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10 Things you should NEVER do in Dubai | Passport Kings

You probably won’t see these '10 things you should never do in Dubai' heavily enforced,

..but they are on the books. Dubai is a Muslim City under a more contemporary form of Sharia Law. There are also some Things on this list that should just be done out of common decency and respect for the traditions. Keep these Don’ts of Dubai in mind, but don’t let these laws and rules and 10 things you should never do in Dubai stop you from booking your ultimate adventure and exploring Dubai: An over the top amazing city in the United Arab Emirates. Book now at http://www.passportkings.com/p/booktravel_31.html

Dubai’s culture is different from what we are used to in the western world. When I was there I was amazed at how progressive everything seemed to be. Thinking back on it, I think law enforcement was being pretty lenient with us tourists. If they would have followed their rules to the letter, a lot of us could have gotten into big trouble. Today on Passport Kings I am going to list the cultural rules that you should pay close attention on your visit to Dubai.

The people of Dubai are very friendly. They look forward to you striking up a conversation with them and they love to show you around their country. They are very proud of the overwhelming metropolis masterpiece that their government has built out in the middle of the desert. Yet some tourist have a hard time adapting to new rules or are too self centered to be bothered by restrictions that the locals find normal. There are so many rules that I will break this list up into 2 videos. SO after you watch this one, be sure to click the link at the end to watch part 2. You will thoroughly enjoy Dubai but here are some very important things to keep in mind. You’ve officially been warned!

10.Don’t wear swimwear away from the pool or beach.
Walking around in swimwear is OK when your around pools and on the beach, but if you are just walking down a normal street, it is considered disrespectful and could get you in trouble. Women are expected to dress with modesty in public, with your arms and legs fully covered. When you visit the mall, the dress code will be announced over the loud speakers. Now, while I was there I did see some women who were obviously tourist, pushing this rule to the limits. Super short shorts and damn near bikini tops in the hotel lobby. I wish I could follow them around all day and see what, if anything would happen to them. But I’m sure, following them around would have probably got me label as a creep, so I was not able to follow up on that research. For the most part they seemed to be left alone. About 10 years earlier, 79 people were arrested for how they dressed during a 2008 crackdown on the country’s beaches. It didn’t stop with the women: in 2008 police arrested 40 “cross-dressing dudes”, who thought they were funny to dress like women… in a Muslim country..

9.Don’t lose your temper.
Cussing or waving your hands around like your going to fuck somebody up in public can get you get you into trouble too. Getting bumped while walking may piss you off in other cities but here, you are going to have to suck it up. The good thing about it is Dubai residents are peaceful and respectful to each other and the tourist. Noone is going to bump you on purpose or try to start conflict with you. A few I met were willing to go all the way, out of their way to be helpful.

8.No Public Displays of Affection..
Of course holding hands while walking down the street with your significant other is fine, but going further is not taken as lightly as it would be taken here in the US. You do not want to walk down the street holding on to your woman’s ass or be pinned up against the wall in a long passionate kissing and make out session. Many in the US don’t want to see that, but it will certainly offend the people of Dubai. In 2005, a UK couple received a one-month jail sentence for kissing in a restaurant after a local woman complained. They consider PDOAs Inappropriate behavior.

7.Sex without marriage is against the law. 

Even staying in the same hotel room as someone of the opposite sex that you aren’t married to (unless a parent or child), can result in your arrest. By law, only married couples are allowed to have sex, or even share a bed, in Dubai. Most times, hotels won’t ask for proof of your relationship when you check in with your partner but be careful. If the cops find out you, you could get in trouble. In he brought some dude back to her room who she met at a bar. And the cops caught wind of it.

Question: (Answer in the comments)
Have you ever been to Dubia or even Abu Dabi? Were any of the rules too restrictive for your enjoyment? in the comments section below and tell me about it. I love reading and responding to you.

6.Don’t take photographs of government buildings.
Normal tourist photography is fine, but avoid photographing Sheikh’s palaces, ports, airports, police stations, and military buildings. The Mentality behind these rules are hard for me to understand, but it’s their country, I’m just a guest, so I’ll do what’s recommended. I did not see many cops running around checking for these behaviors.

