell you that they feel no connection with Ghana 

or anywhere in Africa. They would like to stay comfortably in their city. They have no desire to travel away from their
block other than to work. A lot of this is said out of fear and I think a lot of this feeling comes from the miscommunications that happens between African Americans and African Africans. Although we are the same, we are different in many ways because of our experiences and cultures. The differences are pointed out and made fun of, just like all uneducated parties meeting people who are different from themselves. The year of return, I feel, is a great opportunity to investigate new relations with the other children of our ancestors.

When I’ve made videos about black Americans going to Africa and possibly staying, I’ve gotten a lot of flack from the keyboard militants. They’ve called me a sellout and said, “It is cowardly to travel elsewhere and leave our people who are in American Ghettos and not spend my time and resources helping out and rebuilding our current communities. They called me weak for not wanting to stay and fix up the ghettos.

I've never seen someone from another race say... 

"When you and your family finally get out of the Trailer Parks, you have to go back and fix up the Trailer Parks so other people can live better." My feelings is Forget that place! It was inhumane to be there in the first place. Yes, you can help the others that live there out, but I feel, the way you help them is by sending back the tools to help them also move out of the ghettos. We don't need to fix the scraps we were given. We need to leave and build anew. We need to Thrive, not just Survive! I feel that can be done abroad or in other places in  America Traveling and Experiencing our history instead of just reading about it will change your perspective on who we are and what we deserve.

Right now, I’m not personally ready to drop everything 

I have in America and move to Ghana or anywhere else for good. If America keeps going the way it has been going, I’m sure I will probably wish I moved out of here sooner than later.

Many African American business people are right now opening businesses and schools in Ghana.
Africa’s long lost children moving back home. The Afrikaaners in South Africa are being pushed back to Australia and thousands of colonizers are moving back to Europe. I guess things have a way of balancing themselves out eventually the world is changing and it has other groups up in arms about the recently found Independence of black people. A lot of people think African American history started out in slavery. Actually slavery is what INTERRUPTED our history. Who knows what our position in the world would be right now if we didn’t have so many drawbacks from people who wished to oppress us.

Although our arrival to Ghana will definitely be a feel good moment, also, visiting helps Ghana’s economy too. To encourage us, the government either waived visa requirements or cut the cost of a visa, on arrival, in half.

The government is making it real clear that if you visit you may want to permanently move to Ghana. But if you never travel, you will never know. Just imagine the feeling of being a human who is FREE free! 

The homecoming party in Ghana starts with the Afrochella festivals

This well known festival brought thousands of young diaspora Africans to come learn history and have a great time socializing. Droves of celebrities and black college alumni organizations have been taking Ghana up on their offer this year. The flight to Ghana is about $800 is you plan well in advance

So if you're a black American that's thinking about a great place to visit on your next vacation, why not explore your culture? Instead of singles chasing sex or couples rekindling your relationships on vacations, let’s go to Africa. Flights are only about 10 hours nonstop. Start out with Accra Ghana since they did send us out an invite. Learn your native languages eat your cultural food like Jello Rice and just take in the experience like a king.


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