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10 best travel jobs that pay well and anyone can do

Today let’s learn the ten best travel Jobs that pay well and anyone can do

The upside of this covid fiasco is a lot of people are realizing that they don’t have to be stuck in an office to do their job. 

And if your job can be done from home, then usually it can be done remotely too. And that means from anywhere there’s a wifi connection.

A word of caution. 

This lifestyle aint for everybody. But after this list, you will at least know what each job entails, how much you can get paid and how much travel is necessary. 

Another word of caution. There is a very famous saying that goes “Get it how you live” But you also have to keep in mind that travel is usually done for leisure. 

It’s done as a way to escape the everyday hustle and bustle of work. If Travel is your favorite pastime like it’s mine, you may NOT want to mix in work, mandatory tasks, and deadlines into your escape from those exact things. 

Just like entrepreneurship, the travel job lifestyle is not for everyone. 

I had to be creative to create the lifestyle I currently have. 

I combined a mix of the latest technologies, online monetization strategies, and work that I don’t mind doing.

As you can see from my 5 plus years of making YouTube travel videos, it works for me. 

If you are ready to leave the traditional punch clock, small daily cubicle, and watching the sun go up and down from an office window, these may be the 10 best travel jobs that pay well and anyone can do. Engage!
Travel Nurse

10 Travel Nursing

It has become quite simple to find positions to be a travel nurse. 

Certain websites like NurseFly.com are practically begging nurses to get involved with nursing on location. 

It’s especially simple to get into it if you are already a nurse but if you aren't, going to nursing school can take a lot of time out of your life especially if you are already past college age. 

This is why it’s so high up on the list. It would take you about 4-8 years to start this new career and you cannot slack your way through school because the people who will be depending on your help in other countries can really do without a C and D-minus student poking on them while your mind is at the beach. 
Charts on Laptop

9 Internet Marketing Small Businesses

Social Media like youtube and Facebook make this brand new kind of lifestyle possible. 

It’s number 9 because you will have to become a salesman before you can get to work. 

Your goal will be to go to a local business that is not internet savvy and convince them to let you run their social media. Your job will be posting, tweeting, and advertising your business using modern methods. Your job will be to keep up with marketing trends and execute those strategies. 

A job like this can be done from anywhere in the world with wifi access. When done correctly, this easily tops the highest paying job Travel Jobs. Get more than a few clients and you can be raking in 10s of thousands of dollars per week. 

The downside is you have to keep in mind that a lot of these businesses already have their social media up and running already. Lastly, you have to produce real results. Don’t dare offer your service without a real grasp on the procedures.

Character standing on a Map

8 Tour Guide

A lot of people think a tour guide needs to be a native of the place that they are going to be a tour guide for. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

This type of job is excellent for an Expat who lives in the location of their choice. Your day-to-day job will be advertising to people who are interested in the new city, state, country. 

The best way to advertise is to take a few people who are already visiting on a free tour guide and take lots of pictures and videos showing them around. Get on the internet and blast that info to everyone who will listen. 

If there are groups on the subject, join them and let the owners of the group know what you’re offering. Just don’t do anything fishy to take ownership of the group if something unfortunate happens to the real owner.  Instagram is a great place to show people what you offer. 

Even Airbnb now has an option where you can host an experience for people who want to visit your town.  Keep up with the tourist attractions and learn about adventures off the beaten path. Just make sure that when you create your Tours, you're giving the people, who trusted you, to show them around, a lot of value for their money. 

And it is in your best interest to go above and beyond. If you don’t you may ruin your reputation.

Type Writer old

7 Travel Writer/Stock Photo Provider (Or any Successful Blog Writer)

People seriously believe this career is played out or over-saturated. It isn’t. 

Yes, there are 1million 500 blogs out there calling themselves Travel Blogs. 

It’s the same with youtube travel channels. 

There is a big, BIG difference between a blog/vlog and a good blog/vlog. 

The skills needed to be a good Travel Writer are obtainable by anyone but the vast majority of people go into the profession with a know-it-all attitude, which makes them create forgettable junk lacking in storytelling ability, time-tested SEO ability, and basic editing and grammar knowledge. 

No amount of sensationalism, qazi-porn, or consistency will make up for those glaring flaws. Without basic blogging skills, potential customers will see right through it and pass. 

But if you take this career seriously, it can be one of the most lucrative and most passive ways to have a high-paying job in Travel.  A lot of your work will be done upfront, then, with the correct formulae,  you will start getting paid constantly on a passive income basis from then on. 

The most work you will have to do is update certain blog posts from time to time to keep your pages current. There are plenty of courses that show you the correct methods. 

I’m currently going through a few myself to find the right one to promote. 

Once I can say without a shadow of a doubt that one of these internet gurus has cracked the code, I will promote them on every blog I produce. So as of right now, stay tuned.  

This career also goes well with selling stock photos. Selling stock photos and videos is tedious work, however. 

I can't recommend it to a one-man-band, kind of situation, but if you are good at photography and cinematography, adding stock images to your repertoire make being a Travel Blogger even more lucrative. 
Truck Drives through Mountains

6 Truck Driver 

The travel locations are mostly not extraordinary and the hours are long. 

However, being a truck driver transporting heavy loads will keep you on the go. 

The pay for Truck Drivers that work for private fleets like Walmart can be about 70k. Even more, if you own your own truck or fleet. 

