Breathless Cabo San Lucas, will it take your breath away? Mexico Resort Review | Passport Kings

Breathless Cabo San Lucas, will it take your breath away? Mexico Resort Review

Breathless Cabo San Lucas, will it take your breath away? Mexico Resort Review

Before leaving Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, We decided to stay a few days in Breathless. 

Is this resort as good or better than Hard Rock? The first day in the holiday and vacation heaven told me all I needed to know. #Breathless #CaboSanLucas is very different from the other #Resort we stayed at. 

I will compare the 2 and review, so if you are headed to Cabo San Lucas, you will know if Breathless Cabo San Lucas is your best Resort choice.

After spending the 1st few days of our trip to Cabo in Hard Rock Los Cabos, We decided to stay longer but go to Breathless. And man, we should have stayed here in the first place

Breathless Cabo San Lucas reviews.

I know I'm old enough to do things right, but I'm also young enough to do it. There are so many different themed boats to choose from to take your mandatory ride to the peak.

Breathless Cabo San Lucas Review

In the main infinity pool, the music is pumping loud and playing updated music that a pool full of people will be water dancing to. People were really here to have a great time. Make sure you spend at least 1 weekend here to get the full effect.

Our room, when compared to the Hard Rock, was definitely not as cool. 

Even though we did get the suite it just felt limited. 1 important thing to do is go into your refrigerator, take all of the drinks out, and look for the knob to turn the temperature down. 

For some reason, this resort thinks you will like lukewarm drinks. As I stated in my HardRock and Costa Mujeres reviews, Mexico is hot.

Again, this is in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and All of the staff and visitors are wearing masks. 

A lot of the amenities will be limited if you get here before the world opens back up. The main restaurants are on a little strip right above the front desk. We tried each restaurant and the food was spectacular in all of them. When you get fish, you can tell it’s fresh right out of the ocean.

Breathless is located at Paseo de La Marina 4750, El Medano Ejidal, 23453 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico and is right in the middle of the city. 

View from Breathless Cabo

You will get a better idea of how the residents of Cabo San Lucas live. Book your trip at.

Being in the middle of the city you will encounter the most negative part of our trip, the panhandlers. And sales kids. I know this is normal for many places outside of the US but these folks can be a little relentless. 

Beach at Cabo San Lucas

Walking down the Marina you will be approached from all angles by every local that you walk past, including the restaurant owners, who will offer you tourist trinkets and drugs. 

I know they have to hustle to keep a roof over their heads and I'm very empathetic but you will want to just return to the resort grounds to recover. I showed them respect but if you can, avoid eye contact and especially from the kids. They are experts.

Marina Cabo San Lucas

All in all, breathless may be small, when compared to other resorts on this beachside, but the word breathless definitely describes this resort. Our room looked right over the marina and morning noon or night, it was just beautiful. The food is outstanding and the party is live.

Have you ever been to either Hard Rock or Breathless?

Share your Pictures of Breathless at Cabo San Lucas below 

Did you go to another resort in Cabo San Lucas? Share your experience in the comments section below and tell me about it. I love reading and responding to you. 

Dark Cabo San Lucas beach

Overall, I very much preferred Breathless over Hard Rock. 

You can tell that the other patrons were here just looking for a great time. HardRock is more for couples who exclusively want a romantic getaway and not be bothered much by other people.

2020 has been rough on the travel industry and on travel heads such as myself. It’s great to see that the getaway party is still going on Breathless so even after rocking your chick to sleep, you can go back downstairs and get into more action, like a king…


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