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6 ways to choose between Airbnb vs Resorts

Are you deciding if you want to stay in a Resort or an Airbnb for your next vacation?

It doesn't even have to be a vacation, maybe you're traveling for business.

Either way, choosing accommodations to make sure you’re comfortable will make a big difference in your trip. Accommodation is more than just a place to sleep.

When traveling this will become your temporary home, and ending up in a spot that doesn't cater to ALL your needs, can complicate your whole experience.

I’ve stayed in both Airbnbs and Resorts or hotels on several occasions and today on Passport Kings I’m going to show you how I decide which would work best for me on each kind of trip and at the end I will give you the ultimate solution.

Resorts and Hotels vs Airbnbs.

How do we decide? This is a list of the pros and cons of both. Use it for your next travel experience. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How long is your stay?
  • What are your Arrival and departure times?
  • How many people are traveling with you?.
  • The distance from the Airport to your Bed and What stores will be around?.
  • What kind of Facilities and Amenities do you need?.
  • Lately and most importantly, What’s your Budget?


Cabo Resort Tourist shot

Usually, hotels and Resorts are the first places that pop in your head when you think about accommodations. Having private rooms, high-end services like wifi, and room service are essential for most people traveling these days.

Hotels range from budget to luxury and depending whose coming with you, they can take care of your every need while away from home. Where Hotels take the edge is 

  • Hotels tend to be reliable and they have a reputation to keep so they will sometimes go above and beyond to make you happy.

  • Hotels are usually close to popular activities and a city’s main point of interest.

  • Different services such as room, maid, or all-inclusive options are available to everyone most of the time.

  • You can get quiet time with your travel partner or go out and make friends with others who happen to be traveling at the same time as you. And people are usually eager to start up conversations.

  • And of course, you’ll get some much needed and money-saving features like pools, fitness centers, Wi-Fi, Airport Transportation (Which is a big one), on-site restaurants and bars, and 24-hour front desk service are usually available to answer any questions you have.

Marina in Cabo San Lucas

When it comes to the cons of Hotels and Resorts, the most talked-about drawbacks are: 

  • Pricing. A lot of people will compare the price of a resort to the price of an Airbnb and say “forget all of that, I just want the cheapest price.” And to those people, I can happily say that my recently launched, state of the art website at www.Passportkings.com will fix this complaint. I heavily invested to make sure that I can now offer you the lowest prices possible for your trips. Punch in your travel destination and the brand new search service will compare multiple offers from over 4 Million providers and find you the cheapest prices possible. If you haven't been to www.passportkings.com in a while, give it a try, you will be thoroughly pleased.

  • Another cons is Hotels can be impersonal and lack a cultural experience. This can be true if you are only socializing with other travelers and not getting out to see what else the City has to offer. A lot of times in my videos I encourage people to take a city bus around town or ask your cab and shuttle service drivers where to go for a dope experience. Plus you can look for tour operators that promise a cultural experience so you're not just sitting around the hotel getting drunk and fat all day.

  • Rooms rarely accommodate self-catering.


Whether it's an apartment, room, or a house, Airbnbs are a popular lodging solution for many travelers. Since they are not a part of a chain like most hotels, doing adequate research on your Airbnb choice is vital for a safe and enjoyable trip.

It's also important to decide if you'll be comfortable staying in an Airbnb where the host lives or if it’s one where you'll be alone. Staying at a large Airbnb with a group can be a one of a kind experience.

Airbnb type apartment

Sometimes you’ll have to research the owner to know what kind of contact they will have with you during your stay, and whether you can accept their intrusions or not.

Knowing this beforehand will narrow down your search to the perfect Airbnb! To get started, All you have to do is download the Airbnb App or go to the Airbnb website, If you want a big discount on your first stay, use my code to create your login which is: http://www.airbnb.com/c/roklanl

Pros of an Airbnb

  • A lot of the newer Airbnb’s with smart owners will provide a lot of the amenities that resorts offer like personal cooks, cleaning crews, wifi, and entertainment. 

  • Airbnbs are generally more affordable than other options regarding your accommodation's size for the price you pay.

  • If the host doesn't live in, Airbnb can offer a private experience.

  • Airbnbs tend to be homey and comfortable, allowing you to explore your travel destination naturally.

  • The different Airbnb options are unique and practically endless. You could search for hours in the app looking for the perfect spot.

Cons of an Airbnb

  •  Airbnbs often have fewer amenities than other lodging options.

  • With Airbnbs, you run a greater risk of not getting what was advertised.

  • Some Airbnb hosts my slide-in hidden extra charges like cleaning fees.

  • being in a dangerous area is something you seriously have to consider.

Walk along the Beach

Every time I stayed at an Airbnb, I've had a great time.

But I have heard horror stories from others. They’ve complained about bait and switch, where the location looks nothing like what was advertised - times where the fees made the Airbnb cost more than an all-inclusive resort and down-right racism. 

Do you prefer to use all-inclusive resorts when you travel or are you more of an Airbnb type of person?

Type your preference in the comments section below and tell me why your choice makes more sense to you. I love reading and responding to you.

My ultimate solution that you may want to try, is booking your resort for the first days and the last days of your trip. Then book your Airbnb for the middle days.

This way you can get the pampering you’ll need after and before long flights. You’ll most likely get a shuttle to and from the airport and you may even be able to get a shuttle to your Airbnb.

Then, on your Airbnb days, you can get a more authentic experience of the area you're staying in. Just don’t forget to use my link when you sign up.

Right now they are giving $50 off your first qualifying booking, which is an incredible deal. But they are also including another $15 off your first Airbnb Experience.

You will get a lot more if you sign up to host your space as an Airbnb.  Either way staying at hotels or Airbnbs have their nuances. Weigh the pros and cons of each and decide what will fit your accommodation needs best.

Then while you’re lodging your business trip or vacation will get you treated like a King.



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