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Pyramid at Grand Oasis | Resort Review | Best kept secret in Cancun Mexico

Pyramid at Grand Oasis | Resort Review | Best kept secret in Cancun Mexico

This is one of the best experiences I've had in Cancun Mexico

With Cancun Mexico being open to visitors, I've come across a great spot called The Pyramid at Grand Oasis. This is my review of the resort and the rundown of my adventure in Quintana Roo. This may be Cancun's best-kept secret, the #Pyramid​ at #GrandOasis​ #Cancun​.

Today on Passport Kings I went back to Cancun and I stayed in a resort called the Pyramid at grand oasis and man, did I have a great time.

Whenever anyone used to ask me where the most beautiful resort that I've traveled to, I always used to say the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton in Jamaica.

My visit to the pyramid at grand oasis had me second-guessing this choice.

Beautiful in a Beautiful location

The entire locale of the Grand Oasis in Cancun is beautiful.

The Pyramid at Grand Oases is everything you would expect a 5-star resort to be!

Most of the people you will run into and make friends with will be Mexican natives who are just taking a Cancun vacation from their everyday lives in other cities in Mexico.

Aerial shot of the Oasis Grand Pyramid

That fact is very similar to what I experienced in Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres a few weeks earlier.

You will also meet a lot of North Americans and Canadians who will be doing
the same (Just getting away for a couple of days)

The Covid Pandemic mixed with a lack of leadership in the beginning stages of learning about this virus, in the United States, left us with only a few options to travel to.

Mexico reopened its borders to us on August 15th.

If you saw my previous two videos, I just went to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico just a few weeks prior and I really wanted to try a different location for this holiday but I honestly couldn't find many more options open to us right now

Reluctantly, my brother and I settled on Mexico and I'm so happy that I did!

This area in Cancun is a lot more festive than when I went to the grand palladium coast of Mujeres and 
that resort was a little further out and away from the airport.

Looking out of the window of Grand Oasis

The pyramid at Grand Oasis is on Isla Mujeres Quintana roo and this is considered the
hotel zone. The one street named Kukulcan rides you in front of miles and miles of resorts, shops, and excursion activities. 

Grand Oasis has 17 restaurants, 20 bars, VIP lounges, property encompassing pools, and many activities, spas, nightclubs, and a casino. but staying on the Resort's Grounds is only where the fun begins!
When the sun begins to go down and if you're the party type I highly suggest you make your way down Kulkokin to a club called Coco Bongo.

As I said in my live Instagram post while I was visiting: 

"It's lit!" 

The music pumping, the drinks are flowing and there are women everywhere.

Restaurant in Mexico on KuKulkan

You will get the same vibe of Bourbon Street in New Orleans except it's much smaller, Spanish, and smells much better.

Some restaurants and bars will be playing classical Mexican music and others will be blasting up-to-date hip-hop out of its doors.

Hundreds of people will be dancing and sitting around the strip while some mariachi bands will just start jamming live. Everyone will be participating and having a great time with good vibes.

Getting Around

People who are not as crazy as me should take a cab that will cost about 7 dollars from the resort to the strip. But I'm an adventurer. And someone told me that I could get there by city bus and I was all for it

The bus was filled with people just getting off of work from the resorts.

Aerial View of Pyramid Grand Oasis Cancun Mexico

It may seem like a daunting task to navigate your whereabouts but once you pull up to the right area
you'll know. It's loud. Since there seems to be only one street on the island it's almost impossible to get lost while searching for it.
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Cancun is not just a Vacation Paradise. It's a real city! 

1 of the propellers on my drone had gotten crushed while traveling. 

I never expected that I'd be able to replace something so "hobby-like" in a vacation paradise. After realizing that if I ordered a new one express from amazon prime, it would not get to the hotel in time,
I decided to search in the neighborhood to see if, by any chance, I could find something.

Americana Mall in Cancun Mexico

It was not going to be in Kukulcan

When you leave the hotel zone you will be awestruck!

The Mexican people don't seem to be hurting for anything

I felt like I was traveling through a typical area of South Beach Florida.

They had every story you could imagine. Liverpool was their version of Macy's. They had Radioshack, BestBuy, and most typical stores you would see in a mall in America. They even had Walmart. 

After searching websites and failing to find what I needed by just roaming the malls, I eventually and unbelievably found an Official DJI store called Heliboss that only sold DJI products.

I got my drone fixed and my eyes were totally opened about where I was! The media is lying about Mexico being in bad shape.

I think that honestly if I was born in Cancun I would have no desire to try to migrate to the US. It's their home and they have everything we have here in America.

After that mission was accomplished, we did some of the excursions. I can't remember the name of the company that took me but it was maybe a 45-minute ride from the resort.

Ziplining in Mexico
A vacation would not be a vacation without a little bit of zip lining, ATV riding, and swimming in an ancient Mayan Batcave for good measure. We also attended a good spirits seance to have the Mayan Gods keep us safe.

It was kind of run-of-the-mill, but we had a great time and you would too.

The only issue I had with them was they wouldn't let me film my own videos of the excursions. They claimed that it was too dangerous for me to have my cameras out. So I had to buy the pictures that they were selling.

Of course, they marked-up the hell out of their pictures, which were mostly good pictures but they were so expensive I felt ripped off after I paid for them. I guess that money loss was the reason I couldn't remember their name or recommend them in my blog.

Time to eat!

So now let's get to the food in the resort. The food that you will get for free with your all-inclusive wristband will be spectacular. The Bahia steakhouse became my favorite dinner spot and although I had a very long wait I also ate at an establishment in the resort called Carries.

It was an excellent experience for the all-you-can-eat seafood

Also, Tongue Cool Food Hall was a buffet that I utilized for breakfast every morning. They also serve dinner but watching the cooks making your favorite Mexican-inspired breakfast, lunch, and dinner was another fantastic experience.

You have many options

This hotel chain includes The Pyramid Grand Oasis, which is where I stayed. Grand Oasis Cancun,
which is known for its Vegas-style shows. Oasis Palms, which is specifically made for family vacations. Urban Oasis in downtown and Smart Cancun by Oasis for business trips.

Row of Beach Chairs on Beach

All in all, I really had a great time in my few days vacationing at The Pyramid at Grand Oasis. The only thing that I would suggest you stay away from is the pizza that the resort makes.

For some reason, they have a pizza recipe that I've never tasted in my life and it was not very pleasing if you are like me and enjoy NYC-style pizza. Maybe it was a European recipe but I feel like they took all of the cheeses you are least likely to put on a Pizza and added those to a flatbread instead of any traditional cheeses or choices.

How am I able to go on so many trips?

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Have you been traveling since the pandemic hit? Type "I'm a travel head" in the comment section below and tell me about your experience.

I would love to read about it and I love to respond to my comments.

My trips to Mexico in 2020 have really opened my eyes to how fly Mexico is and how cool the Mexican people are.

Bathroom View in Grand Oasis Mexico

I attended an all-night Bachelor Party for a groom that I just met. We all drank and partied on the beach until the sun came up, LITERALLY! I will probably upload the footage at some point. It was really an unforgettable experience.

You will meet a lot of cool down-to-earth Mexicans at the Pyramid at Grand Oasis.

If this quarantine doesn't light up soon I suggest you get on the next thing smoking to Mexico
like a king...


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