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Getting your Passport is a Simple Process

How to get your Passport in 5 easy steps.

Thanks for checking out my blog. Today I'm going to explain the simple process of getting your Passport. We will discuss the ins and outs of :
  • Apply for Passport Online
  • Passport Application Form
  • Passport Application Status
  • Passport Application post office
  • Passport Appointment
  • Passport renewal application
  • U.S. Passport Application

Why do we need a Passport?

To put it short, Countries want to know who and what is coming in and out of their country.

But for a more philosophical answer of the use use of having a Passport in the USA I like to think of it like this. 

In the Past young boy or girl would have to kill a crazy animal or surviving in the wilderness alone for a
a certain amount of days to earn their rites of passage.

But as our world became more civilized, a lot of those rituals have disappeared and now our youth have safer ways to prove they have "Arrived"

To me, the ability to leave this country when you feel like it is practically taking the training wheels off of a travel-seeking soul. Being on your own without the guardianship of your parents, your state, or even your country is a symbol that you've made that transition from kid to adult and you're ready to conquer the world

A US passport allows you to travel safely to foreign lands. 

Passport Application Status

On December 15 1915 they became required when leaving or entering the US. Passports are good for ten years generally and they must be replaced afterwards. 

You can't just renew it because people can change a lot during that period. 

I realized a lot of people already have withered passports that have been stamped numerous times but this step-by-step guide is made for those that'll be traveling out in the country for the first time.

But stick around Travel Veterans, you may learn something too. 

Plus as a guest in my on my 2nd Passport Kings Blog, I treat all my subscribers like family. 

You'll get the respect you deserve plus I'll throw in on a few things for the veterans 

Passport Appointment

  • 1. First and foremost get a haircut and lady get yourself "done-up"
You will be taking a picture today, that's going to be sticking with you for the next ten years. You may as well look your best. I also wore a collared shirt that day. However, it's not necessary. Just look presentable. 

You can't wear a hat a scarf or sunglasses. You know, anything that can block any piece of your face. However, you can wear prescription glasses and hearing aids. They make exceptions for anything that's necessary and that you usually have on when going through customs in an airport. 

They want you to look exactly like this picture whenever you get it stamped or use it as a form of ID.
  • 2. Next, call your local post office and tell them that you're coming in to get your Passport. 
Ask them "when is the best time to be there?" 

Some post offices allow walk-ins.  Hopefully, the one closest to you does. If not, just make the appointment they offer and postpone your haircut to a new day. Thankfully in my case, they told me to come in that day.

Before you go, grab your old beat-up Birth Certificate out of your important papers stash, and grab about two hundred dollars. 

This is around of time when some people are going to say: 

"$200 dollars? I don't have that kind of money!" 

Then they'll wipe off their $250 Yeezys, stand up and unzip their Louis Vuitton bag, and gentle place their latest iPhone into it, while they storming off.

To those people, I'll say this blog is not for you. You are too busy impressing people who care nothing about you. The world is not the upside-down fishbowl that a lot of those people act like they live under.  

Don't let that be you. They have the money.  They're just prioritizing it wrong.
But for you, your Journey into Royalty is almost done...
  • 4. On your way to the post office... 
Make sure you grab your Birth Certificate and bring it with you. 

You can stop by any Rite Aid, Walmart, Walgreens, or any print shop to get to picture taken. Let them know the pictures are for your passport and they will be sure to print them in the exact size and fashion that the Post Office requires.

This stop will save you about $7 dollars.

However, by the time you do this money-saving tip, it may become a hassle. Driving around, the people at the printing shop can be off for the day, haven't started their shift yet, or just can't figure out how to work the machine.  If you're gonna waste time on the line, you might as well already be at the post office. $7 or unnecessary Hassle? 

You Choose.

That's why I said to bring $200. In most cities, a passport costs $140 to process. The extra money is so you can get it all done in one place. 

  • 5. Tell the post office worker that you're here to get your passport! 
They may let you skip the people in line who are mailing off packages. 

They ask that you fill out the DS-11 form. 

You can print this form out online and fill it out at home, but you have to come to the Post Office anyway. You may as well do get it and fill it in at the post office. It is not a complicated form. 

Plus, the teller will be able to help you if there is any part you don't understand and they have to sign it and stamp it. 

They will make you raise your hand and swear an oath to not use your brand new Passport in nefarious ways. 

Then if needed, they will take your pictures.

They will then put your Application and Birth certificate into an envelope and send it off. 

You are all done! 

About two weeks later, your brand spanking new, unstamped Passport will arrive in the mail! In about three weeks, your birth certificate will arrive as well. 

And there you have it, folks! 

Your freedom to travel abroad in only five easy steps. You're now able to go where no one on your old block has gone before. You can tell the people at your job that you WILL be joining them on the next Yacht party in Aruba or Girls Trip to Jamaica.

Do you need a Passport for a Cruise?

If you're just going on a cruise, most times, you DO NOT need your passport. A Birth Certificate works just fine. While in another country by way of Cruising, most countries will consider the room on the boat as your Hotel Room. 

You are not officially visiting their country like if you were getting off a plane and staying there for a couple of days. The Card that the cruise company gives you serves as your ID while abroad, but to be safe, keep your US ID or Passport with you.

Apply for Passport Online

Your Passport is the strongest form of ID you can have. Stronger than your State ID or Birth Certificate. I work with a company called that expedites Passports and does all of the processing online. 

There are a lot of extra fees associated with getting your US Passport when you do it this way. If you still would like to do it that way, send me an email at and I will get you all set up. 

Subscribe below and check out my website to pick up Passport Kings Merchandise. There shouldn't be any stopping you from getting what you want in this world. Pull out your new passport, tilt your crown to the side and Explore this entire world, like a King...

Get your US Passport in 5 easy steps. Passport Kings


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