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Escape the Sunken Place | 100th Episode of Passport kings

Was the Sunken Place from the Horror Movie "Get out" only relevant to brain transplants, 

or can the sunken place happen to us in everyday life? On this 100th episode of Passport Kings, I will discuss that place for us in the real world and give solutions to how to get out of it!

After watching the excellent horror movie by the guy from Key and Peele, Jordan, named get out, one part really stood out to me. It was a term they used called "the Sunken Place" Basically when someone is hypnotised, they lose all control over their body and make room in their life for another entity to take over their physical body. In the Movie, Spoiler Alert, the liberal white family and their associates were taking ownership of the body once the original black owner was left semi-unconscious....By the way, a very good movie, but don't' worry, I crazed white person has not or will not be taking over me... But something far worse does. A combination of cheap thrills, procrastination and outside Advertising. What do I mean?

What do I mean? The TV, the Internet maily social media, Video Games and even books are in a constant fight to take ownership of my time. Not to mention the fact that I want to do more travel videos and right now, not to mention my full time job. The Latter examples of course deserve my time because I have to pay bills and feed my need to travel and be creative. If someone was to tell me I could no longer have food shelter or the ability to see my thoughts come to life through creativity I would lose my mind, I would be in a place much worse than any sunken place, I would go into survival mode...Which can be very dangerous and cause long term consequences. But that's not what today's topic is about. Todays video is about the next worse state to be in. I now call it the Sunken place. The sunken place is a mental state that we can go into when we are putting our creativity and long term goals on the back burner and in place we let short term, quick release pleasure suck up the time in our lives....Pause.

When I'm in mine, I watch a lot of videos on the internet, I watch TV, I play video games on the PS4 and on my Phone and I argue with people online about social issues. When I first termed this the sunken place for me, I decided that this was an aweful state to be in. I mean, I am not getting my much needed writing done, I'm not editing, I'm not recording, I'm not even goal oriented in those hours except for the goals that video games are tasking me to reach. Controversially, Even reading books can be pointless if they are just entertainment books where there is no skill being learned.

But after thinking about it for a while, I came to the conclussion that a sunken place is a much needed time if it is fulfillinf some special needs. When I play my PS4, I link up with some of my good friends that I grew up with and through the Playstation Mic, we just chill and many times talk more than we play actual games. Before I had a PS4 which they convinced me to get, I only spoke back and forth with them on social media posts. We all have grown up and moved far away from each other. The feeling of connection that I get on those nights we link up online is much needed for my mental sanity. Books that I read for pleasure improves my vocabulary, tv shows and movies keeps me up to date with current events and beng entertained is also more important for your mental well being that it get's credit for. In other words, the activities that I do when I turn of my enterprenureal paper chase and drift off into my sunken, actually serves a purpose. The trick, I think, is getting conrol of the time spent in this place. Obviously one can not spend all of their time having fun unless they were brn into a rich family or won the lottery.

All activities that are neccesary for survival has to flow along without interuption. Work hours should be for work only. When you are actually working during work hours instead of shooting the breeze with chicks at the office, cracking jokes with the dudes and just actually creates more time in the day.

Video games, movies, social media debates and TV need to be cut to the bare minimum. One way I found I had an exxorborant amount of ours was just unclicking notifications on facebook groups that I had commented on. SPeaking of facebook. DOn't let it send notifications to your phone or PC. They cleverly created them to have you drop everything you are doing to read it as if the phone rang and one of your clients needs something. When you are finished with your tasks for the day, then by all means, go see what you missed. but as far as checking it more than 3-5 a day. IT MUST STOP. Video Games, I know when my friends are on. I actually started drinking alcohol which really ruins the rest of the evening and sometimes the morning after. I guess the best stategy for that is to know exactly when they are all on and only play any video games during that time. I'll give it maybe 3 hours per night or a total of 6 hours per week. maybe like 10:30 to 1:30 friday and saturday night. Besides. Dudes are old and we start falling asleep one by one around that time any way. As far as TV and movies go... WWE will take up 5 hours on Mon and Tuesday if I let it. Vlad TV and Battle Rap will destroy 5-10 hours a week. My TV time will now only be the 2 shows I watch on sunday night. Walking Dead and the New Star Trek. I gave up on footbal since the kapernick crap so altogether I'll be spending like 3 hours on tv a week! add on working out for about an hour a day, and my unproductive sunken place should be under complete control. There are 168 hours in a week. 56 of those hours are spent sleeping. another 56 is spent working. That leave a 3rd of the week left to work on our creativity. I can only imagine the beautiful stuff I will mold and craft when I spend the same amount of hours working on it that I give my 9-5.

Today is not only my first video of 2018 but it's also my 100th Passport Kings video. Once again, I'm ready to shake things up! not only on this channel but in the many new avenues I'm coming up with to reach my goals. You guys are more than welcome to join me. And if you need to book a trip, contact me or click the link below.



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