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Most haunted places in the world | Part 2

Talk about extreme travel??

This is the long overdue conclusion to my list of the top 10 most haunted places in the world. I posted part 1 on January 7th 2016, lol. I completely forgot about it until recently. 

Numbers 10 through 6 of the Most haunted places in the world were on that one. This is finally Part 2 of the Most haunted places in the world. Forgive me if this video seems a little rushed. It is. I had no desire to make any videos all week because of a death in the family (My 15 year old dog). I'm happy I had most of this #Top10 #Haunted #Places video done weeks ago, and all i had to do was edit a few things to keep my YouTube Algorithms happy.  Thanks for understanding.

Most people don’t believe in ghost. As the comedian Paul Mooney says. “If ghost were real, America would be haunted by the slaves of our ancestors every single day. But it is still hard to deny that some places will just give you the creeps. So who is to say that the people who have reported strange phenomena have not just been creeped out to a further extent than what everyone else experiences?  
This is a list of the top 10 most haunted places reported in the world.. Don’t watch these episodes at night and in the dark, (lol)

If you haven’t seen part 1, click this link. Turn on your Proton Packs because here we go Ghostbusting the way a king would! Number  

5) Highgate Cemetery, in England: 
At night this place is something from a horror movie. Eirie crooked gravestones, headless angels covered in ivy and dark overgrown passages between tombs. Number  

4) Bhangarh Fort,in India: 
It is said that a black magic tantrik cursed this palace so that everybody's souls will stay there for centuries without rebirth. It is also said that nobody returns from this place that stays there after dark. So the government prohibited this area from staying after sunset. Number

3) Screaming Tunnel, in Ontario:
Legend says that if you stand in the middle of the dark tunnel and light a match then the flame goes out and a girl's scream is heard.

2) Ohio University, in America: 
Five cemeteries form a pentagram surrounding the campus, with the administrative building at the centre. The catacombs of Jefferson hall, where numerous ghost sighting occurred and an insane asylum that was known for thousands of labotamies and electro shock treatments.
And Finally Number 

1) Changi Beach,in Singapore:
During the Sook Ching battle of The Second World War it served as a ground for the Japanese. Thousands of Chinese died during this operation as they were suspected of being anti-Japanese. Crying and screaming are reported by people.

A lot of people love to stay at these places just to experience something new. I am all about exploration but sometimes I have to sit them out. To me Ghost are all fun and games until someone gets hurt or come up missing. Join me next time on Passport Kings when I will give you the Top 5 haunted places in the world. Don’t forget to share this video, then like it and subscribe to the Passport Kings YouTube channel so you won’t miss the next installment. Go to my website WWW.PASSPORTKINGS.COM to get my free book called make money online so you can travel more.

I would say don’t be afraid of the dark or things that go bump in the night but sometimes you need to play it smart. If visiting a haunted house is something you would be interested in, then go in boldly. Like a King…



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