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Chase Sapphire Visa | 5 reasons why it's my favorite travel card

My Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa

is the 1 travel credit card that I make sure I keep with me whenever I am out travelling and exploring the globe. I've had it for a good amount of time now, so this is my review on how it's been treating me while I'm traveling internationally and Domestic. Is this Chase Sapphire Preferred visa credit  card right for you too? Well, let's explore the benefits of having one.

Apply for your Chase Sapphire Preferred Here:

Royal family I’ve had my Chase sapphire preferred visa card for a little over a year now.

Getting a credit score high enough to be approved for it was not hard at all. I recommend you get one if you are a frequent traveler. I want to share some of the benefits of having one and how my experience has been so far owning the Chase Sapphire Visa card.

When I went to Johannesburg, South Africa... 

I made a lot of purchases using my Debit Card. Most establishments had convenient portable card swiping machines which gave me the convenience of not converting my USD cash into south African Rands. I used Google converter to see how much the price of things represented, Plus, I also have an option on my bank account app that gives me an immediate update of purchases I've made and how much money I've spent. The conversions where being done instantly and all was well with the world..So I thought.
A few weeks after my trip I noticed an abundance of transaction fees where being charged to my card for every separate thing I purchased. It did add up to that much, for example, with a $40 purchase they would add an extra 50 cent, but it was an unwelcome surprise and I was scrambling in my head wondering, and trying to remember all of things I bought. It’s an experience I would rather not have again when traveling internationally and spending money abroad. I decided then that I wanted to get my credit under control and get a credit card that focused on travel benefits.

That’s when I eyed this baby 

and did what it took to have a credit score good enough to be approved for it. My credit was not so good, but making it better was a lot easier than I thought. All I did was got a visa card with a very forgiving approval score. I made purchases with it but always kept my purchases under 30 percent of the full amount, and then I paid back that cards purchase by the end of the month. I also opened an account with credit karma so I could see what was being reported about me, and I disputed EVERYTHING.. Even messes that I knew for a fact that I created. To my surprise, a lot of bad marks disappeared from my credit report and about 9 months later, Credit Karma told me I had a fair chance of getting the Chase Sapphire Visa. I’ve added a link in the description so if you want to apply for one you can, just know that it is an affiliate link and I may receive compensation for referring you. But if you’re now wondering, This is absolutely my every day credit especially when I’m traveling. There are some benefits that I expected because of their ads, but there are also some benefits that came as a pleasant surprise for me. There are also somethings that I don’t like that much, but I’m going to try to explain it all in detail in this list called things I like and dislike about my Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa card:
  1. Free Money: The first thing I took advantage of is a gift and a curse at the same time. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card will give you 60,000- ultimate reward point bonus after you spend $4,000 in the first three months. I was not too eager to spend $4000 in the first 3 months because I wanted to keep my 30% spending ratio on this card, like I did with the other card - which helped my credit out so tremendously. But 60,000 free points just couldn’t be ignored. If converted to cash, I comes up to about $800 bucks that they will give you for free (well I guess for card usage). The best thing to do with those point however is to purchase travel. Chase has a travel portal in the member's area of it’s website, and if you use the points travel, you can get a trip that’s worth double the amount of cash you would have received for cashing your bonus points out. All I would advise is as soon as get this card, use it for all of your bills and everyday purchases. Then when your paycheck comes, send your money directly to the card, if you make a decent income, you can pay it all back in no time.
  2. Maintaining my credit ratio: There is a $95 annual fee. That seemed like nothing to me, but at the same time, you have to keep your APR in mind.. This is something that the ads seem to not mention often. If you are running a balance, like, if what you owe is not back down to zero, you will have to pay a monthly fee. That’s why a suggest that whatever you buy with it, you pay this card off immediately when you get money from elsewhere. Hopefully you are getting residual money. Mine came from Plannet Marketing and Inteletravel, so instead of pocketing my commission checks for selling travel and travel businesses, I just send my payout directly to my card. After being in a $4000 hole, I got it back down to 0 in no time. Nowadays, I only spend 30% of my my total credit.
  3. Ultimate Rewards points (which you receive from every purchase you make)is one of the most valuable points currencies available. I know I said to use it on all of your bills but keep in mind that you will Earns 2 times the points on dining and travel, including expenses like food and grocery, delivery services like Uber Eats and Door Dash, tolls, Uber, Rental cars and a lot more. If you purchase has anything to do with an expense associated to travelling, chances are, you will earn 2 times the points by using the Chase Sapphire Visa. 
  4. No Foreign Transaction Fess: As mentioned in my story about Johannesburg, this is the main reason I wanted this credit card above all of the rest that were advertised to me. As you probably know, I travel a lot. The further away from home I get, the happier I am. Now when I use my Chase Sapphire in other countries, I very rarely convert my money to the currency of the country. I use my Chase all willy nilly, because I know that I will not have any surprise charges when I get home. There are NO foreign Transaction fees. Like most credit cards, it takes a little while for the app to update my balance but it also sends me a notification to my credit card every time it’s swiped. My chase debit card had very low foreign transaction fees, but now, I have none. And Number
  5. All of the travel protections: It’s Chip and Signature Technology has worldwide acceptance, you will be hard-pressed to find a place that doesn't accept your card and most importantly, it provides the most security I've ever had against fraud on my card. Plus I never call them to let them know I'm traveling, they expect it. There’s nothing worse than your card shutting off while you are abroad, because they think its being used without your permission. Especially when you are somewhere that has bad phone signal and limitations. The Chase Sapphire visa also gives you rental car insurance which could come in handy, even though regular car’s insurance company provides that service. It’s still good to know that I wont have to file a claim with them which could raise my rates. This card also offers:
  • Baggage Delay insurance up to $500 bucks. And the will give you $100 a day for each day your bag is delayed, you may be eligible for up to $3,000 in lost luggage coverage if you have receipts for all of the items that were in your bag.
  • Extended warranty Protection for up to 10,000 on large purchases
  • Purchase Protection on regular things you buy from most stores. If it’s damaged or stolen for 120 days
  • Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption Insurance up to 10,000 so even if you get sick and you had a nonrefundable flight, you can get your money back.
  • It even has Trip Delay reimbursement where you and your family can get up to $500 per ticket of non-reimbursed expenses such as meals and lodging if the flight is delayed more than 12 hours and you're stuck in an airport hotel.

This is silly but I have one main complaint.

And that's the actual color of the card. The pictures on the internet made it seem glossy and super shiny, but it’s quit dull with an almost matte finish. The benefits will provided excellent value and make life easier while travelling so I guess I’m able to forgive the dull colored blue. It is heavier than most other credit cards and it slaps the table like an overzealous spades player when you present it. So if you are a jet setting frequent traveler, click on my link in the description so you can apply for your own Chase Sapphire Visa. I didn’t even mention that it comes with accident insurance, zero liability protection plus travel and emergency assistant services. When you are exploring the world, let Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa Card make your travel lifestyle a whole lot easier, like a king


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