5.Don’t drink and drive.
You should know not to do this in the first place. You can barely stay on the road in the US after you have been drinking but driving around in a completely new place drunk is just dumb. Drinking and Driving in Dubai strictly prohibited. If in case you are involved in an accident and there’s the smallest amount of alcohol in your blood, you will get locked up immediately. I’m not sure how long sentences usually are, but I can only imagine that you will miss your planned plane ride home.

4.Don’t take drugs.
Using drugs, escorting some into the country, or even just hanging around a friend who is taking illegal substances can get you hemmed up. You’d also be a fool to buy illegal drugs from some random drug dealer on the streets. Importing porn, pork and drugs can get you into serious trouble. In 2007, a Japanese engineer got arrested in the Dubai airport when customs found 77 pornographic DVDs in his luggage. The same year, the popular Drum and Bass artist from the UK, Grooverider – was sentenced to four years in prison for having a few forgotten grams of weed in his pants pockets. He eventually received a pardon but he did do some time out there. Some prescription drugs and painkillers can get you in trouble too. In 2014, a 16-year-old Indian kid was arrested for carrying half a kilo of poppy seeds. They were actually for his mom’s recipes but everyone knows poppy seeds contains opiates. I guess the kid didn’t.

3.Don’t eat or drink in public during Ramadan.
In 2020 Ramadan in Dubai is April 23rd til May 23rd. The Residents will be fasting. The holy month of Ramadan bans eating or drinking in public before sundown, so either eat in your hotel room, or go to one of the restaurants who realizes this is a problem for tourists and stay open during the month – To accommodate the fasting population and hungry tourists, they will close all the blinds on the windows, they will also let you know about all of the etiquette that is expected. It is forbidden to eat or drink in public during the daylight hours. Imagine starving and some American comes walking by with one of those Turkey legs from Universal Studios. Iv’e read that 1 couple was fined for guzzling a drink at a gas station during Ramadan. You will most likely be fine if you are eating at your hotel but my best advice is to find out when Ramadan is.. And don’t book your trip to Dubai during then.. Unless it’s for research only.

2.Don’t accept the first price - Haggle!
The prices you will see at little vendors are the starting price. Your best bet is start way lower than what you want to spend…Then start haggling –  store sales men expect it. They will actually enjoy the challenge and your attempts to lower the price. There are many years of tradition behind the art of bargaining for a price and it’s just part of the culture. Don’t think that it makes you look cheap. Realize it makes you more connected.

1.Don’t be Gay:
Or if you can’t help it,don’t let everybody know that you are gay:
As I said before, Dubai’s police force are not scowling the streets searching for gay tourists to arrest. With my own eyes I saw a gay couple walking down the street holding hands.. I thought to myself, “this is not going to be good.” Then… nothing happened. It seemed like no one else even paid the 2 dudes any mind. Gay sex is illegal in Dubai. I didn’t expect cops to be running up in gay people hotel rooms and dragging them out into the streets to beat them, but I was sure Gay-dom would be hidden as much as possibly. The Rumors are though, that there is a super gay community in Dubai. At least that’s what one activist group members was infamously heard yelling, as he was tossed into the back of a Ferrari police car.

OK that is the end of Part One of Don’t get caught slipping in Dubai. Remember you can donate to Passport Kings by clicking the Paypal button on my homepage banner. I hope these rules don’t scare you off from visiting this place. I had a really good time and you can see the video I made about my visit to Dubai here, I can’t wait to go back. The best part about this getaway is I was able to pay for it using the profits I have been making by becoming an independent travel professional.

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Do remember that Dubai is an Islamic country, and follows a tolerant version of Sharia law.
Be respectful of this, and you’ll have a much better stay, and be more likely to meet locals and explore the heart of Dubai. Insulting the Emirates with your behavior could have serious consequences, from fines to imprisonment. But do understand that almost 10 million travelers visited the emirate last year without any problems. All you have to really keep in mind before you book your ticket is “I will not be a prick and disrespect these people’s religions or culture while I’m in their beautiful country”… You know you wouldn't want someone from another country to open their lunch and start eating a chihuahua sandwich. Show respect and you will get respect, like a King..


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