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Should your next vacation be a cruise? Cruise to Cuba

I've never been to Cuba before. Lets all #discover it the first time together. 

Here is the truth about those cruise rumors you may have heard.

Im sure youve heard the negative stories about a few cruise ships in the past catching fire or the passengers getting food poisoning or even worse suffering the fate of the titanic. It's a great way to sell newspapers and get clicks on websites, but the truth is there is a cruise leaving a port almost every single day, doing it's rounds, then arriving back home without incident. Most Passengers arrive back in the home port upset that it was over so soon and they not only book another cruise as soon as they possibly can, but they also tell everyone who listens how great of a time they had.
Cruising was not just created yesterday, the people who run these 5 star hotels on the sea are professional, entertaining and ready to cater to your needs. I have an upcoming cruise going to CUBA in March of 2019 and I am inviting everyone who watches this youtube channel to join me. But if you are still unsure about cruises in General, Here are 5 excellent reasons why you should either join Passport Kings on the Cuba get away or just go on any cruise for yourself.

5 Many Destinations in 1 vacation. Many cruises stop at different ports during your trip. If the cruise is more than 6 days you can expect to stop at 3 countries or more. If you were doing a vaction by flight and hotel that would be 3 times the price. You may be staying in the same room but everytime you walk off the boat, you are in a completely differnt experience.

4 Onboard Activities and The Excursions:
The things you get to do when you get of the Ship at certain ports like snorkeling, site seeing and skydiving usually need to be planned days in advance if you are not cruising. But on a cruise, 1 trip down to the service center and you can do as many activities and thet time on land provides. It's no longer a hunt to find the right attractions. the ship will drop you off right in front of them. And, while on the ship, physical adventures like surfing, waterslides and rock climbing are just an elevator ride away

3 Great Value for the Dollar and Dining.
Eating at a different fancy restaurant everynight while lodging in a foriegn city when traveling by plane can be almost as expensive as the trip istself. Telling all of your friends to come with you is more expensive by plane, but it comes out cheaper by cruise and entertainment for the entire time is all included. Where else can you get death defying shows, all you can eat restaurants and buffets, night clubs and extreme sports all for 1 low price. Then to top it off, you get to explore a new country and culture all for one price. And its usually a price that is less than half of what you would have paid to do these activities seperately. When it comes to money and vactaions, there is no better savings than Cruising 

2 See a new country without dedicating too many days to it:
Sometimes, going to a new country like when I went to Dubai, can be overwhelming, but the opposite is true. Sometimes you can get somewhere and say to your self, I sure wish I was somewhere else, maybe you are there on the wrong day or just the wrong time of day. Sometimes after you have seen everything the little tourist area had to offer, you are honestly ready to leave. With being on a cruise, there is a whole lot of entertainment going on on the boat. I suggest you jump off, get a feel for the place, have a few drinks and when you are ready to go back on you'll have plenty to do while waiting for disembarking out to the next destination which may be a lot better. Only cruises offer that many options

1 The entire family can come.
Kids are welcome, spouses are welcome, your whole crew can ride together, your jump-off and side peices are all welcome on a cruise. There are so many activities for kids that they will be happy and exhausted every night. Especially if a cruise is themed and dedicated to kids. Some say cruises are played out because all they see is obese people overeating and doing the electric slide on vidoes. If thats your concern you really need to run with your group of friends or your significatnt other. Many Many people "Hook up" on the ship, sometimes even with the staff. I know one person who was in a very long term relationship with a person he met on a cruise. But whether you find love or bring love with you, the experience will definitely last you a lifetime.

So the question of today is, have you been on a cruise recently? Would you recommend it? Let me read what you have to say in the comments section. I love reading everyones ideas. Ever since my 1st cruise it holds a special place in my heart. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing but can smetimes turn out exhausting just running around a new city trying to find the hotspots. On a cruise everything you need is at arms reach. Don't forget to go to www.passport to pick up your free book and lastly, if ever someone tells you that you should go on a cruise because of the negactive stories theyve heard, tell them you apreciate their input, but you quite cappable of making up your own mind wheter you liked it or not. You would rather experience it for yourself, like a King


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