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Should you still move to Atlanta in 2019?

A lot of people are still interested in knowing if they should be moving to Atlanta in 2019. 

2 years ago I made a video about the pros and cons of moving to Atlanta and it helped a lot of people out. Also on that video I got a lot of comments saying that I was selling a dream to anyone thinking about moving to Atlanta in 2019. Since I’ve started making Passport Kings Landmarks videos about cities in the US, I felt that it was finally time to make an update and explain why moving to Atlanta in 2019 is still a great idea. I’ll answer all of the main complaints I got from people about living here.

A few years ago I made a video about the pros and cons of moving to Atlanta. The vast majority of comments I received were positive, being that my video mainly pointed out the great things I thought about living here. However, about every 20th comment, there was someone who thought I was out of my mind. They voiced their criticism of Atlanta and their criticism about me in general. I have now been living in Atlanta for over 11 years. I think it’s time that I do a follow up about my opinion of Atlanta and address the many issues others say they have about living in this city This is part one of The pros and cons of living in Atlanta 2:

I am originally from The Bronx New York,

so all of the comparisons that I have ever made about Atlanta was from the point of view of a person who was born and raised in NYC. However, I have recently been travelling from state to state in the US, mainly to make Domestic content for this YouTube travel channel. So although I have not lived in any other cities in America for any extended amount of time, I feel like I’ve still had a good opportunity to learn what other cities are like.

When people say Atlanta, 

they are usually taking about what’s called the metro Atlanta area. Atlanta is a circle. Literally. That circle is actually outlined by the i285 highway. Metro Atlanta includes everything within that circle which is mostly Fulton county and a little bit of Dekalb County. Then the immediate surrounding areas which you probably most hear about like Cobb County and Gwinette County are to the North and Clayton and South Fulton are to the South which is down by the airport. Most people moving here should probably live in the surrounding Metro area which is less hustle and bustle and probably cheaper and more relaxed. Go work and Party in the city, but then go home to quietness and relax only about 10 minutes away. As you get further out into the counties, things may become a little too hick and sticks for the average city slicker. I’ve lived in Cobb county the whole time I have been here and I really feel like I made the best choice out of where to live in Metro Atlanta

A lot of people complained about the job situation they found themselves in when they moved here. 

I kept reading that there are no Jobs in Atlanta, or the jobs don’t pay a good wage. I can see that happening, especially if you have never specialized in anything. Gas stations, Restaurants, and Retail stores will offer you a laughable wage. With a check coming from one of those places, you will have a hard time maintaining. However, I don’t think no one should be planning life based off of one of those jobs. Leaving your original city should be a sign to yourself that you are growing up. Those jobs are for teenagers. I suggested being an entrepreneur when getting here (either opening your own business based on your passion or joining a network marketing company, if you are serious about their product or service and networking) But I understand that being in business for yourself is not for everybody. If that's the case for you, You need a skill. Learning a basic skill like Medical Assistant, mechanic, sales, coding, or network security is a great place to start. Training can get done in about 6 months. If that worries you, Take those courses before you leave your the city you’re in. After you get your career fixed, you may just want to stay in the city your in. But I hope one of those jobs you get with this career is not the top of your evolution. You can be anything you want to be in Atlanta. Moving and learning a well paying skill should only be the beginning. Work in the day and go to school at night. I can’t guarantee everyone my experience, but there were days after I first moved here where I thought, what the hell have I gotten myself into? I also know many people who quickly moved back to their hometown after being here for only a few months. The funny things though, is about 75% of them come back after they get a refresher course of how their hometown treats them upon arrival. Nobody missed you! And everyone is doing the SAME EXACT thing they were doing when you left. You will realize time was only moving for you while you were in Atlanta. In your hometown, nothing was getting better.

As the well renowned poet, Rakim once said, It ain't where you're from, it’s where ya at. I believe he was talking about Mentally. So Mentally, where are you? If you want everything else to remain the same in your life, but think that a change of surroundings will magically change your mental state, you are wrong.

But if you do get your life together in your home town, why would you then leave and move to Atlanta?  

Atlanta is a great place to start over. Atlanta has Great bars, great food, great weather, great women, great people and a great welcoming vibe among everyone. The great thing about migrating to a city that others have migrated to, is everyone came here for a better life. Everyone here was tired of the city they were living in. The camaraderie that people have translates well among each other. There’s a mutual respect and curiosity of what people from other cities are like. There is also an urge to meet each other. A lot of adults moved here alone or as just one family unit. Meeting new friends is desired. Your kids may roll with the kids they grew up with and form an enclosed circle around themselves, but that’s because they are growing up here.. but even with them, they meet new kids joining their schools almost on a daily bases. And they will also be better at meeting new friends.

