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Breathless Cabo San Lucas reviews by Passport Kings

Then there was Breathless!

Before we left Cabo, we decided to stay in Breathless Cabo San Lucas for reviews. 

Hard Rock vs Breathless is a true battle of Paradise. I've stayed in both in the span of 2 weeks. Here is my comparison of these All-Inclusive Cabo San Lucas Resorts. In this post, we are focused more on Breathless.

If you would like to read my full reviews of Hard Rock Cabo the link is here.

Cabo Sign in Cabo San Lucas nest to Breathless Resort

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Breathless at Cabo San Lucas

After spending the 1st few days of our trip to Cabo in Hard Rock Los Cabos, We decided to stay in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico a little longer. My wife and I also wanted to try a different Resort so, at the last minute, we chose Breathless Cabo San Lucas.

Family, we should have stayed here in the first place!!

The location where this resort was built is straight out of a Post Card. Around every corner is scenery that rivals some of the most beautiful places on earth.

I honestly had no idea Mexico was this beautiful.

View from my window in Breathless Cabo San Lucas

Does Breathless Los Cabos have a swimmable beach?

Breathless is literally parked at the edge of 2 Epic scenic views.

Out of our suite window was the Main Dock Marina in Cabo San Lucas. 

Motorboats, Sailboats, and Jetski will be sitting there waiting to take vacationers on a joyride.

But as soon as you reach the edge of the Marina, which is also the tip of Breathless's property, you will be at Cabo Bay Beach and it literally spans for miles.

There will be thousands of people playing in the sand, taking dives in the water, and soaking up the sun. This isn't the cold water of the Pacific Ocean that Hard Rock had to offer. This is prime beachfront property.

You will see immediately why so many brand-named resorts chose to build their hotels here.

Cabo Bay beach is the view that all of the customers at other resorts will see out of their windows.

Infinity Pool in Breathless Los Cabos

The cool thing about Breathless San Lucas is their main infinity pool's edge disappears off right into Cabo bay.

You cant say you have been to Cabo San Lucas unless you take your Mandatory ride through the Arch of Cabo San Lucas.

There are many ways to get there but the ultimate experience is getting a group together and going on a party boat or catamaran

The Marina has lots of differently-themed boats to choose from.

The captains will be happy to have you, willing to play the music you want to hear, and feed you the food you desire. 

Arch of Cabo San Lucas

Since you’re staying at an All-Inclusive Resort, it's unlikely that you’ll have an appetite but neither can I think of what else a boat company can give away.

Maybe they should try shirts and other souvenirs. I know the perfect place they can buy get their stock of trinkets from… but I’ll discuss that later. 

The trip on the water to the places of interest alone is well worth the price.

Breathless Cabo Pool Party

In the main infinity pool, the music will be pumping loud, playing updated music with a pool full of people water dancing, drinking, and singing along. Everyone was being friendly and starting up conversations with each other. 

It was obvious that the other people here came to have a great time as well. You guys know how I feel about people coming on vacation just to screw-face each other.

Breathless Cabo Pool Party

I suggest including Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night in your dates when you come. I believe that's the only way to see how lit this party gets.

The Clubs at night are just as good-spirited. There are quite a few to choose from but you will have to take a cab to Plaza Bonita. There I recommend Cabo Blue, Jungle Bear, and Pink Kitty.

Is breathless Cabo San Lucas all-inclusive?

We stayed in the Xhale Club Suite of Breathless Los Cabos. It was surprising that we were able to get 1 of their most sort after rooms because we literally booked our room moments before checking in.

The Xhale Club Suites have all the same amenities as the regular Allure Suite but this All-Inclusive Adults only option gave us an upgrade with top-shelf liquors, our own minibar with snacks that were restocked daily, and we also had access to the Xhale Lounge.

Breathless is unlike other Resorts where you will not get a wristband to access everything. The people with wristbands are the people who are not enjoying the All-Inclusive benefits.

