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Caribbean Carnivals (That you must visit before you die!)

Caribbean Carnivals are celebrated for numerous reasons.

The return to street dancing, carefree partying, exotic food, and women is exactly the recovery we need.
The best time to visit the Caribbean is when the islands are hosting one of their world-famous carnivals?

I’m sure you're tired of being at home, wearing masks, and tired of travel restrictions due to covid!

Human connections have suffered the most!

Caribbean Carnival festivals are the epitome of freedom, togetherness, and shared good times. 

I’m not a psychiatrist but after what we’ve all been through over the last year or so, an over-the-top Caribbean carnival would most likely be therapeutic.

Every year, those of us who missed these epic events envied the locals, and participants who traveled from all over the world to take part in these street celebrated festivals and carnivals.
Carnivals were originally done in Europe as a kind of Catholic tradition. They’ve now evolved into each island’s unique celebration for various reasons. Today let’s figure out:
  • Why each island has their carnival 
  • When these festivals usually take place
  • A list of the Most Popular Caribbean Carnivals
  • Which Island Carnivals are planned for 2021
  • Where to stay if you want to visit one of these top carnivals in the world

These are 6 Caribbean Carnivals you must visit at least once before you die

The Caribbean is a region of interlocking islands and territories bordering the Americas. Simply put, the Caribbean is a rich mix of people from Africa, America, and Europe. So richness in diversity is expected. 

6. St. Lucia

The people of St.Lucia host what could be considered 5 carnivals a year. Each one has a different reason to celebrate. Creole Heritage month starts in October. 

The food and Rum festival is in September. The Roots and Soul Festival is in August. The Jazz festival is usual in May but the granddaddy of them all is labeled the St. Lucia Carnival which takes place in June.

It then ends with a 2-day parade in July. This party will be non-stop with some of the best-tasting food and good-looking women for your indulgence. I guess women visitors can be mesmerized by the ST. Lucian men too. 

The city of Castries is where you want to stay. There is a top-rated Hilton hotel that will put you as close to the action as possible. It’s adults only and all-inclusive.
Santo Domingo Beach


El Carnival de La Vega in the Dominican Republic is a celebration of folklore, history, and religion.

Supposedly, it marks the day when good defeated evil. 

It’s one of the top carnivals in the world. The beautiful women come dressed in African attire and Taino costumes. 

Well-known Singers have concerts every Sunday until the first Sunday in March. The music you’ll hear is merengue and bachata. You won't get as much of the usual calypso and soca that's played at most carnivals. 

It’s celebrated in and around Santo Domingo. DR has other carnivals but El Carnaval de la Vega is by far the most popular. 

We’re already toward the end of February so you’re probably missing this one right now. The Holdelpa Garden court hotel is still available and it’s about $115 per night.
Jamaica Horse Ride


The Jamaican carnival holds a spot amongst the most popular Caribbean Carnivals. 

It is known as Bacchanal in Jamaica and you can expect every facet of a typical carnival held in the Caribbean. 

Celebrations are held in Kingston and Ocho Rios. You’ll get to enjoy Jamaican dishes, soca music, and girls in costumes made of oil, paint, and glitter. 

The typical date for this event is March to April. 

There are many big events in Jamaica. 

The Reggae Sumfest is the largest music festival in the Caribbean which takes place every year from mid-July. Sumfest is in Montego Bay. 

Then there’s the Rebel Salute. It’s an annual music festival held on January 15. The birthday of the famous promoter Tony Rebel. It focuses on roots and conscious music. 

Bacchanal was canceled in 2020 but has a date of April 11th in 2021, fingers crossed. 

Great places to stay in Ocho Rios is Jewel Paradise Cove and Moon Palace which are both All-Inclusive.
Bahamas Drive


The Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival is a larger version of its original Junkanoo that celebrated the first Christmas in the Bahamas. 

It has now grown into a music festival in the Spring. 

Musicians compete for months to become the Master and get the crown. The last month of the competition begins in April on the Grand Bahama Island and ends in Nassau during the first weekend of May. 

The festivities take place in Da Cultural Village which is an outdoor Carnival where you can eat and watch live performances which makes it a hotspot in this list of carnivals. 

Stars will also perform. These can last all night long but if you can get some rest, I would suggest staying at the Courtyard by Marriott Nassau Downtown Junkanoo Beach.


The carnival in Trinidad kickstarted the Caribbean carnivals. 

This annual tradition has origins with slaves celebrating their emancipation but J’ouvert as they call it started even earlier than that. 

The Trinidad Carnival is hosted on the two days before Ash Wednesday. 

The participants wear creative, colorful, and eye-catching costumes with masks that put the horn in horny. The excitement is non-stop. 

They’ll also pretend that mud, oil, grease, and even chocolate are considered clothing for these few days of February. 

The locals and visitors to Trinidad will dance to music non-stop as they march in the parades. 

This celebration usually brings about a billion dollars to the island. 

The king and queen are vetted through what is called Damnche Gras. Fetes start weeks before and end with the actual parade. 

Chicks come through from all over the world dressed with angel wings on their backs while seducing the devil out of everyone. Unfortunately, Trinidad & Tobago Prime Minister Keith Rowley had to Cancel the 2021 Canboulay celebration. 

But in 2022 it is scheduled for Feb 28th

Book a trip to the Port of Spain, Trinidad, and Tobago, or any of the other Carnival locations I mentioned right now. 

Just be sure to check if there are any travel restrictions that you will have to heed.  

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Now, number 1 is Barbados Cropover. 

This one was canceled in 2020 but is set to go on August 2nd, 2021, and will probably break all attendance records. 

This is the celebration of the end of the crop season in Barbados. 

This festival is celebrated in a similar fashion to all other Caribbean Carnivals. Cropover goes on for about 3 months.

If you plan on visiting, get ready for non-stop music, partying, an onslaught of Caribbean foods, Art, and Sexy Masquerade dancers. 

If you want to take part, be sure to visit between May and June right down to August. The final weeks feature huge food and craft markets and the Grand Kadooment parade.

There is nothing like it on earth and you will thank me if you take my advice.

Stay at the Hilton Barbados Resort in St. Michaels. It’s all-inclusive, right on the beach and close to the Parade. 

Have you ever been to one of these Caribbean celebrations?  Type Yeah Mon! in the comments section below and tell me about it. My Ebook called “Make Money Online so you can Travel More” is free. Get it by joining the newsletter. 

Plan your visit to the Carnivals Like a king...



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