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Top 5 Meanest Cities in the USA

The top 5 meanest cities in the USA is a very hard list to make.

For a city to rank in the top 5 Meanest cities in the USA it has to be a unique city and the charges against them had to be enough to deter tourists. We have all probably visited some of the meanest cities in America and did not take notice.

Now we all know that you cannot judge an entire city's rudeness off of a few encounters with a select few from a given area, but this is my opinion based off of if these things are likely to happen again.

Feel free to comment on which cities you would have left off and which cities you would have added to the list.

Everyone has an opinion and in this case, I'm not really taking it so seriously. I hope you can do the same.

Visiting a new city should be a pleasurable experience.

But some people in different cities can ruin the entire experience. 

I’m not talking about crime.
Being in Angry cities in America, are just as bad!

Most times you just want to go about your day, get what you paid for from stores, or mingle cause you're single.

In these 5 Rude Cities in America, you may get into a shouting match or come to blows because these people will test your patience. 

Usually, they’ve been fighting for everything they own in their city and they want to test their disrespect skills out on tourists, you.

This list should get you ready if you are flying into one of these cities. You will have your guards up and be ready for a verbal battle of wits, staredowns, and sneak disses.

To film Passport Kings Domestic Travel Videos called Landmarks, You can check the playlist here, I have traveled to almost every state in the USA. 

I have experienced the best to the most unfriendly people. I’ve also gotten some Meanest City Data from others who have traveled or lived in these cities.

Do you live in these cities? Have you noticed how mean they are? Are you part of the problem? Is your patriotism to your city making you blind to the fact that y'all are Rude?

Roklan on 42nd Street

5 New York City 

I know everyone was expecting New York to be closer to the top of this list. 

The truth is, the meanest people in New York are not native New Yorkers. A lot moved in from other countries and bought that country's mean attitudes with them. 

Native new yorkers really ain't that rude. 

In a rush? Yes! 


Because a million people will be where they’re headed, and they know they will be stuck in a line forever. 

But generally, if you ask them for Directions, most will stop in the middle of a drug deal, and practically hold your hand until you get where you need to go. Say what’s up to one and they’ll give you a pound and a bear hug while simultaneously trying to figure out where they know you from. 

New Yorkers are serious about protecting themselves and their stuff. Messing with a person or that person’s stuff is where you can go horribly wrong. New Yorkers are willing to burn the whole city down to get revenge and make an example out of you. 

The people who follow you around the stores are paid dicks. But it’s only because New Yorkers will "5 finger discount" the hell out of a store.

Salt Lake City

4 Salt Lake City

In other countdowns about this same subject that I read, Salt Lake City gets cited as one of the places with the nicest people. 

Yeah right! 

Maybe it's a great place for people of a lighter hue. But for the Original Man, The people in this city are NOT very nice. 

You’ll get shoved while walking and they won't even turn around to see what happened. To be fair, I lost my debit card at SLC airport once. And it was returned to the lost and found. 

But It took me over 2 hours to find out there WAS a lost and found no one was helpful. They gave me a phone number to call where no one answered. 

I got treated like it was my imagination that I ever had a debit card, to begin with! 
Also, an NBA fan had to be banned for life from the Utah Jazz arena because of the way they talked to Russel Westbrook and other players. 

Kyle Korver, a white 16-year NBA veteran said “his experience as a white player in the NBA dramatically differs from his black colleagues while playing in Salt Lake City.” 

Heading to Douglas County

3 Douglasville, GA:

When I mentioned this dump as 1 of the worst places to live in GA in a previous video. The rudeness of this city’s residents revealed itself on full display in the comment section.

Seems they were ready to kill or be killed while defending their make-believe utopia.
Douglasville, with help from the county police, will crush one of its own resident’s finances, and make you think you’re a criminal even when you’re not. 

People said that Cobb County aint that much different than Douglas County. That’s not true. 
One person told me that a paid lawyer was laughed out of court when he tried to defend his client. In Douglasville, there’s no such thing as a state-appointed attorney. 

Most people defended themselves and were FRIED by the court system! 
As soon as one of my close friends got out of this city’s jail he evacuated his very nice home. He was willing to suffer the penalties of an abandoned mortgage just to get the hell out of there permanently.
With all the money the city is extorting from its residents, you would think this city would look advanced or contemporary. 

It doesn't.
The judge, lawyers, and Bail Bondsmen must be pocketing whatever they can get from the city’s population of victims because that place looks like Hazzard County from the Dukes of Hazzard TV show.
I wouldn't let my worst enemy move to Douglasville. 

If I ever do a "Worst Cities in the WORLD" countdown, Douglasville will be on that list too!

Mississippi Jackson

2  Jackson Mississippi

Racism is alive and well. 

If you ever needed proof, go hang out in Jackson or anywhere in Mississippi. The black people who live there are so used to Racists, they don’t even bother standing up for themselves. 

They come up with silly sayings to lick their wounds like 


They also rub the top of their hand to explain why another human was getting away with doing unlawful things. Like as if that’s supposed to be an excuse. 

Only White Lives Matter in Jackson. 

Fumi Franklin of the Jackson Free press once wrote: 

“The idea is so rampant in this state that it needs to be called by its proper name, “Mississippi Racism!” It breathes a different air than other racist places. Mississippi is like the Michael Jordan of racist states in the union.”

Forget going to a black history museum, If you want to take a trip back in time to understand what things were like during slavery and jim crow, Be black, go to Jackson, and go into the nearest mom-and-pop-owned restaurant or hardware store. 

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Me in New Orleans


The cashiers look at you like “What the $#@# are you coming in my store for?” 

Everything extra that you order seems to be adding to the reasons why they are going to kick your @$$ if they ever see you after their shift.
Homeless people in other cities will ask you for money. The homeless people in New Orleans will look at you while pounding their fists into the palm daring you to come closer.

Hollering at the chicks is a deathwish. The funny thing is, while they will warn you of the terrible things they’ll get done to you they’ll say it with southern hospitality. 

“Don’t getcha self killed now, Baiybe!”

What Mean cities did I miss? Type them down in the comments section below and tell me about it. My E- book called “Make Money Online so you can Travel More” is free. 

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