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Top 10 Caribbean Islands to Retire

What are the top 10 best Caribbean islands to retire?

I did not have the answer to this question, so I never made the video. Recently, It dawned on me that the audience would know the answer. So about 2 and a half months ago, I started a survey asking all of the kings/queens who I knew were retirees, which 10 islands did they find to be the best Caribbean islands to retire? And if they had it to do all over again which island would they choose first? These are the results and cost of living for the best 10 islands for a retired American to live out his days in paradise.

Top 10 Caribbean Islands to retire to:
So, 3 months ago I put up a poll that was only able to be seen and answered by people who have lived and worked in the USA all of there lives, then retired to the Islands. Today on Passport Kings, I’m going to give you the best islands to move where you can retire and live out the rest of your life in Island Peace. Plus I’ll share a few comments that was left about each of these tropical Paradises, Engage

10. Grenada: After working nonstop for 20-40 years people want a completely different environment when they retire. The Estimated Cost of living for a single person is about $1600 bucks according to Grenada is very close to the perfect mix of affordability and Safety. Grenade has miles and miles of breathtaking beaches. 1 retiree said the biggest challenge for most he’s seen move down after him was isolation“ He says the solution for that is to meditate, go for walks, learn a new language, write, have dinner with friends, or do the adventures that tourist usually do like the tri-island Chocolate Factory and Belmont Estates.

9. St.Lucia: St. Lucia’s real estate market has some tremendous opportunities. There are no
restrictions on foreign buyers acquiring real estate in St Lucia. Single Family homes can be bought at around $160K. And if you are really a Baller Villas in High end resorts, where many live can cost you about 10 million. Each US Dollar is about $2.65 Eastern Caribbean Dollar. Tennis, Cricket and Football are what people spend most of their day doing. St Lucia is absolutely beautiful and has the only drive in volcano in the world. You’ll also have access to the beaches, waterfalls, mineral baths, Nature trails and an awesome night life.

8. Antigua: Be ready to eat a lot of foon-jee salt fish, ducana and sugarcake and pepper pot. Barbuda, Antigua’s little sister Island, Barbuda had 90% of properties damaged when Hurricane Irma hit in September of 2017 . Almost all of Barbuda's residents moved to Antigua and a lot of them just stayed. To live comfortably in Antigua will cost about $1500 to $2000 a month.Where are the retirees supposed to live, in the hotels you keep showing? A lot of the videos about Antigua on the net will only show you hotels instead of the actual living places. A great Idea would be to travel to Antigua this year. Of course, book your trips through Passport Kings by clicking the link above. While there, take guided tour through ST. Johns and check out all the beauty you will be getting yourself into.

7. Belize. The cost of living in Belize is about $1650 a month. One very important thing to consider when moving to any island is island safety, Belize wins in every single category like cost of living and when it comes to a great place to retire except 1. Crime. There is no point of living in Paradise if you have to keep yourself surrounded by large walls and Barbed-wire. According to the advisory is yellow which means exercise increased caution. Yellow alert is not anywhere close to the worse warning an island can get. Actually I hate to even report it, because there is always someone who lives in super dangerous cities in US but will use a Travel Advisory to badmouth an island. Most times they would have a much better chance of survival. Belize has great, safe parts and not so safe areas. A great Idea for when you visit is to see if houses have bars on the windows.

6. commonwealth of Dominica, is really beautiful but like Barbuda, Dominica is also recovering from hurricanes from 2 years ago. If you enjoy nature, hiking, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, scuba diving and partying then Dominica is the place for you. THERE LOTS OF BIG BEACH REGGEA  PARTY'S AND IT HAS 365 RIVERS WATERFALLS AND RAINFOREST WITH SOME OF THE HIGHEST  MOUNTAINS IN THE CARIBBEAN The cost of living is for a single person is close to $700 a month excluding rent.

Before I get to the top 5, 
I want to give you an Honorable mention, you may not have considered:  Key West, Florida; As you know, key west is still in the states, but it is so far south from Florida that it enjoys all of the benefits you would get from moving to the islands but without any of the hassles. If you are one of those people who are unable to get a passport, retiring to an island in paradise is not impossible, a little trip across the highway that connects islands will have you back in mainland Florida within a a reasonable amount of time. You also get all of the Medical facilities and shops and amenities of a US state. It may be boring to talk about but it’s a great option.

5. Dominican Republic: I had the pleasure of talking to a fellow YouTuber, Taylor Made Dreams right before he retired to the DR. I remember one quote he said that really stood out. He was very happy that he knew that just being a visitor was coming to an end. When he thought about what he would be benefiting the most, he said, “I finally started to feel happiness again.” Here is the entire interview I had with him and you can watch all of his videos on that same channel. Last time I spoke to him, he owned a home in Sosua so he can tell you what it’s like to retire in DR.

4. Barbados, Being happy but also safe on an island for the rest of your life can be done all over the Caribbean these days. It is especially true in Barbados. This island is very peaceful. This is really a gold mine when you take cost of living into consideration. On the other hand, Barbados can be pretty expensive. The cost of living hovers around $4000 per person. In other islands, you could support a family of 4 on this type of money. But if you retirement nest egg can afford it, it’s a much better deal than spending $4000 a month in the states. The Crop-over celebration is also legendary.

3. Jamaica, The first time you hear a Jamaican talk, you will be like, aint no way he’s speaking a real language. But after being around them for a little while, you will start to pick up Patwa pretty quickly. Communicating your wants and needs when first going to settle in a new island is far more important than everyone thinks. Patwa is English based, so communicate will be fine. One Retirees who is finding very easy to integrate in Jamaica said “The food can be described as unbelievably good.” Just visiting Jamaica will add a few years to your life.  

2. Trinidad and Tobago: the food just may be better than Jamaica great English speaking island, nice hospital, stores, bilingual schools, great beaches. I’ve noticed that most people who get my free E- book called “Make Money Online so you can Travel More” that can be downloaded for free, for just joining my mailing list, they were most interested in hearing how to make money and travel more so they could get to Trinidad and Tobago. The carnival here almost as famous as the one in Brazil. The cost of living in Trinidad is $985 dollars excluding your rent and the average home is about $130,000 dollars. These Islands would have been number one if not for:

1. Isla Colon, Panama, Technically some won’t consider this the Caribbean and will point out that it’s not even an island, but a part of central America, Panama has a Pacific side but it also has a Caribbean side and on that side is isla Colon. This is the ultimate paradise when deciding what to do with the 401k that you saved your whole life. Your savings will go a long way. Living on this islands of the Bocas del Toro province will be about $400,000. But consider that amount will get you a 3,000 to 4,000 square feet duplex right on the Caribbean sea and give you a postcard looking view. You could go cheap and get an apartment between $200 and $249,000$190,000 to $250,000 but even that would put you in a high rise with a floor to ceiling window with breathtaking views especially if you get a high floor. The only other thing you will need is a boat. I got so many comments about this island that I decided to book a trip there is year to see what all of the hype was about.

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Are you going to retire to the islands when you finish working? Tell me your plans in the comments section below and tell me about it. Check out the entire playlist I have dedicated to the islands here so when you plant your final flag you can have all of the intel already gathered, like a king


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