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Get Views And Subscribers On YouTube

Get a whole lot more views on your Travel Videos

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A lot of people have asked me how to get more Subscribers on Youtube with their Travel Videos. Among other habits, TubeBuddy has been my little secret and a big help to my recent consistent subscribers growth. You can also get it at:

I was going to save this information for my Travel Light Course but I may as well share the knowledge on how to get more subscribers on your YouTube travel videos now. This way, your subscribers will already be growing by the time you start making travel videos the Passport Kings Way. To get subscribers you need to get views. Then while a person is viewing, you need to ask them to subscribe. But you will never get to this step until you get views. Especially when you are first starting out on YouTube. In this video, I will teach you how to reverse engineer views and I share, How To get More Views And Subscribers On YouTube Using TubeBuddy!

My YouTube analytic tells me that this is most of your first time ever seeing a Passport Kings Video. I get about 20% of my views from people who like Passport Kings and that 1 person who doesn’t. I really appreciate your support and loyalty but the lion’s share of my views comes from people who are seeing me, for the very first time. So 20 percent of you probably know that I am working on a course called “Travel Light” where, I teach you how to make Easy, Beautiful and Profitable Videos from your vacations, with the Lightest and Cheapest Equipment Possible. I am about a month away from finishing it and uploading it to sell. Travel light will be a paid course that is completely different from my Free Ebook about how to make money online to travel more which you can always find at

Very early on in the course, “Getting more YouTube views” is broken down with all of the knowledge that I have picked up over the last few years through trial and error. This section on Tube Buddy is so important and relevant that I figure I will just give it to you now for free, so your YouTube Channels will already be on the right path when you finally do get the Travel Light course.

First you are going to need to install TubeBuddy your browser. There is a free version with almost all of the tools you need to rank high in YouTube Searches, already unlocked. There is also a paid version but we will not be using any of the locked features. So to install Tubebuddy, click the TubeBuddy link in the description on the one above. You will go to a Google extensions page and it will install to your browser. I use Chrome. If you use another browser, it will look a little different. Now when you go back to any Youtube page on that browser, you are going to notice that a few things are different. On the right top side of the youtube pages, you will see the Tubebuddy extention and in that drop down menu is where the Magic Happens.

One of TubeBuddy’s menu items is called a “KEYWORD EXPLORER,” once you use the Keyword explorer to come up with the keywords for your video, those keywords should become your holy bible to reference during the entire creation process of the video. And I mean the entire process, from planning, filming, scripting, uploading, promoting to sometimes I helps me decide where I will travel.

When I first started Passport Kings, I winged it with EVERYTHING! I have a mantra I’ve used most of my life that goes Jump and learning to swim on your way down. That was the approach I took with YouTube 5 years ago when I started.
The one thing I wish I would have learned first, and this is above what camera to buy, how to shoot, how to script, how to use lighting, everything is… My Videos need to have a fighting chance of being discovered by viewers. And the only way that’s going to happen is if they are searching for what I created.

Keyword Explorer is the ultimate Keyword research tool for YouTube and Google Trends. So what I used to do is go on a vacation, film around in circles, record whatever looked interesting, came home and started to write something like, my review of The Bahamas(for instance). The problem is no one is searching for the term “My review of the Bahamas” they are looking for what they are looking for, not what i want them to look for. With the Keyword Research tool you will get your videos ranked higher in search results and ultimately get more views. The tool will help you Find long-tail search terms (which I will explain later) to better target what people are looking for on YouTube and you will Discover trending Tags to keep your videos relevant long after they are published.

So,  what you will need to do in the keyword planner is type in the naked term “The Bahamas”
Find all of the words that people are actually searching for and use one of those as the title of your video. Yes this is THE FIRST STEP before writing recording B-roll or anything else. These keywords will give you the blueprint for what you’re making. As we can see here, The Search has brought up the term, This is probably impossible to create a video around but (THIS) Is what people are searching for that we actually can focus our video on.
Your next step will be to understand placement and how your video will compete against other videos on the same subject, those aspects and creating the perfect thumbnails will be discussed in a separate video. But Like Iv’e said, I’ve even planned entire trips around what is most popular on this list. You can plan and book your trip as well using Passport Kings Travel Agency, click the link above. when you are ready to go.

 When you are out and on your trip, you are going to keep these keywords an phrases in mind when you are deciding what to film. If you know you have a trip coming up soon, do the research beforehand and keep the keywords in a notepad on your phone.

Now you will know what’s important to shoot when you pull your camera out. You can arrange the clips you get into a story that explores all of the ins and outs of these keywords you chose. What you say on camera will be about the keywords you found in Tube-Buddy. When you get home the narration and script will pretty much write itself. The Tube-buddy Keywords you found will take precedence when you're editing and deciding what to leave in and what to drop on the cutting room floor. When you start uploading your finished video to YouTube, Your title will already be written, your description will be pretty much finished, you will be suggested small and long-form keywords. The add on will have you picking keywords from an easy to use list, instead of needing to research keywords for another few hours.  The most important parts of making YouTube Videos that will actually get views is all pretty much all done for you using Tube-Buddy. When you finish uploading, YouTube will start suggesting your videos to people who have been searching for these keywords and could never find them.

This was a brief overview of how to do this process and it will be explained in a lot more detail in the Travel Light course, but I suggest you get Tubebuddy right now by clicking one of my links or browsing for Any affiliated credits I receive will go towards making Passport Kings better however, I am suggesting TubeBuddy because I use it almost everyday and once you start, you will finally understand why people are getting more views than you. Now as far as actually having the money and time to travel,

My team and I would love to meet you THIS Tuesday in Atlanta at 7pm. We want to properly introduce Plannet Marketing. Some of us work from home full time, and some, only work part time in the Travel Industry, after our day jobs. There’s no pressure - and the FREE presentation is exactly 60 minutes of powerful info! Trust me, this is a no-brainer. Use the info on this flyer to attend. If you are not in Atlanta, we have a live presentations in a city near you. Just tell them I sent you.

With Tube-buddy you will be effectively reverse engineering views. Just don’t forget to ask your new visitors to your channel to subscribe while spending time with you. It may sound cheesy reciting the same “like and subscribe recital” that everyone else does, but hey, if it didn’t work, everyone would not be doing it. Are you going check out my Course called Travel Light when I finish it next month? What do you hope to achieve with it? Answer those questions in the comments section below so I can make sure you are among the first people I email when it’s finished. To see some of the great viewing results I’ve received using the strategy I outlined above, check out the international travel playlist that I’m attaching to the end credits. Those videos will show you how I catered to my viewers to get them to subscribe so when you start making your travel video, you will also gain a loyal following, like a king…



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