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Become a Travel Agent

Inteletravel and PlanNet Marketing together is the best way to make Making money in the travel industry as a travel agent.

What is Plannet Marketing?:
What is Inteletravel?:
Combining these 2 companies is the holy grail of making travel money in the Travel Industry.

When others travel, you earn! 

When you introduce others to the business, you earn! 

Join either the Travel side or Business side..or do like I did and do BOTH for maximum ROI and Residual Income!


If you are in Atlanta or close, I want to meet you on Tuesdays at 7PM.

(We will be back once covid allows)

We want to give you formal introduction into this business. 

We promise to never charge you anything, or go over the time limit at these presentations. 

There is ABSOLUTELY NO PRESSURE for you to join. 

Our goal is just to make sure you know all of the information so you can make an informed decision.

STILL have QUESTIONS? Call me (Roklan) Directly:
(802) 441-5263
*Work on the go so you can Make money and Travel
*Only work when you want to work - create your own hours
*Customers book Travel for Free
*Get your own booking website
*Get agent only Access to Travel Vendors and Specials deals
*Book Trips and Earn Huge Commissions
*Get your hand held by mentors as you become an expert
*You don't have to pester friends and family! Recruiting is NOT necessary
*This business is easy once you learn the first few steps
here is a quick sign up walk through:

Do you need to know more before you sign up? 

Check out this Full Presentation done by my personal Mentor , 3 Star Director, and 6 figure a month income earner, Latonya Chin:

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