The social need of not being alone is strong. 

If you are not a jerk, people are anxious to meet each other. Of course there are snobs here and there, but most times, they are just suffering from low self esteem. If they weren't, they would be happily meeting each other too.

The cost of living in Atlanta is definitely going up. 

Where I live, they recently created a new Atlanta braves stad
ium and the gentrification in this area is obvious. Homeowners actually benefit from the price of real estate rising in the area. The most important thing that I keep in mind is that even with a higher costing living situation, its still a much better deal than what I would be getting paying this kind of money in NYC. There is a lot of square footage still available in this city and its going to living spaces instead of businesses. Manhattan real estate has an average of $1,773 per square foot, according to a site called NeighborhoodX. But according to The median list price per square foot in Atlanta is $235, and that's higher than the metro Atlanta average of $132 per square foot. The median price of homes currently listed in Atlanta is $325,000 while the median price of homes that sold is $241,800. I get it that most people don’t live in Manhattan, but remember that the Bronx and Certainly Brooklyn is in full Gentrification mode, and Manhattan’s prices are not that high above the rest of the boroughs lately. And lets not even mention the waiting list they will put you on to get a new apartment if you are not inheriting it from your parents after they pass on. There are no waiting lists in Atlanta. Come with the money and you can move in that day.

I still feel like there is no other US city that I would prefer to live in. 

Atlanta still has everything I need to live comfortably and with purpose. When I moved here, I was in my late 20s and the party atmosphere, which I participated in every weekend was far different and and more exciting. I remember first getting to a party and seeing droves of some of the most beautiful women ever, walking down the street in the Buckhead area headed to this nightclub that was called Uranus. It’s been many years since that entire area was shut down and made into more of a residential area. But recently, even though we were older than most of the people in the crowd, My friends and I went to club Compound because a friend was in town for the weekend. The amount of beautiful Women walking in and out of that place would make a man, whose not prepared for that kind of beauty, heart stop. And it’s no exaggeration either. It’s like a horny dude’s instagram feed is in real life walking around out there. After that outting, I can safely change my countdown of the countries most beautiful women and have Atlanta definitely taking the cake. At my age, I’ll go to bars and little clubs every once in a while just to socialize but most of my money now is saved for travelling abroad. 

But it doesn't end there. 

Going to a supermarket at evening rush hour will still give you the same experience but with women who are more about their business. If I ever became single again, the 2 places you would find me lurking around, would be the gym between 5am-8am and the local Kroger supermarket between 4:30pm and 7pm. The women you will see in those places will drive you insane. If that doesn't work, because you are too shy or give up at the first sign of rejection, get a temporary job at any call center in Atlanta between 8am to 4:30pm. The women who work in call centers look like models who are working a job between modelling gigs. Meet a dime (do people still say dime?) bag her (do people still say bag her?) fall in love with one, then quit that job to start working on your prosperity again. But if you don’t want to be in a relationship with just one girl, Atlanta is STILL a single man’s paradise. Just never lose focus on becoming a better person. While you're at that gym, work out, while you're at the supermarket buy vegetables so you can start juicing 5 days a week and while you're at that call center, be studying for a new career.

One complaint I saw over and over is “The people in Atlanta are fake!” 

Every time I’ve heard this complaint in real life, it always seems to be coming from a person who is mad that another person didn’t let them move in with them, or agree to always give them a ride home
from work. People are not fake, they are just working on their own lives and putting another grown adult up is a hassle. And it’s usually not about the money. People are just comfortable in their own space. Having you sleeping on their couch or in their extra room is not what they had in mind when they purchased their home. That person is not fake to not want to bend over backwards for you. They had the same growing pains as you had when they first moved here. What they learned by going through that same situation is knowledge that they are passing along to you. You have to get started with your change immediately. You do not need break. Acquiring a car and a place to stay takes work but in Atlanta, it’s pretty easy. Once you have those things, you will appreciate them even more. Then when someone you know moves down here and looks at you like your belongings should belong to them too, you won’t want to roll out the red carpet either. BTW, letting a grown adult move in with you is the easiest way for you guys to lose your friendship. Being in each others face becomes on stressful both people within a week. People in Atlanta are not fake, they are just being adults that are on the hook for taking care of themselves and the family they created. Just because they say no to you moving in with them does not mean they don’t love you. 

