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Las Vegas Walk Through | LandMarks USA | Passport Kings

This time on Passport Kings I we are going to take a trip down the Las Vegas Strip...

and discover why Sin City is one of the most popular places on earth. This is definitely a Land Mark. And its a great place to get Married.

My brother in law was getting married. 

They had an amazing idea which was to get married in in Las Vegas a few miles off of the strip. Of course, I felt like this would be a perfect chance to do a Passport Kings LandMarks episode in the Sin City. I know that they say what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas, but what the hell, I’m spilling the beans. 

Although the population of Nevada is huge, the blocks that make up what is internationally known as the strip, is not very large. If you are feeling energetic and the weather is not too hot, you can walk the entire thing in maybe 2 hours. If you have ever traveled in downtown Manhattan, you will get a little idea about how Las Vegas looks but the difference is, instead of being in front of the lobby of where business is taking place, you will be in the front lobbies of where action, fun, drinking and turning all the way up is everywhere.

This is a city of gambling. 

Every single hotel and resort has full blown Casino in it’s lobby. The machines will be loudly singing the songs of chance, making you believe that if you were to risk a couple of dollars you will make enough back to pay for your entire trip, or more. Unfortunately and as the saying goes, the house always wins. So if you are lucky enough to get a quick win, even if it’s like only $100 buck, I suggest you collect it and run for the hills.

Speaking of hills, Las Vegas is surrounded by mountain ranges for as high and long as the eye can see. When there is not a group of tall Hotels blocking your view, you will see a beautiful mountain scene that is the thing of post cards. They are hard to really put into perspective in a video because you will not get the feeling of how grand they are from watching on your screen. You will really have to see it in real life to truly feel how small humans really are. 

When it came time to eat, 

Taco place named El Gourdo is the best place to eat hands down. No one in the establishment speaks a lick of English. Even the seating area will remind you of store in Mexico or Central America. I don’t think you will find a more authentic taco in Vegas or quite frankly anywhere in America. To find El Gourdo you have to go completely North all the way up til you see the hotel called circus circus. It will be a little store on the left that will probably have a long line outside of the door.

Where I think you should stay. 

In the past, I have made the mistake of staying in a hotel based on the price being about 30-40 dollars cheaper than other more well known hotels. Once I stayed at Westgate because not only was the prices cheaper but the perks they offered like seeing a comedy show dinner coupons and shuttle buses was also offered to us in return for attending what they claimed would be a 90 minute timeshare presentation. My wife and I used to frequent timeshare presentations any time we would get a chance especially in places like Orlando where you could get Disney and Universal tickets for sometimes half off. But at this point in our lives, and being that I am now an independent travel agent with inteletravel, no amount of discounts would make it make sense for us to destroy the beginning of one of our precious days on vacation to sit through what turns out being more like a 3 hour presentation that ends off with a pushy sales closer that will pull every sells technique in the book to overcome your direct nos, to there offer to sell you a room. I have already started writing my script for an entire episode about why timeshares make little to no sense for the average vacationer to be invested in.

The best part about this getaway...

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The Wedding was amazing.

Vegas has wedding chapels all across the city. And they are a whole lot less cheesy that what I was lead to believe from what I saw on tv and was called shotgun weddings. This was not a drive through. The Bride and Groom’s families gathered for a sophisticated wedding. Everyone stayed in the same hotel and the newlyweds got a penthouse suite to share their first night being married together. After that the couple went off to California to take an amazing cruise that I planned for them. The other parties mostly left and a few of us stayed around for an extra day to drink off the liquor, party one more time and see the sites we had missed.

Ubers are all over the place, 

readily available and surprisingly cheap. Even Uber XLs that fit quite a few people in at once were pennies on the dollar of what we are used to spending all over the United states. The world has plenty of Amazing places to visit and although the US can sometimes seem like a nightmare, geographically, it is still a very beautiful place full of one of a kind LandMarks. You don’t always have to explore outside of our borders, to see the worlds beauty, take a look at the wonders you have in your own backyard, like a king.


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