Honestly, if you don't eat a lot, and if you bring your drinks from the Duty-Free in the Cabo airport, you can actually enjoy your stay without getting the All-Inclusive option. The restaurants along the pier are priced pretty high but with so many options, and if you eat only twice a day, you can manage.

We did have to get the all-inclusive package because our liquor bottles were long gone after our stay in Hard Rock Los Cabos.

Our room, while very beautiful and spacious was definitely not as cool when compared to the Hard Rock, with its outer deck pool.

Xhale Club Suite in Breathless Cabo San Lucas

It was a nice suite with a beautiful view, with desks and entertainment consoles. It had everything else we needed but the room felt uninspired.

There were no paintings on the walls, Jacuzzis, or artistic dimensions to the shape of the room. It was 1 large rectangle.

1 important thing to do is go into your refrigerator, take all of the drinks out, and look for the knob to turn the temperature down.

For some reason, this resort thinks you will like lukewarm drinks.

However, If you are not comparing this room to another resort, you will be more than happy with it.

Food at Breathless Cabo San Lucas

The main restaurants are on a little strip right above the front desk. We tried each restaurant and the food was spectacular in all of them.

The plates are not humongous like what you will probably make at Buffet, but it's alright because the flavor profile of each dish is up to expensive restaurant standards.

This was in the middle of a worldwide pandemic so I'm not sure how food is handled differently now that the world is opening back up.

A lot of the amenities will be limited if you get here before the world opens back up.

When you get fish, you can tell it’s fresh right out of the ocean. Everything was cooked to perfection.


Cons of Cabo

This resort is located right in the middle of a densely populated city. That's actually a good thing because you get the live atmosphere and tons of things and people to interact with.

However, this closeness to the local population brings a major con.

The Time Share salesmen, Panhandlers, sales kids, and drug dealers are relentless!

I've been to many islands and countries where stopping tourists on the streets to make a sale is the norm and I rarely even mentioned it in my travel reviews. But there is something special about the dudes walking around the Cabo Marina.

Walking down the Marina, you will be approached from all angles by every local every 3 steps.

Panhandlers in Cabo

Even restaurant owners will get in on the action. They will offer you food, drinks, tourist trinkets and a lot of drugs.

I know they have to hustle to keep a roof over their heads and I'm very empathetic but you won't be able to enjoy the public side of the Marina. 

You will be in a hurry to return to the resort's grounds just to take a breather.

Get ready to say: "No thanks, I'm good. No thanks, I just ate. No thanks, I have everything I need. No thanks, I'm chilling.  Cant right now. Nah, I didn't bring any money with me, I'm cool but thanks for asking." every 2 minutes.

I showed them respect but if you can, avoid eye contact, especially with the kids. They are the real experts.


Statue of man in front of Breathless Cabo San Lucas

I had an excellent time at Breathless is Cabo San Lucas. The party atmosphere is undeniable.

The scenery is better than I've seen in places that it costs a lot more money to get to.

As I stated in my HardRock and Costa Mujeres reviews, Mexico is hot! Be prepared to change clothes multiple times a day to get rid of sweat.

You will be spending a lot of time in the pool and beach because the sun can make it pretty uncomfortable standing around on dry land. And for God's sake, wear sunglasses.

All in all, breathless may be small, when compared to other resorts on Cabo Bay Beach, but it's in the best location of all of them.

The word "breathless" definitely describes this resort. Our room looked right over the marina and morning noon or night, it was just beautiful. The food is outstanding and the party is live.

Breathless is located at: 

Paseo de La Marina 4750, 

El Medano Ejidal, 23453 

Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico 

Overall, I very much preferred Breathless over Hard Rock.

You can tell that the other patrons were here just looking for a great time. HardRock is more for couples who exclusively want a romantic getaway and not be bothered much by other people.

2020 has been rough on the travel industry and on travel heads such as myself. It’s great to see that the getaway party is still going on at Breathless. Dress for very hot weather and be ready to witness one of the most beautiful places this world has to offer, like a King…



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