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Is Jamaica safe? | Best Island in the Caribbean? | Iberostar Rose Hall r...

I've finally made it to the Island of Jamaica. Was a vacation to this country was one of the best decisions I've ever made? Is Jamaica fun?  

An all inclusive trip to the Iberostar Resort in Rose Hall Montego Bay, Jamaica may be just what you need if you are looking for the perfect getaway with fun in the sun, girls trips and guys trips, black folks, families and friends,  new and old, partying like it's 2018. Here is my recap and a full review of one of Jamaica.

I was recently in Key west for the weekend. if you have never visited I suggest you do And although it was an excellent time, and , there was one thing missing, the other black people. There were some but any establishment we went into, being the only black folks fet a little uncomfortable. I remember saying that this place would be so fly if more of us travelled more and enjoyed the beautiful scenery that key west florida has to offer. Next up on my bucket list was going to Jamaica... Jamaica answered those prayers.

Flying into Montego bay, and chilling with the folks who were also on the plane headed there, I knew things would be different. The vibe was right. There would be no one judging our behavior because they all looked like us and they were coming for the same reasons we were, and that was to have an excellent care-free time.

Out of all the options available in Montego bay, I decided on staying at Iberostar Resorts.
Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall is an all-inclusive resort. All meals (including specialty restaurants and room service), drinks,including top-shelf liquor and non-motorized water sports are included.  We had Free access to all restaurants, pools, beaches, and amenities, The waiters are cool and they dont judge your drinking desires. They had a cool night club that was open every night and an excellent buffet that was open every morning for breakfast. If you ever ate any exotic foods for breakfast, they were serving it. They also had brunch, lunch and dinner.

Of course in the US, all we ever hear is "If you are going to one of the resorts in Jamiaca, you better stay behind the resort's walls because you will get jacked up without your hotel's protections" So being that Ive never been here before I was on high alert.   I had to be mindful that there is a travel alert this year in Jamaica warning of increasing violence.  They say that the violence will usually not touch tourist areas.  But for the more adventurous of us, be aware of your surroundings, try to travel with friends and dont drink too much when your outside the walls. They make it sound like walkers from the walking dead will be out there. But on my way to the resort I realized I didnt have cash to pay the driver, so I had him stop at the atm.. And guess what? The other people out there were friendly as hell. I don't know how many times to say this, but humans are just humans. I also went to an outside shopping area on one of the days and I didnt feel any kind of animosity. The beef that Jamaicans have with Americans and Europeans is NOT with people who look like me. They just had to fight very hard for their indepence and they are making sure, no one comes and takes it back.

Jamaica in general has an average high of 85 degrees year round and typically has a wet and dry climate.  The wet season runs from May to November with the hurricane season starting in September.  US dollars are used by most vendors on the island.  Bring small bills if you plan on visiting small shops (1 or 5 dollar bills). The Jamaican money is about 1 to 1000 so if someone says the price of something is $5000 dollars, they are talking about Jamaican Dollars and it means around 5 bucks in USD.

The sunshine and glimmering beaches summon travelers to Jamaica all year, offering a chance to experience the Caribbean with only a short flight from the East Coast of the U.S. The small country has remarkably warm weather and an easy going vibe, great for those hoping to spend time escaping from the stress of daily life. There are several ways to enjoy time there, from the quiet resorts to the bustling night life in the cities. The women are beautiful and richly melonated. The dudes make you want to hit the gym as soon as you get home. It's obvious that Stella aint the only chick that ever came here to get her grove back. (INSERT Macorroni video here)

If a low key , all inclusive experience is what youre looking for, check out Iberostar in Montego Bay.  White sandy beaches and great beach excursions are the main draw. Some of the people look like they dont want to be bothered, but you will be amazed at how quick they warm up to you after you say "what's up" to them. I learned that the response to someone saying thank you is "yeah mon." A lot of them will tell you that once you come to Jamaica you become an unofficial citizen. When in stores, they will tell you the price but ensure you that if you keep smiling, the price will go down.  Most of the all inclusive resorts here like Secrets or Hotel Riu are adult only so check out the amenities before booking.

Kingston, is the capital of Jamaica and the largest city in the Caribbean, located on the southeastern coast.  If the city life is more your speed, then this is the place to be.  The city is filled with restaurants and bars.  Opportunities abound to take tours or visit the Bob Marley Museum.  The Emancipation Park and the Hope Gardens host frequent festivities and events.  You can even hike in the Blue and John Crow National park.

Negril, on the western coast , is known for its water sports and nightlife.  Many of the beach resorts run along the Seven Mile Beach.  The beaches in Negril have consistently been rated within the top 10 in the world.  There’s plenty to do here, from rock climbing to scuba diving, so pace yourself.

My next trip is to the DR next month, but as soon as I get a chance, I'm heading back to Jamaica to try out other resorts and and take a longer tour around the island. Make sure you subscribe to this channel and check me out on Instagram where I'll leave all my vacation pictures. Come here by yourself or with your sweetheart and Jamaica will welcome you like a king


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