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Top 10 places to eat in Atlanta

Where should you eat when you are in Metro Atlanta and Hungry?

Being new to Atlanta, you can become confused about where all the good food is. 

You would think that since Atlanta is in the south, soul food would be everywhere. As I’ve said in previous blogs about Atlanta, we are a city of transplants. 

Most people moved here from other US regions. Besides, soul food is great but not something you want every day.

10. This is it

Number 10 is “This is it.” 

I’m not the biggest fan of the recipes and choices in this restaurant.

But, when you get a taste for soul food, the selections offered at "This is it" is vast and most times, cooked with pride. 

"This is it," is a black-owned restaurant with at least 3 locations that I know of. The most popular 1 is by the airport in East Point and it stays busy. 

The other 2 locations I know of is in Riverdale and the one closest to me in Marrieta. 

I’m sure there are more. For Collard Greens, Smothered Poultry, and its acclaimed rib tips, this restaurant chain is definitely 1 to try out. It's like having a fast food slash soul food experience.

Suya from King Caribbean Takeout

09. King Caribbean Takeout.

I guess I'm more familiar with restaurants around my way in the Smyrna/Marrieta Area. 

So, a lot of my suggestions will be from up here. King Caribbean Takeout, is a Nigerian restaurant that turns into an African Nightclub after hours. 

King Caribbean is special because of SUYA. Suya is a steak that cooked according to an old African recipe. Once you’ve tried it from them, you'll have a completely different perspective of steak. 

They have a full menu of other African dishes, but you will most likely frequent this place for the suya. 

The only problem I've had with them is sometimes you can tell that they did not give you the prime pieces of steak. It can ruin the experience. 

When everything is right, there’s nothing like the Suya from King Caribbean Takeout.

Soul Food

08. Old Lady Gang

This soul food restaurant was created by the "real housewife of Atlanta" and Xscape member, Candy Buress. 

They make old fashioned Southern Cuisine and say it is made with love. This is going to be some of the best soul food you can currently find in Atlanta. 

It’s located in one of the city’s Historic + Art Districts, Castleberry Hill. The prices are reasonable for a dinner prepared by people who put love into their dishes. 

If you are just coming to visit Atlanta for a few days, compare all of the cheapest flights and hotels in one place at 

Then tell your host to swing you by Old Lady Gang for a Traditional Southern Cooking.

Sandwiches from Publix

07. Publix Sandwiches

This may come as a surprise, but every once in a while, all you want is a good cold cut sandwich. 

Publix Supermarket is my very favorite place to get sliced meat sandwiches. The soft bread is made fresh every day. The veggies used for toppings are straight out of their deli department. 

They can use Publix brand Deli meat if you choose. 

But these sandwiches are taken to another level when you pick Boars head meats and cheeses. 

I’ve been to plenty of other famous sandwich spots in the city. Hands down, Publix Sandwiches taste the best. Whenever you are either in a rush or don’t feel like a hot dinner, you will be satisfied. - You can also ask them to heat any sandwich up.

Siracusa Pizza

06. Siracusa Pizza

As you probably know, I’m originally from new york. 

"Up top," the Italians in New York have to me, perfected the Pizza recipe. 

Siracusa has bought that recipe down to Atlanta untouched. 

I’ve purchased plenty of Pizza in my 15 plus years living here. The chain pizza stores like pizza hut, Dominoes can be ok. And when it comes to papa john's it can be downright disgusting. 

I’m also been happy to support Little Ceasers after I read that the owner of this franchise, Mike Leitch, paid Rosa Park’s rent for decades until her death. 

But when I want to be selfish, non-woke, and just get the best-tasting Pizza possible Siracusa takes the cake. The store is small and the other patrons there are not that welcoming, but forget them. 

Just order your pizza and go pick it up and bounce, or you can use door dash to get it. Make sure you use my first-time user code to save a couple of bucks on your first order.

Burger and Fries from Slutty Vegan Atlanta

5. Slutty Vegan:

This Restaurant is all the rave and a sensation in Atlanta. You can expect lines for blocks if you get here at the peak time of the day. 

Like the name of the place itself, the food choices all have provocative names. One night stand, Menios-Je-Twai, and Hollywood hooker are the names of some of their burgers. 

But the 2 real draw to this restaurant is the fact that all the Burgers and Ingredients are Plant-Based. 

A black Vegan woman named Pinky Cole came up with this idea. I guess she was trying to find something to eat that followed her diet. What she and her team created is now a landmark in Atlanta. 

Even if you're not vegan, you will enjoy the food and the time you spend at Slutty Vegan.

Papi's Cuban Dish

4. Papi’s in the Airport

Again, I am from the Bronx. Another staple in NYC is Puerto Ricans and their Spanish food. 

I missed the potato balls and Pernil that I enjoyed eating while growing up.

Walking past one of those restaurants when I was younger would make me hungry even if I just ate. 

They weren't the cleanest restaurants in the world. But the food on display in their windows made you overlook that. The food was made by Spanish speaking people who were more serious about taste and technique.

After years of living in Atlanta, and trying different Spanish spots, Papi’s, although a Cuban based restaurant, immediately gave me nostalgia. 

There is one in Hartsfield Atlanta airport and another location in Midtown Atlanta. If you want authentic Spanish food I recommend Papi’s.

Seafood Platter

3. PapaDuexs

There are many occasions when you will want to splurge on a Seafood dinner with your guest or loved ones. Papaduexs in Cobb County is a New Orleans-styled Seafood restaurant. 

It’ll give you the feeling that you’ve traveled to a Resort off the gulf coast. 

Fried Seafood in this place is delicious, and the vast selection guarantees you won’t have the same thing twice. 

The only competition this place has for seafood selection is Rays on the River, which can be way too expensive and bourgeois. - Or, Marietta fish market which is too far north on the I-75 and is too light on the Lawreys Seasoning. 

Those 2 are my honorable mentions but I recommend PapaDuexs over both.

Another honorable mention I have is a Chinese Restaurant located in the Vinings. It's on a train track and shaped like a train. 

It's called Orient Express of Vinings. They serve high end traditional Chinese Food and Hibachi. It's definitely my favorite choice for Chinese food in Metro Atlanta.

Brazil Food

2. Fago De Chao

This is authentic Brazil Cuisine at its finest, and the prices for meals will reflect that. 

But if you have a birthday or other special occasion coming up, there is no place I recommend more than Fago De Chao. This all you can eat place is a carnivore's dream. 

They have a decent salad bar. But the main draw is waiters coming around with fresh Lamb, Beef, and pork on spits right out off the fire grill. 

They will slice your selection for you right onto your plate for as long as your stomach has room. And it’s Good… Good is an understatement. 

They are the gold standard of eating out in Atlanta. The food is SO good.

Greek Food

1. Marietta Diner

How can I pick a Diner as the best place to eat in Atlanta? 

I’ve never been disappointed with my meal in this joint. 

I have tried everything on their menu. Breakfast Lunch and Dinner at Marietta Diner always satisfies. If you are single or coming with a group, the staff is professional and will always treat you like family. 

They give you spinach pies along with your bread before you even order anything. 

The cakes for dessert look and taste like a Top, Million Dollar chef baked them. 

I’m always trying new places to eat and 1 day my list may change. But as of now, this Greek-inspired Diner, which serves everything else has been my favorite place to eat for the decade-plus that I have lived in Metro Atlanta.

What Restaurants and eateries would you have added to this list? Give me your recommendations down in the comments and tell me about them. Then check out all my videos about my move to Atlanta. 

So now, when you set up shop in Atlanta, you should now be able to eat like a king.


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