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Part 2 what you should/shouldnt do in Dubai

Part 2 of things you should and shouldn't do in Dubai.

I want to stress that even though there are rules over there, Dubai is still very much, one of the better cities in the world for tourist to experience. This is part 2 of “what you should not do in Dubai, so you don’t get caught slipping. 

If you noticed in my last video, each examples I of people getting in trouble with the law was over a decade old. When I was in Dubai I didn’t have any issues. It will be all good for anyone visiting Dubai as long as you don’t forget where you are. I truly think that right now, you are going to have to go out of your way trying to get locked up in this glitzy cosmopolitan city. And before you turn your nose up to Dubai remember, that there are some wacky laws on the books in these good ole united states of America.

8. Don’t fly your drone
Something more recent to beware of is flying a drone. The people of Dubai are serious about their privacy. I was disappointed when I looked it up on Google, being that I had my drone with me. But, as mentioned in part one, taking pictures of government and important buildings is against the law. With a drone, you practically can’t miss a palace or military facility. So I just kingly left mine packed away…. most of the time. The rest of this countdown will actually telling you what you should do! I ran out of Don’ts

7. Call an Uber.
When you are coming from a night club or have been drinking at a restaurant, you really don’t want to be staggering down the street headed back to your hotel. With a culture that really doesn't drink that much, the site of someone who is extra lit, will likely cause them concern. Uber works just fine in Dubai and it’s fairly cheap. They also have only really fancy cars as ubers. So be prepared to be picked up in a Bugatti or something over the top

6. Remove your shoes if you are invited into someone’s home.
Drop your shoes off at the door. Many  people even in the states prefer that you do this. Walking around outside then stepping on someone carpet is just wack. But in Dubai, they don’t want to see the soles of your feet either, so have a fresh pair of socks on if you are ever invited for dinner.. Which will happen a lot.

5. Make sure the store you are heading to is open.
The weekend in Dubai is Friday and Saturday, and Friday is the equivalent of Sunday in the West. Many shops and entertainment venues will close for at least part of the day, so remember to check times in advance

4.Do speak English
You will be amazed that after flying for almost 18 hours, you will find so many people can speak almost perfect English. In all countries, English is considered the language of money, Dubai is the city of money so learning English is one of the first things they learn to do. They speak better English than some Americans I know.

3. Do know that the water is Excellent
The first thing most Americans hear when leaving our shores is “Make sure you don’t drink the water.” This is not the case in Dubai, the filtration systems in Dubai is state of the art. Drinking Dubai's tap water is better than drinking bottled water. Your hotel may try to push bottle water on you because they know we don’t even trust our own water in America, but for once. Being nervous about water is not necessary. If you are not convinced, then get bottled water that was bottled in Dubai. You will taste that its superior than the imported battled waters from other continents.

2. Cross at the green, not in between
These people are driving high powered sports cars. While most drivers are used to that type of horsepower, many of them will wind up speeding without even realizing it. It sounds like common sense but plenty of tourist have made this an urgent warning the hard way. My motto is lights don’t kill people, cars do. After a light changes, you are still the one who has to make sure nothing is flying your way before crossing coming.

1. Respect the chicks
The women of Dubai are all about their privacy. Well, except for the ladies of the night that we saw, but the women who are not working, just want to be treated very delicately. They very much in tune with being feminine. So only touch them if they invite you to, and don’t yell or be rude. They will definitely return the favor.  

Yo, Special Shout out to the Strange Dimension on Youtube! (It’s STRANGE!) That’s my nephew’s gaming channe,  Sirstreezy does streams, latest info and vgame reviews. He’s also a super producer at ATAK productions, where I get some of my music from. He always shows me so much support online and in reality. Thanks! His YouTube link is popping up now, so go show him some love if you like gaming… Now stop being stingy and send me some more of them fire beats!

Anyway, Be respectful of the people in any city you visit anywhere. Most Humans are quick to return the respectful gestures. The people of dubai are no different than anywhere else in the world. Don’t write Dubai off, just keep the customs in mind. In return you will get to have a great time in a city that is finally Different. If you travel a lot, you know how disappointing it can be to get off a plane in a new city you heard so much about, and everything seems to be the exact same as it was when you got on the plane in your city. head to my booking engine website and book your trip to Dubai today.  Dubai is definitely different. The explorer that sits in all of us will thank you, to see what it feels like to be a King.


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