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These 9 tips will make the most comfortable flight ever: Airport etiquette

When it comes to traveling domestically or abroad

The time you spend on the airplane can sometimes be pleasurable or not. 

If you want to complain about or to an airline about the overall experience, make sure the complaints you had are not things you or other passengers actually had control over. 

Today on Passport Kings Travel, we will discuss 9 ways that every passenger can pitch in to make every flight comfortable for everyone.

This may be number 9 but it is most important. 

Never ever put food directly onto the tray table in front of you. 

Flight attendants know the truth. 1 I asked said the cleaning crews completely ignore these tables when they are running through, trying to get a cleaning done as fast as possible in between flights. 

Some of these trays have not had a proper cleaning since the plane came off of the conveyor belt. 

Even worse, flight attendance will tell you that a lot of parents use these tables to change their baby's soiled diapers. 

You will hear this a lot during this presentation, but always carry some kind of Lysol spray with you. People are not always clean and 10s of thousands come through airports every single day.

Unfortunately, your job is to clean up the germs after them so you can have a clean experience. Wiping down your tray table is the most important way to keep yourself safe.

8. There are 2 or different temperatures on an airplane...
I’m sure there are more, but these are the 2 that are most important. 

The window and the aisle. 

Many people run for the window seat for 4 reasons, because you have a wall that you can lean on while sleeping instead of another human being, to be able to look out of the window, to be able to close the window shade, and if you don’t want to be disturbed when someone else in your row needs to get up and go to the bathroom. 

With all of these benefits comes 1 important thing to consider, the temps by the window are colder. 

It’s almost freezing outside just the thickness of the wall away from you. 

It is sometimes negative 150 degrees out there. You will feel it. If you plan on sitting by the window, make sure you dress a lot warmer than you normally would. 

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7. Ride to the right side of all escalators and moving walkways
and put your stuff in front of you. 

Hip hip hooray, you got to the airport within the time you were supposed to and you have plenty of time to get to your gate. 

That’s great. 

But there is no reason for you to make everyone else suffer. If you are taking up both lanes on a moving walkway standing or walking very slowly, no one stuck behind you will be able to get in front of you. 

They should have left their homes earlier and you are there to remind them of that? 


Many times people are connecting from one flight to another that did not close in time, and sometimes their delayed flights have made their trek from door to door very close. 

Some people have even been held up by the gate agent's mistakes or mix-ups

Move out of the way.

6. If someone that you don’t know is in the Middle seat

Both.. not the left one, not the right one, but BOTH armrests are theirs. 

There are benefits and downsides that come with each seat in a row. Most rows have 3 seats. 

The window will have the window and no disturbances, the isle will have more freedom to move and no one pressed up against one of their shoulders, and the middle seat has nothing other than the fact that both armrests are his or hers. 

I used to be under the impression that everyone was blessed with whichever armrest faced the window and the person on the isle was lucky enough to get both but with the understanding that he kept the rest of his body parts out of the aisle, but when a flight attendant was asked, she said officially, 
"if she ever had to break up a dispute about armrest, it wouldn't matter who sits down first, who paid the most for the ticket, or anything else. The person in the middle is the rightful owner of both armrests."
If this bothers you, you just need to find an earlier flight with fewer people on it.. or upgrade to first class where no one is next to you.

5.It is not your business if people need to stand up
As soon as the flight is over. I see this complaint in memes on the internet all of the time. This complaint is usually from short people who have no idea what it’s like to have knees pressed up against the seat in front of them, all flight long. 

Yes, perhaps they should have paid for an upgraded seat with more legroom but those seats are not always available or affordable to those taller individuals. 

Most importantly, people standing up around you do not hurt you at all. 

Really ask yourself why does it bother you so much? No matter which airplane seat you are in, it is not the most comfortable place on earth. 

For taller people, it is worse, but even for shorter people, having to sit completely still in an uncomfortable chair for hours on end is stressful on the legs, ankles, butt back, and neck. why do you think pilots turn off the fasten seat-belt sign from time to time during the flight to let people move about the cabin? It’s not only for them to use the bathroom. 

It’s also for stretching. 

Because even he knows the seats on these planes are not like sitting on a couch watching tv. … in fact, if you are at the aisle seat, the kind thing to do would be to ask if others in your row, after you have landed, if they would like to stand up until that row is free to deplane… 

But if you can’t the least you can do is stop complaining.

4. You have 2 options for the best time for a flight. 

The first flight of the day, or the last flight of the day. 

Anything in between tends to be too crowded and too prone to delays of other flights spilling over into them. If the first flight of the day throws things off schedule, at least you will be on it and will have time to adjust the rest of your day, but if your hold ups are caused because of the first flight, you may sometimes not be able to recover for the rest of the day... 

Other than that, usually by the end of the day, everything has been figured out and the last plane was usually almost empty, to begin with.

3. Don’t order coffee or tea. 

The water is disgusting, a recent news report came out saying the water is even worse than we thought.

2. Bribe them.

Before a flight, go to the local supermarket and buy candies or chocolate for less than 5 dollars. 

Then when the aircrew are not too busy (after the service for example), go to the back and give them as a gift. For the rest of the flight, you will be treated like a VIP. 

They will never refuse you extra drinks or food as long as you ask with a nice smile.

1. Do everyone a favor

Don’t order the onions on your sandwich right before you board a 5-hour flight across the country.
Let's all pitch in and make flights more enjoyable. 

Behave like a King!


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