The biggest complaint I read on that last video 

came down to people that I feel, just felt alone. I guess I had an advantage because I had a NYC crew that was also just getting here when I got here. Plus 2 brothers. One lived here for about 5 years and the other was already in Georgia for almost 20 years. When I first got here, they came to visit me a lot. I also went to see them whenever I got a chance. We ate together, clubbed together, and just hung out a lot.  Since I got married, one of my Brothers has moved to FLA, but the other (who is in my video about Jamaica) is still here and we do get to hang out from time to time. If you are just missing your peoples, social media will keep you up to date with them better than physically being in their faces ever would have. Plus a lot of them want to see your progress after you moved. Update them. And If worse comes to worse, just go visit them from time to time. A plane ticket up the east coast is usually less than $100 if you plan far enough in advance. I know in my case, when I go up to New York to visit my family, I am very happy to see everyone, for instance every time I’m in NYC for thanksgiving, I have a wonderful time. But as soon as the festivities are over, I’m ready to get on the first thing smoking, back home to Atlanta. My friends and family are great, but that city owes me nothing, and just the price of things alone makes that sentiment obvious.

  • Other complaints I heard was Whoever named the street was not forward thinking. Some street will change names without notice and some will even take you around in a circle. But once you're here for a few months, you will get familiar with your surroundings. It still will confuse you from time to time, but I don’t know anyone 8 or older who doesn't have a cell phone with GPS on it. 

  • The traffic is terrible at rush hour. but when compared to other big cities, its really no different. At least at Atlanta some times has 6 lanes on the highway. The trick is to get a job that starts and ends a few hours after rush hour.

  • When you see a tree lined street you may be under the impression that there is nothing but forest behind it, complete with psycho lumber jacks and wild bears The truth is, it’s just other people’s back yards of people who live adjacent to you or adjacent to the street you’re on. You are not starnded in the wilderness.

I would mention the “The people are gay in Atlanta” thing again, but like I said, I’ve been all over this country. If you think Atlanta is the only place that has a big gay population, your head is truly in the sand and there is nothing, I could say that you would pay attention too anyway.

I heard People like to fake it til they make it in Atlanta.

Honestly America is the home of fake it til you make it. If you are not in the top 1%, you should not
be even mentioning what people are pretending to have. This whole country has people living on credit cards, living paycheck to paycheck and buying things they probably can’t afford. But when it comes to things like home-ownership, there is nothing wrong with being proud of what you are able to acquire. Others may see your stuff and back seat drive about how they would never live that way, but honestly, that’s nobody’s business but that persons. Being proud of what you have is not “faking it.” It’s just enjoying your life and there is nothing wrong with adding material proof to your aspirations.

Some people will hear about rent in apartments being $500 and $700 dollars and decide to move to one of those apartment complexes thinking only about the money they will be saving. You will be in for a shock however. Low income people are the same no matter where you are. These places are so cheap because they are not desirable areas to live. Of course most of the people living there will be hard working and just temporarily staying there until a better opportunity arises, but more than enough will be stuck there financially and mentally, and those are the type of people you moved away from in your hometown in the first place. Pay about 900 to 1400 in rent and you will feel like you are in the laps of luxury with people who are living their best lives. But remember that your ultimate goal should always be to own a home out here. That’s when your mortgage will get back down to about $700 or $800 a month, and your living situation will be even more ideal for the Atlanta experience.

Still the biggest advantage for me is public place lines. 

Wherever you have to go, be on time for your appointment and you are in and out. Getting your license plate updated for instance, is about a 5 minutes process at the local DMV. It still amazes me. I really don’t understand why people say Atlanta is over crowded. What’s really happening is your ass was late leaving for work, and no one is getting out of the way on the highway so you can make up time by speeding. That doesn't mean the city is over crowded, that means you should stop hitting the snooze button when it’s time for you to get up.

To be honest, what I've found is that some people are going to be miserable wherever they are. 

If you are not ready for a change in your life, don’t come down here thinking rainbows and miracles are going to be shooting out of Atlanta’s sewer system.

You know you were thinking about leaving your hometown for a reason. 

That’s why you clicked on this video. Don’t start preaching all of this positive nostalgia about “back home” once you get here and a few things don’t go perfectly for you. Most people in Atlanta are transplants. We have an idea of your hometown and we don’t believe you about how great it was. Besides, like I said in the last Atlanta video, If you didn’t own city blocks of real estate in your hometown, it’s not your hometown. Your parents just happened to birth you there.
If you are thinking about moving to Atlanta in 2019, ask yourself if you are ready for personal transformation? Are you ready to up your standards? Are you ready to work hard to achieve your goals? If those answers are no, then do yourself and everyone else a favor and stay were you are. If those answers are yes, get prepared for the most important positive transition of your life in a city that will welcome you with open arms…and bounce (do people still say bounce?) well Imma say it, Bounce, like a King...


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