I quit my Job to Travel the World - And Passport Kings lets me put my creativity on Display. | Passport Kings

I quit my Job to Travel the World - And Passport Kings lets me put my creativity on Display.

This is the relaunch of Passport Kings.

Aruba, on my 2nd time out of the country

Allow me to Reintroduce Myself

My name is Roklan Land. I was born and raised in Forest Projects in the Bronx New York.

It was a very gangsta neighborhood to grow up in. I have 7 brothers and 2 sisters. I fall right in the middle. They are all very creative and I picked up a lot from them. My father made furniture for a really fancy store in Midtown Manhattan. It was called Guild Furniture. Everything was handmade 

From a very early age, I had dreams of exploring the world and being creative. Writing has also been something that I've always found myself coming back to.

At about 6 years old, I used to make my own full-featured comic books with original characters, jokes, and artwork. That hobby went on for a lot longer than anyone (Even I) would expect. I actually have a few issues with "The Spot-Rushers" stored away in my house right now. 

Forest Projects. 165th and Trinity

I always tried to stay on the cutting edge of excitement when I would draw because I knew what it was like to get bored while reading.

Later on, I discovered what my books were missing.

An Audience, lol.

My family and friends got tired of being forced to read my books. so In my early teens, I moved on to love letters to the chicks I would be dealing with at the time. These were no ordinary love letters. 

They would be Ridiculous joke-filled, action-packed, adventures that girls would never believe I wrote. 

I would watch the girl read the thing and laugh out loud - and that was when a new ah-ha moment in my life. 

Knowing that others were enjoying my creations really brought me joy.

Of course, being from the Bronx, I was also a rapper and producer. That's where my name started ringing bells (lol)

In my early 20s, My wife started a beauty Pageant Company and I was in charge of Set Design and Marketing. My creations were over the top and I forced the director to have totally ridiculous themes like Model Warfare (With a stage and flyers That I Designed to look like Call of Duty, a Playstation game that was popular at the time).

Children's beauty pageants was not the industry for me, even though it paid well and I couldn't get enough of the parent's faces when they saw and got to enjoy the original, unable-to-be-copied masterpieces that I designed by hand - to be a stage for their favorite sport.

During those years I winded up marrying the Director of that Beauty Pagent company and we actually had an episode air on the TLC hit show, Toddlers and Tiaras. But that entire business was cut-throat, and some of the people were just MEAN to the core. When the time came, we happily made our exit and moved on with our lives.

The only thing I miss was the same thing I missed when no one wanted to read my comic books. And that was again, an audience for my creative side.

I wrote a few real books that I published on Amazon and I worked a typical job for many years while silently dying inside. I had a cubicle far away from the window and I watched as the sun went up and down while I sat in that same chair. lol, All these years later and I can still tear up right now thinking about it.

I was one of the guys with a bunch of positive quotes and pictures of exotic locations hanging on the cubicle walls hoping that one day I would be out there as the rich people.

Watching a bunch of youtube videos and doing a lot of self-improvement, one day it dawned on me.

I could kill two birds with 1 stone. Get out of that office and on a plane to parts unknown AND while making videos that would allow the world to enjoy my creativity. That was when Passport Kings was born. 

And kindly look at the creation date of my youtube page (About me page) and compare the start dates to the other "Passport-yadah-yadah-yadah" channels that have popped up everywhere, if you're not sure who the originator of the concept is.   

Passport Kings started off very rocky. Sometimes I cringe looking at my first few videos. But you know what? I don't care how they looked. I knew they would get better as time went on, plus I had no blueprint or mentor. I just Dived into this world and learned how to swim on the way down to the water.

How has Passport Kings Changed

I had a few ideas of what I would've liked to portray with Passport Kings but mainly I was having fun showing off my creations. But, as we all know from video games, with a journey comes side missions. Sometimes the Side Mission can take you in a whole new direction. And this Journey has been fun.

As long as Travel is a major part of my life, I know I will be happy. 

My first trip out of the country was to Costa Rica, then shortly after, I went to DR and Aruba. I was hooked.

Travel Agent near me.

I ran into an MLM guy at one of my Day-Jobs and as I was trying to get him to subscribe to my Youtube Channel, he realized it was travel-based and introduced me to Plannet Marketing and inteletravel. It was a perfect fit so I signed up.

I was NOT good at marketing a travel agency at first. I was overwhelmed with information and couldn't wrap my head around where I fit into the process of someone buying a ticket and going on a trip.

What may have been a great thing for others, but took me by surprise was the influx of inquiries I was getting. There I was a marketing that I was a travel agent and had no idea what to do when someone responded to my ads. 

I was a dog chasing a car with no idea what to do if I caught one.

Eventually, I took a step back from video creation and learned the craft of what it was that I did. I also stopped taking requests for trips with just one person because It became too much to handle.  Now, I only service clients who are booking group trips with 6 or more people.

I had no idea my videos would bring in so much traffic. But that is because I started discussing any and every topic on travel and some of my more provocative videos went viral.

I tell people all the time now when it comes to "going viral;" 

"You better be prepared when that day comes."

UPDATE: I've been narrowing down my subjects to Travel to the Caribbean, Africa, and Moving to Atlanta.

I feel I am the go-to Travel agent for group trips and buddy trips. When I first started this blog I did not have any affiliations with Host Travel Agencies, Products, or Affiliates. 

Zip Lining in Cozumel, Mexico

As of 2022, I can pretty much book any Hotel, Cruise, Airline, Rental Car, or Airline. My website to get for those who just want to book a solo or couples trip is roklanland.inteletravel.com

I hope you like the changes! I will try to make every week full of travel excitement by posting a combination of YouTube videos, and other Social Media like Instagram and TikTok. So make sure you sign up for the free e-book that I am attaching to almost everything I have created. This action will put you on my email list and it will keep you updated with any blog post that I write and publish.

I'm a published author, director, editor, Certified Travel Agent, the creator of passport kings and I think I'm pretty hilarious when I put my real personality on display. Being myself has been a little hard for me because, for some weird reason, I will care about what random people I grew up around may think.

I'm sure as this journey progresses I will get a WHOLE LOT better at just being my regular self and producing content around travel that you will enjoy.

Each week I will give you advice about traveling in General. 

Check me out my videos and blog posts every Wednesday at Youtube.com/c/PassportKings

My other social media channels should be on the sidebar of this page somewhere. I can't wait to meet you and ultimately book a trip for you after I have gained your trust. Or just hang out with you while we discuss our experiences as Travel Heads.

I love that you took the time out to read this and I hope you are able to come along this journey with me, like a king... A Passport King.

Welcome Aboard, Abroad!


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