This is also a viable solution for travel heads because you can get weeks off at a time and won’t have to wait until once yearly time off to take a vacation. 

Before I get to the top 5. Let me add a couple of honorable mentions.

Honorable Mention 1: Being a military vet is a great way to enjoy free travel benefits. Using what is called “Space Available” Service members and their families can world hop and usually only pay the plane’s taxes and fees. 

If you are willing to risk getting a leg blown off in a war fought for a cause you’re not 100% into, this is a great option. These benefits last long after you retire from the military and your pension will take care of your other travel and living expenses. 

I engineer sometimes

5 Engineer (with a computer science or engineering degree)

A lot of the skills that it takes to be a successful software or hardware engineer can all be done from anywhere in the world. 

If you have heard the term “Digital Nomad” and are not sure what it means, these people are usually Software engineers who have the opportunity to work remotely for companies. 

These jobs do not REQUIRE travel, but if travel is included these are some of the Best jobs in the world. 

Web designers and developers are not the only kinds of engineers that get paid to travel. If you work for a company that installs heavy machinery, a lot of the company will need a tech to come to their city for a couple of days to install and teach the staff how to work the new hardware. 

With a career like this, you’re going to need training from 4-year schools and technical colleges. You are also going to have to upgrade your knowledge every couple of years to stay ahead of the trends in your industry.

4 Be a Travel Agent

I’m a travel agent. 

I book travel for people who want to go anywhere in the world and I make commissions. 

It starts small but balloons once you get enough steady clients. The trick here is to explain and show people that they are not getting charged extra for using a travel agent. For some reason paying more for an agent is embedded into people’s minds. 

People are usually afraid, thinking there will be a price hike because of services rendered. Once customers understand that any payment you get, they would have paid anyway to whatever “book it yourself” online engine that they use, they’ll see the error in their ways and book with you from then on. 

I have created an entire video that explains how EVERY TYPE OF TRAVEL pays the commission and it’s just a matter of who it goes to. I would suggest that all agents do something similar. 

Once you get over that hump with friends, family, and cold connections, the pay for being a travel agent is outstanding.

 Travel agents are well-traveled and knowledgeable thanks to the perks and training provided by resorts that want them to learn about their offerings. 

That knowledge is the difference maker when a customer is deciding who deserves the commission that automatically comes out of their charges. If this is a career that interests you, I can get you started. 

3 Not being a Travel Agent

There are people who just feel that being a travel agent is just too 80s for them. 

Or better yet there are those who used to be travel agents, found out all of the inside secrets, and wrote a book exposing how every day people can get out of this world deals on everything related to travel. 

In the Ebook that I’m linking, a Best-selling Travel Agent Has done just that. 

He says he was fired from an agency And now says he’s Out For Revenge! His Guide is groundbreaking and quite frankly, I’m not too sure I should be advertising it. 

But this is Passport Kings and we provide the truth no matter where it comes from. 

And he has the receipts to prove it. This resource may not provide you a direct income but with all of the savings in travel that you’ll be introduced to, you will be able to take a lot more time off of work, and still be able to afford travel like someone who has their business paying for everything.

2 Pilot/Flight Attendant

Your Job every day is literally to travel. 

You will be helping people on commercial flights get from 1 city to another. 

While on duty you won’t have much control over where you’re going but when you’re off the world becomes easily accessible because you will be able to Fly Stand by for free or close to nothing. 

These positions also offer the most flexible schedules that I have seen in any industry. Some pilots and flight attendants will work for a week or 2, then take the rest of the month off (EVERY MONTH) 

They get great pay and have the time to explore the world on their terms. The only thing to watch out for is like police, they are pretty much always considered on duty. 

You are expected to behave yourself on your deeply discounted adventures even when you’re not on the clock and don’t have your uniform on.

To learn more about this becoming one of the main cogs in the Travel Wheel, I always recommend this book Called “How to work in Travel.” 

It’s only like $17 now. For less than 2 Frapachinos at Starbucks, you can learn the ins and out of how to ace airline interviews and other information that has been well kept from the general public and only passed around by people who are already in the business.

Here are 2 testimonials this book received.
"This is an incredibly detailed guide to get anyone started on a career path in the travel industry. What's especially fantastic about this book is that it covers both the jobs you might expect (working with airlines or hotels) and those you might not (working with tourism boards or PR agencies), even offering organizational charts with specific job titles. No matter what your skill set is, you're likely to find a way to fit into the enormous travel world."
"How to Work in Travel takes you on a deep dive journey into the depths of the travel industry, providing a thorough evaluation and clear understanding of the industry at large. It dissects the complexities and speaks in a voice that is engaging and encouraging. If you're looking to get into this business, How to Work in Travel will guide you in the right direction, offering insights and details on potential career opportunities."

1 Foreign Services Officer

A Foreign Service officer works for the US government and enjoys the benefit of traveling like a diplomat. 

I know Trump told you Jared Cushner was taking care of all of the world’s most complicated world issues like immigration and disaster relief in places around the world. 

But actually, it was Foreign Service Officers doing all of the heavy lifting. This highest-paying travel job gives you the responsibility of promoting peace and prosperity of other countries while also advancing the interest of America. 

You will be the type of person that James Bond types of the world will keep an eye on. So as you guessed, your record needs to be clean. 

The pay is great All of the other careers I’ve mentioned will make sure you get paid to travel but Being a foreign Services Officer will have you protected, escorted, and up in some of the most remarkable locales in the world, Like a king...



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