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San Diego Westin stay: I took a ferry to Coronado Island and a Scooter t...

Last week I returned to San Diego. 

We stayed at the Westin San Diego. I visited Coronado Island by Ferry, chilled at the port of San Diego and noticed the quirks like riding scooters everywhere, the island vibe and the abundance of relationships.

San Diego has taken a place in my heart “if I ever moved to the west coast, this is where I would live.” Even though the skyline rivals most big cities, you will almost get an island feel. San Diego Consistently has sunny weather and 70 miles of magnificent coastline and it draws the active types and sun seekers alike to San Diego throughout the year. Sand Diego is known for mouthwatering Mexican cuisine, thriving nightlife and one of the country's favorite zoos. And then there are the beaches: Mission Beach, La Jolla and Coronado. The nightlife is also legendary, especially near the historical Gaslamp Quarter.

With so many hotels to choose from, it was hard to pick the perfect spot. We winded up going with Westin. It had a shuttle from the airport and from the map view of, I saw it was right in the center of everything. It was an excellent selection because it was only a few blocks from the gas lamp district and the ship ports. For me, Nothing beats Walking Distance. Speaking of walking distance, a lot of people use one of their days in San Diego to take a cab down to the border and walk into Tijuana, Mexico for a day. Just make sure you have your Passport with you, because you will have a hard time getting back into the country when your Mexican exploration is over. We were also close to balboa park and little Italy and Pacific beach!

Some people ride the trolley slash train through the city, this form of transportation is slick and smooth, it will get you from one part of the city to another in no time. Just make sure you are not waiting for a loud sound that the train is coming.. This thing is silent.

When it comes to a port I have seen a lot. 

The Port of San Diego’s two cruise ship terminals are located on San Diego Bay’s Embarcadero: a two-mile stretch of downtown waterfront offering dining, shopping, lodging, museums, attractions and more, all with an amazing view! The majority of cruise ships dock at the larger of our two piers, the B-Street Pier & Cruise Ship Terminal. The USS Midway Museum towers over the port and it looks like an active navel vessel. You will be able to go onto it and see the planes and view from it.

Next up we took a ferry to Coronado Island. The Journey by ferry to Coronado island is half of the adventure. You really will feel like you are headed to a tropical island. Make sure you head over there during the afternoon so you can get great views of the city passing by. There are so many activities going on in the water from the big naval battle ship to Cruise ships having on water party, to little sail boats zipping by. These are the things you’d expect to see on some overpriced private club but it it is all here. This was the best $5 per person I have ever spent.

Back-dropped by the gaze of the San Diego skyline Coronado...

 features a fabulous little peninsula with a collection of specialty shops, art galleries and restaurants. Originally known as the old Ferry Landing, visitors and locals alike come to enjoy the palm-lined pathways and open-air amusements. It feels like a new and different city the same way key west feels different from south Florida. When I talked about moving to Sand Diego, somewhere on Coronado is certainly where that feeling hit me.  Whether you’re hungry for fresh seafood or California cuisine, there’s a variety of fine dining and casual eateries to choose from. Spend some time at the waterfront park to fish off the pier, relax in the grass, or build a sand castle at the beach. Or you can just lounge under a tree and watch as the many different boats travel in and out of the bay.

A tourists goldmine. We ate at the Pieoae’s restaurant. I couldn’t wait to see what fresh local sea food would be like. The Sushi was OK but Unfortunately the shrimp linguine that I had was not the most tastiest shrimp I have ever had. Maybe I was expecting too much but even the steak was weirdly cooked. The server explained that they cooked steaks by the roast, whole. Then they slice the roast as customers order. It was just different, I prefer for a steak to sizzle on a grill and a medium rare inside. Their recipe missed the mark, as far as I’m concerned. BTW this place was not cheap.. We were pretty disappointing and I know when I come back, I will not be going back here.

Daytime on Coronado island is beautiful...

but to get the full effect of the aura of this island, you have to wait until night time. Just looking at the city from across the water is amazing. You can really just sit on the beach and chill for hours. This view rivals places that are well known for this type of atmosphere. You can: Soak up the sun on any one of Coronado’s beautiful, award-winning beaches, get the kids dancing during the summer concerts in the park, see the sights by bicycle or simply roast marshmallows around a bonfire on the beach. Here are seven fun things to do on Coronado Island during summer. CORONADO FERRY LANDING SUMMER CONCERTS
Take in the San Diego skyline from the Coronado Ferry Landing while listening to live music from 2-5 PM every weekend during the summer (Memorial Day—mid-September)BOATING Head to the Glorietta Bay Marina to rent sailboats, speedboats, water skis, jet skis, paddle boats or kayaks for water playtime.

The cruise back to larger San Diego was just a beautiful to watch, but after a full day out on Coronado, I was just ready to go back to my hotel. I had plans to go back to the Gaslight District but that was going to have to wait until the following night. I was beat.

The people ride scooters through the streets with the same speed as tuck-tucks in Asia. 

This city makes you want to avoid ride shares and shuttle buses. Everyone is outside. The scooters are parked at many different points on the streets. People hop on them and off of them wherever it suits them best. The scooter I used was called a lime scooter. I hopped on to go to the supermarket. After setting up my card, it was really easy to use. I paid a total of 3.64 cents to go about 8 blocks.

The turn up on the weekend in the Gas-lamp quarter 

will remind you of the french quarter in New Orleans or Oceans drive in Miami. I had to put my camera away and just get my fun on. I did not want to point a camera in everyone’s faces while they were getting drunk and doing their own 2 steps.. But that brings me to another thing I noticed all over this city.This is apparently the place for interracial relationships. I've never seen so many mixed couples in my life. I’m sure someone in the comments will tell me that what I saw was an illusion, but my eyes couldn’t have possibly been lying to me so often.

The best part about this getaway 

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San Diego is high on my bucket list... 

for places I want to revisit. I’m thinking that the next time I take a cruise, perhaps to the other side of Mexico, I will sail out of San Diego but give myself either a few days before the cruise or a few days after to explore more of San Diego. I really want to see the spots that I missed. It’ll be 2 cool vacations in one. As exciting as LA is, I am more looking forward to revisiting San Diego the next time I am in California. The world has plenty of Amazing places to visit and although the US can sometimes seem like a nightmare politically, geographically, it is still a very beautiful place full of one of a kind LandMarks. You don’t always have to explore outside of our boarders, to see the worlds beauty, take a look at the wonders you have in your own backyard, like a KING...


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