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Hard Rock Los Cabos review | Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Is Hard Rock Los Cabos is it the best Mexico Destination when you are finally coming out of Quarantine?

Cabo San Lucas is a great option to travel to since Mexico is one of the only places allowing Americans to visit.

We are so sick and tired of this Quaranteen Mess!

Here is my review of Hard Rock Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Hard Rock Los Cabo review

I'm sure you guys have already probably read a lot about the Hard Rock in Los Cabos. 

This is not to be confused with Hard Rock Cancun. This Resort is on the other side of Mexico bordering the Pacific Ocean

If you've been looking for a good place to stay during the coronavirus quarantine, this is it. 
Beachside of Hard Rock Los Cabos

The Balcony views that I could see from my room all have a little jacuzzi outside on the balcony which is pretty cool. I was unaware of the swim-up balcony when I first booked this room. more on that later.

Right downstairs you could see the pool areas and the beach. After staying in the house for so long, everything looked pretty fun.

As you probably know, I had not taken a trip or put up a post since the beginning of this Covid 19 fiasco.

So if you forgot, My name is Roklan. I'm a travel advisor. I make passport king's travel videos to
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Traveling to Mexico, Cabo San Lucas

Mexico is giving us a little breathing room during these trying times. For 1, the airport entry process is still one of the easiest I've experienced.

It's like going into any airport in the US 

Hard Rock Cabo Swim up Pool in Room

Hard Rock Los Cabo Deluxe Platinum Swim Up Room

It was really hard to choose a resort in Cabo because there were countless to choose from. I had no prior experience in Cabo San Lucas. At the last minute, I decided on a Hard Rock and it was a pretty good choice.

The Jacuzzi's are very accessible. There is one on each balcony as mentioned and 1 in each humongous bathroom.

I got jealous of the rooms downstairs having a swimming pool, So I went back to the front desk and
upgraded. It was only a couple of dollars more per night but to do this resort right, I think it was well worth it. See the video for how convenient it was.

Everything you need in a hotel during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The place was spotless.

The entire staff kept their face mask on and you will have to as well. 

Overall it was beautiful but maybe a little too quiet for typical vacations.

The quietness is probably an unfair judgment because it was in the middle of a
pandemic and hardly no one was traveling anywhere at the time.

That may be bad for a crowd of vacation hooligans, but if you are a couple who want to spend some
romantic rekindle time together, in paradise, this is perfect 

The resort-planned turn-ups don't really start until the sun went down. So literally you have all-day
to relax in these immaculate lodging accommodations

The ground level with personal pools lets you chill outside all day without burning like a shriveled raisin because as I've said in all of my Mexico videos so far, Mexico is hot. This time was no different.

Aerial of Hard Rock Los Cabos Resort

Getting to the Resort

Hard Rock Los Cabos Resort in Fracionamente Diamante
is located at:

23473 Cabo San Lucas
Baja California Sur

It is directly on the pacific ocean. It's dope to see the world from this
viewpoint. But according to the map view on the search results page on the Passport King's booking website, It was also probably the furthest trip to any resort from the Cabo Airport.

Be prepared for about a 45-minute cab ride.

With the pandemic still in effect, there were no shuttles busses bussing more than a group of 3 or more to any location. The trip from the airport to the hotel was long and expensive, but being able to see cactus in person, and deep sanding dunes made up for the time.

Plus the Cab Driver was cool and let us play any music we wanted from Pandora to his Bluetooth car radio.

Overall Experience

The food choices were understandably limited to the sit-down and order restaurants because having thousands of people eating at a buffet in these times would just be plain dangerous. I truly wanted to try out the Oyster Hard Rock but did not get a chance to.

The good thing was room service was quick and available all night long. The staff was super cool and they only came around when requested, making this visit very private and memorable.

If you're going to this resort, make sure you bring someone who thinks you're really cool and upgrade to the poolside

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Have you ever been to Cabo? Type "viva la Mexico" in the comments below and tell me about your experiences.

I'm always in my Comment Section and I love to read your stories.

This is actually part 1 of my Cabo San Lucas Experience. Before we went home, I spent a few extra days in another Resort called breathless in Cabo.

If you're not just coming to Cabo for a romantic getaway and you really want to party right in the city, you are going to love Breathless.

I will compare Hard Rock and Breathless Los Cabos in the near future. I will tell you which one would probably fit best for your first vacation out of quarantine.

2020 has been rough on the travel industry. Travelheads such as myself realize that slowly the world is getting itself back together. I can't wait to finish exploring it.

In the meantime, rejuvenate with your significant other in Hard Rock Los Cabos so you can get back into the game like a King...


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