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Best Online Travel Sites

How I choose internet Travel Sites to your advantage.

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If you've been keeping up with my online presence, you probably know that I am a Travel Agent and my host Agency is Inteletravel.

Traveling to Cabo san Lucas

Best Travel Sites

I find it very hard to explain to people that I can book your travel through any of the sites that have national commercials and you are used to. People think they are throwing it in my face that they are "booking their own travel" online by themselves. 

If they knew what they were really doing, they wouldn't even mention it to me. I've made an entire video about what they are REALLY DOING and you can check it out here.

But if I'm using the same Travel Sites and them, Why use me?

The difference is, I can still check the hotel that you are settling on for any added discounts, perks and Specials. I also have access to millions of hotels and can compare the prices up against each other. My host agency at Inteletravel has an over 25-year relationship directly with these brands and they will offer us almost anything to keep us booking with them. 

Online Travel Agency

Passport Kings is my Travel Agency, so of course, I will tell people to run their travel by me before settling for somewhere else. Many times I can beat the deal, but if worst comes to worst, I will match the deal you found.

When I'm only able to match the deal, at least you will get the pleasure of knowing that you supported a local business and the commission that was going to go to somebody regardless, will be going to the person (Me) who spent my time to Discover, Preview and made Videos to familiarize with the destination.

But that rarely happens. I'm usually able to beat the prices because travel companies want to keep us recommending them. They get nothing from a customer who is just 1 and done after they "Book for themselves"

Man Traveling to Cabo San Lucas Mexico

So, other than myself. Here is my list of the best online travel engines to use if you insist on doing it yourself and paying for Barry Diller's extravagant life. 

Discount Travel Sites

5. Expedia: 

This site has the smoothest search engine which makes finding and comparing options easy. I'm not sure how they do it because other websites jump around, feel clunky to navigate and promise things they can't deliver. 

When you search on you get the feeling that everything is done by a well-paid computer programmer that quite frankly, all of the other search engine builders should hire. 

Expedia will do very well without my endorsement because they pay a lot of money for advertising. It's rare that you will complete an entire day without seeing an ad for Expedia. Their exposure mission is the only thing I have against them. 

I'm not one to count another person's pockets, but they certainly have to be collecting their advertisement money from somewhere, and it's most likely you. 

Go to expedia's website to see if you can get what you need. But then tell me about it and see if I can beat it.

4. Trivago:

Trivago’s hotel search allows users to compare hotel prices in just a few clicks.

You will get to choose from more than 300 booking sites for more than 5.0 million hotels and other types of accommodation in over 190 countries.

Traffic in Puerto Rico

Trivago shows you what a lot of other engines hide. They show you the process of comparing how low each Hotel or Flight is willing to go. You will actually see many pages jump up on your screen and Trivago doing its magic to weed out what works and what doesn't. 

This process can be messy to watch and there is no emotion put into the decisions. Algorithms are making all of the decisions. Do you really want your vacation decided by math? Some people are like, heck yes, while others do prefer a human with some travel experience to call shots.

But if you can get over the fact that a computer is choosing everything for you, then go to Trivago and watch the magic as it happens and get a great price.  


When I was convinced that I "BOOKED TRAVEL BY MYSELF", this site was my 1 favorite. 

Their prices always seemed better than the others. Plus up until inteletravel upgraded its results 3 years ago to include smaller hotels, they gave options offering little local accommodations that I could not find on other sites. 

They also bragged about their option to let me pay at the hotel when I arrived, instead of upfront while booking the reservation. I haven't seen many other websites offer this option.

Plane about to take off

Booking is the #1 online booking platform for accommodations around the world. They have zero booking fees and they speak almost every language, for people who are booking and don't speak English is the #1 travel site in terms of Customer Satisfaction by J. D. Power. They have a unique direct long-term relationship with more than 900,000 accommodations. I used to think I was cheating the system when I booked with 

I even made one of my first YouTube Travel videos about them which I'm posting below.

If you insist on being "your own Travel Agent," (doing all of the work and giving someone else the commission,) then is probably where you will get the cheapest results from any booking engine.  

2. CheapOair

The way I felt about for hotels is the same way I felt about CheapOair when it came to flights. They are cheap.

The more I learned about airfare after becoming a Travel Agent the more I realized why I liked CheapOair so much. Their search engine provides flight options that other search engines may not even mention.


CheapOair is one of the fastest-growing online travel companies in the US. With a dedicated team with over 15 years of experience in serving travel needs online, CheapOair decided to take their expertise to the web and develop amazing software to improve every aspect of the travel process. 

CheapOair is a well-skilled team of software engineers and travel specialists that work tirelessly to make CheapOair one of the best sites to plan, book, and manage your travel plans.

Cruise booked by Travel Agency

And they factor in everything. They tell you about those flights with crazy layovers that can add a day to your trip but cut your price in half. They will mention the flights that connect to other airlines mid-trip. 

I used to be all about saving a dollar any way I could when I first started traveling. Now I'm more of  1of of those convenience guys that I used to look at as pretentious. lol

Bottom line. if you want to compare all prices before making your pick, and I mean everything, CheapOair is great at these tasks and your pockets will feel the difference.

1. TripAdvisor

Reviews! Reviews! Reviews!. When I started my Youtube page, Trip Advisor was strictly a travel reviews site. In my imagination, they saw what I was doing and took everything Passport Kings was known for. 

Yeah, you can get my reviews about flights, Cities, and Resorts, but Trip Advisor gives you reviews about those experiences from almost everyone that has been anywhere.

This (As I can vouch for) is a great combination when anyone is trying to decide where travelers would like to visit in the world.

Thanks for checking out this countdown. Now I implore you to get your group together and travel like a King... 

Honorable mention: Google Flights
My Opinion: They biting off of Kayak and Trivago

I used to be crazy about but now that I have teamed up with 1 of the largest Travel Agencies in the world, I recommend you use my site for travel deals the Passport Kings way:



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