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Akon and his new City in Senegal, Africa. Who is Akon?

What is Akon City.

What are my thoughts on Akon CIty? And who is Akon all will be answered in this video. The images in this video is not the actual city. It has not been built yet. We all can have an imagination right? BTW This is the 3rd Video in one week. Enjoy. Watch and Share.

Akon has been a true inspiration to people all over the globe. 
What started out as a basic rap career has exploded into something I have never seen in my lifetime. Two of his songs were very popular when I first moved to Atlanta. One about him being locked up (They won’t let me out) and the even more popular “Cause I’m a Ryder, I’m a soul survivor”, the duo with Atlanta’s hometown hero Young Jeezy. Many people, including me thought he was just going to be a one hit wonder guy and disappear shortly after. Man were we wrong.

Akon’s real name is so long that I’m not going to even attempt to pronounce it, but I’ll spell it out on screen. He music career saw 5 Grammy Nominations and 2 Multi Platinum songs and over 10 platinum songs. He’s produced Snoop Dog, Lionel Richie Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and others. He also discovered the incredibly successful pop artist Lady Gaga. There are countless other achievements in his music career that I won’t name here.

After all of those achievements, Akon was just beginning his path of changing the world.
He started 2 projects called the Konfidence Foundation which was a charity for underpriviledge children in Africa And then there is Akon Lighting Africa. The projects provided electricity in 18 African countries and employs over 5000 people, I’m sure there is a whole lot more by now., Akon said they have reached 1 million households in African nations with their projects. The employees, newly trained, were mainly young people who install and maintain solar equipment. Akon has provided a much neeeded service - lights - and jobs. It’s a win win. You would think that is enough right? Wrong!

This week Jan 2020 Akon has finalized plans 
He can now build a 2000 acre city in Senegal called Akon City . On twitter Monday he posted
“Just finalized the agreement for AKON CITY in Senegal. Looking forward to hosting you there in the future” 
The Eco friendly Akon- City will be right outside of Dakar. After fully realized, The City will
futuristic city
definitely become one of the main attractions for visitors to Africa. The vision of Akon City was made possible by his Akon Lighting Africa initiative and organization and the Akoin, Akoin is A uniting crytpo-currency that is available across 54 African Countries. His website Akoin.io says this currency was created to stimulate and support youth entrepreneurship, economic stability and growth across Africa. The city in Senegal is planned to be the first of Many. Under the current  filings, It has a 10 year deadline to be finished. I, for one, want to be one of the first tourist from America to touch down in his city. This news is very exciting for people who love to travel.

Senegal is not a random pick the city’s location.
Although Akon was born in St. Louis, he spent a very large part of his childhood in Senegal. From age 7 his family had him moving back and forth between Senegal and New Jersey. I guess the back and forth made a mental light bulb appear (Pun Intended). when he noticed what Senegal was lacking in comparison to New Jersey. I wonder if his entire path to success was all a ploy just to get to this goal. Akon is a success story unlike any I’ve ever heard or felt so connected to. On a recent interview with the “the real” (A daytime talk show) Akon just randomly blurts out “A lot of people don’t really know, but I’m literally advising 30 African presidents as we speak,” to me, it is very hard to imagine but extremely inspirational to hear about, some random kid from new jersey, creating so much success for himself and positively effecting the world on such a large scale. The guy is only 2 years older than me. (When I say he has his own money- I mean he has his own MONEY!)

He even had a major obstacle, Akon spent 4 years in prison as part of an auto theft ring back in 2002. In jail a person will be considered a 0. This dude got out and went from 0 to 100 REAL QUICK.
1 thing super impressive is the fact that he attaches his name to all of his projects. Most of the time that is a big non- because it will usually cause haters to be especially vicious and stubbornly non-supportive to everything you’re doing. His name, although it’s just his Rap Name does not stop people from supporting him. The biggest complaint I hear from the DO-NOTHING but Complain ON THE SIDELINE, keyboard militants, is he receives a lot of funding from China and is playing a vital roll in China’s conquest of Africa. Maybe those concerns are valid to an extent but As long as he’s getting the kind of work done that only 1 in probably a billion humans will ever do, I nor the haters are in no position to tell him how he should be running his businesses.

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Akon is an Inspiration for anyone who wants to achieve large scale goals. The story almost seems impossible. But this dude is not letting any haters online or obstacles stop him from literally changing the world for the better. On this MLK weekend let’s toast it up and give the man Flowers while he’s here to smell them. If you have goals that seem too hard, complicated, or far fetched. Let the mere idea of Akon City inspire you, get up if you’ve been knocked down, dust yourself and re-frame any thoughts about past failures. Konsider them learning experiences, then get back out there and CHANGE THE WORLD, like a KING!!!


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