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How to get a Passport - Answers to Audience questions.

Still no passport?

6 years ago...yes 6, I made a YouTube video called how to get your passport.

Since then I have been busy making more content about traveling abroad.

Steps to get your Passport Cover Photo

I never had the chance to answer all of the questions I received on that video or time had time to reply to the passport acquisition queries.

Thank Goodness for Travel Heads Podcast.

What is Travel Heads Podcast?

This Travel heads Podcast is my way of keeping up with the comments that i received on Passport Kings Travel videos.

Here is the episode where I answer all of the "getting a passport" questions:

New Episodes every week.

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Passport Kings video how to get your Passport

Some of my answers are funny, serious, well thought out, and even dismissive.

I read all of the comments. Even the rude ones.

I also give you the rundown on breaking travel news of the week.

I interview my recent travel customers and big shots in the travel industry.

How to Get a Passport in 2021?

Getting a Passport these days is a very simple process. Go to the post office with money.

6 years since Passport Video

The video I made 6 years ago helped a lot of people in their passport process and I'm proud of that fact that I made that step-by-step guide.

Contacting Passport Kings

Thanks for checking out Passport Kings Travel on Youtube for the past 6 years and thanks to all of you who tune into travel heads.

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