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Los Angeles review | Things to do in LA | LandMarks USA

There are 2 different Los Angeleses. 

Being from New York 

and before Easy E and them, I only thought of LA as being bright lights and big city, the place where people go to get discovered for movie roles, back lots and huge movie studios. After NWA and many rap artists that followed, we learned through their music that LA has a culture of it’s own and they have their own unique rules.

Sunset BLVD
The movies that followed,boys in the hood, Menace to Society, and Friday I think gave a really good overview about what to expect in the inner cities of los Angeles. Also many people will tell you that the GTA series about Los Santos is a pretty accurate rendition of the city’s layout. But like in any GTA game, the attitudes are blown out of proportion. I do realize that those movies and depictions were based on the 90s. Almost 30 years later, I can tell that although a lot of things have changed, many have stayed the same. In other words, you can still go to LA to get discovered but don’t get caught slippin. So I’ve heard.

I never got the chance to travel to LA until only a few years ago. 

When I was younger it seemed like a new frontier in another world. It was the other side of the map. The flights from the east coast are sometimes more than 5 hours. The time zones come into play however, so when you get there, it will be 3-4 hours earlier on you watch than when you left. Of the many times that I have now been to LA I haven't gotten a chance to explore the entire city. I’ve mostly only gotten the chance to see the more glamorous and tourist attractiony parts.  

The process of getting a rental car is very straight forward. Go to the roklanland.inteletravel.com and click on rent a car, then pick it up as soon as you leave the airport. But there is 1 huge problem. Driving in LA will drive you INSANE.

The people here, especially those with the fanciest cars have no sense of direction, and no regard to the rules of driving safety, the roads and highways are PACKED! And worse, they are packed with drivers who seem to be driving that paid off the DMV for a licence instead of taking the time out to learn how to drive. Traffic is bad, bad! Bumper to bumper, and full stops on the highway is whats to be expected. When you finally finish your city hopping and get to your parking spot at the hotel, you will let out a very passionate sigh of relief knowing that the fiasco is finally over. LA is absolutely my top pick as the worse place in America to drive. 

LA is a walking contradiction. 

You can go down 1 block and it feels like you are in the richest place in America, but if you make 1 turn into an off street you will know immediately that you probably made a mistake and should have learned more about that block before roaming into that neighborhood. All in all LA is just another American city. Lots of rich people and lots of poor people. The homeless population is very apparent. Some street, just blocks over from Hollywood boulevard are lined with homeless people living in tents and RVs that look like they have been parked since the Gold-rush of the 49ers. (and I’m not talking about the football team)

But all in all, LA does live up to the hype. 

The weather, for one, is outstanding. It is the most livable and comfortable temperatures made for mankind. I’ve walked down the Hollywood walk of fame and tried to read all of the names hoping I would recognize names that were actually relevant to me. There are about 8 blocks of stars and I had become bored of reading them by the time I got to the 5th block. The entire street reminded me of either 42nd street or 125th street in New York but from about 15 years ago. It’s very busy with mostly tourist who also seem to be visiting for the first time. I’ve seen the capitol building, and approached the Hollywood sign from many of the angles. The best way to see the Hollywood sign, I think, is to go to the Griffith observatory. Its almost a puzzle to get a great view and selfie of the Hollywood sign. The little windy roads that lead to it are blocked off. Once you do finally get there, you not only get a great view of the sign, but you'll also get an impressive view of the city itself. Smog and all. Watching the sun go down over the LA mountains is an awe inspiring sight that everyone should see at least once

I’ve been to Roscoe's chicken and waffles. I think the only way to really absorb the atmosphere is on foot. And I really love to take strolls in cities that I have never explored before to just feel what the vibe is like. But LA is just too huge for that kind of exploration. You are going to have to get a rental car.

You have to make a stop at pinks. 

Pinks has Creatively topped dogs (some named for celebrities) and it draws long lines at this historic roadside spot.The only problem is there are so many inviting items on the menu that you will not get a chance to taste everything. All of the selections that I’ve tried were very good and you would really be missing out if you visit LA and not try them out.  

In and out burger is also famous. I've mostly heard about this fast food restaurant from movies and songs about LA. I would also recommend visiting landmarks like the Beverly hills signs and the tall tree-lined streets leading up to it, the famous donuts spot called Randy’s, Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland, Rodeo drive, Santa Monica Pier and of course the Marathon store. LA is full of tourist attractions and being from the east coast,
 its exiting to see in real life, what you have always only just saw on TV. 

The best part about this getaway ...

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LA is full of the most beautiful women in the world. They topped my countdown list of where to find the most beautiful women in America when I made that video 3 years ago. They all migrated here looking for either their big break, or a man who is already experiencing fame and fortune. Taking the incredibly large area of Los Angeles into consideration, its hard to tell a person exactly where to stay. My suggestion is while booking your trip on Passport Kings.com that find the attraction that I mentioned that really interested you and then search over to a hotel that is closest to that attraction. Driving around this city is indeed a hassle.

The world has plenty of Amazing places to visit...

 and although the US can sometimes seem like a nightmare, geographically, it is still a very beautiful place full of one of a kind LandMarks. You don’t always have to explore outside of our boarders, to see the worlds beauty, take a look at the wonders you have in your own backyard, like a KING...


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