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Everyone uses a Travel agent. You do NOT "book travel online yourself"

I am the last person to be a hater. 

And I’m not hating but when people say they don’t need a travel agent because they book their own travel online, they are lying to me and more importantly, to themselves. Everyone uses a travel agent. Yours is just choosing to not let you know who he is. 

Hes making the same commission I would have made booking your trip. He’s using the same type of tools I use to find your dream destination and does the same comparisons to find the best prices for your travel. His Travel Agency just has a larger Marketing Budget. Today I will tell you who he is. This knowledge will educate you. Even if you do decide to keep doing things the way you’ve been doing them, at least you will no longer fool yourself into thinking you don’t need a travel agent.

I’ve had people condescendingly ask me, Roklan why would you become a Travel Agent when everyone is booking travel for themselves online? My answer could be very condescending as well because NO ONE is booking travel online without a Travel Agent. They are just a victim of advertising. People booking their own travel online are being JERKED and I’m about to prove it to you.

Remember America Online? 
For myself and many others, AOL had convinced American consumers that the ONLY way to get on the Internet was to go through.. (Brggg, Welcome, You got mail) Barry Diller owns the "America online" of booking Travel.

In 1996 a Microsoft Employee named Richard Burton saw what my host agency (Inteletravel) was doing in and Bit. But with the budget that Microsoft had, they pulled an "American Online" on the Public. They had people thinking the online way to book travel online was through Expedia or any other site that the recommended..ONLY!

Expedia was Microsoft and Rich Burton’s company until 1999.
In 2003, Barry Diller and the USA Network bough Expedia. Then year after year, Expedia became the owner of Expedia Inc. Expedia Corporate Travel (now Egencia), TripAdvisor, Classic Vacations, eLong, Hotels.com Hotwire.com. Trivago.com, Wotif.com, Travelocity.com, Orbitz.com, Wingz.com And HomeAway.com and a few more

Yes, Passport Kings is using are THE FIRST home based travel booking service. My booking engine is aggregating the same information as Barry Diller’s Booking engines.

If you call yourself a person who “Books your own travel” chances are you are using one of these Barry Diller’s Booking engines. A booking engine that does nothing different my Booking engine at Passport Kings. So why do you love Barry Diller so much? Why do you insist on booking all of your travel through his Agency instead of mine? What is it about his water that makes it colder?

I wanted to answer these questions so I can be a more effective Travel Advisor. These are the reasons why I think more customers want to send Barry’s kids to college instead of mine. Barry’s engines has TV commercials and a long reaching internet presence.

And that’s it! 
The Ferrari's that the Do-it-Yourselfers are buying for his family is getting you nothing else in return that I can’t do at Passport Kings. My personal connection with customers is actually a lot more beneficial to you.

When you think you are “comparing prices with all of the sites” you’re doing nothing but playing Barry’s game of $3 off here and $5 off there. He set it up that way to make you think you are gaming the system. Actually the system is gaming you. I would never tell you where you MUST spend your money but there’s gotta be room for you to include Passport Kings into your compare and contrast sessions when you are about to book travel. Isn’t there?

I constantly have to let people know that ALL BOOKING ENGINES are getting prices with commissions already included from the same sources. The prices are just being electronically listed for us and fed through our Booking Engines. When it comes to computer science, it is nothing special going on in either of our engines. So whether you’re using mine, Barry’s or anyone else’s online booking engine, you are NOT booking travel for yourself. But Guess what? You can actually contact me. Don’t email Barry, he may be busy on sailing down Millionaires Row in Miami, partying on the Yacht that you bought him. But if that’s what you choose to support, no hard feelings. I just felt the need to share these facts.   

My team and I would love to meet you on Tuesday in Atlanta at 7pm. We want to properly introduce Plannet Marketing and Inteletravel. Learn how we works from home, full time or part time after day jobs, in the Travel Industry. There will be no pressure, it will be exactly 60 minutes of powerful info, and trust me, it’s a no-brainer. Use the info on this flyer to attend. Travel is our passion.

But If you just want to book a trip through Passport Kings Booking Engine, hit link above. And, My free E- book is also at www.passportkings.com

Is my lack of a TV commercial going to make you book your next trip from someone else? I’ve actually published TV commercials for a past business that I ran so I know how to do it locally, It’s just pretty expensive to do it on a national level. But that’s what you prefer you could always donate to that cause with the paypal link that I have at the top of Youtube homepage.
Other than that leave a comment. I love reading and responding to you.
And until then, Book your Travel through Passport Kings and support businesses who appreciate you as a customer Like a king.


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