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Drive around Metro Atlanta in 4k | Upper Smyrna/ Marietta | Part 1

Ever since I made my Moving to Atlanta series of videos, people in my comments section have always asked me to drive around some of the neighborhoods and film.

It didn't make sense for me financially because burning gas on videos that may or may not be a hit was something I was not interested in doing.

I recently found a solution.

I found a pretty good-paying driving gig. I drop off packages in different neighborhoods in the Metro Atlanta Area almost every day now when I'm not traveling.

This is my first attempt at fulfilling the drive-around Atlanta request. This is the 1rst portion of me Driving around Smyrna, GA which is in the north area of Metro - Atlanta. I think 13 minutes is long enough.

This is the Beta

I am looking for Ideas though. If you notice anything that will make these driving-around videos more entertaining, let me know in the comments.

This is NOT the nicest neighborhood in Smyrna which I think is OK because this is my first attempt and if anything went wrong, or could be better, I can fix it in Upcoming Videos.

I was listening to the radio on this day and I do not want to get demonetized by YouTube. That is why I played music throughout the video.

I guess next time I record, I'll leave the radio off.

Let me know what you guys think.



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