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South Beach, Miami Getaway: Pros and Cons

Here is the Updated Pros and Cons list about going to Miami South beach for a Getaway

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With the weather as horrible as it is all across the country I've decided to take a look at the video I did on miami a few Months back. At least just seeing the beautiful palm trees and beach front life would make me feel nice and warm on the inside if not the outside. I've heard that there are more pink flamingos made in plastic then there are in reality. I know the best place to see real flamingoes is in Aruba but maybe we don't need an authentic island experience to just get out of the cold. A Plastic Experience is just as good?

To me, Miami is like a Plastic Wonderland. I say Plastic because Miami Culture is a mix of abroad places like Cuba, Haiti, Aruba and Belize and New York and Los Angeles fused together. They say that party never ends on the Miami beaches. Being on the southernmost tip of Florida, it enjoys the maritime climate. You are pretty much in the Caribbean. So weatherwise, no other state in the US can Match. And in an other wise cold country, super sun and bikini clad beaches are very important. The golden sands on the Miami beaches attracts millions of tourist every year and we especially love hanging out down there in the Fall. The scarface movie had a few scenes filmed on the Oceans Drive strip...but like 42nd street in New York, Hollywood Boulevard in LA, Bourbon Street in NO, these tourist traps have really been cleaned up by their cities...(Almost sterilized) to make them more safe and to attract tourist from all over the world. You can still find your typical Big City Homeless Population but for the most part, they are harmless.

Miami is internationally known for its beaches. Anything that makes more scantily clad women come to a city, I'm all for! It was a shock the first time I was in a cab headed to my hotel and saw droves of woman walking up and down the street in nothing but a bikini. Go anywhere across the globe and the Atlantic Ocean kissing up against land rivals them all. Certain food spots finds its Latin roots when it comes to hospitality, you can find an authentic cuban or puerto rican restaurant on most corners.

The owners of the little restaurants and bodegas between Ocean Drive, Collins Street and Washington Ave, were smart enough to band together to keep Franchise type restaurants who would had wanted to monopolize the food industry down there, out! They even kept walmart away so the locals could sell their wares without competition for the 1 store fits all community business robbers that have taken over the rest of America. The Unique look of the buildings on the strip is called Art Deco because of their colors and shapes. However when you look at those joints int he daytime, to me, they just look like the pounding (pause) of the rain has just chipped all of the paint off. The same can be said about the authentic building in the caribbean that Miami beach tries to Mimic. At times, miami can get rained on pretty harshly, but unlike other states, Florida has a tendency of having rainfall that lasts less than an hour. And when it's over, it's even hotter than it was before the rain started. Hurricanes and the shark threats have been known to happen. But they are so few and far between that its not even a factor when deciding if it's time to visit Miami Beach. Living on this coastal beach can get expensive. 

Miami Beach is Touristy, meaning you will have to pay tourist prices for small things like food, souvener clothing and liqour. To avoid those prices you can ride across the bridge to regular Miami, but the ride would be so long you would probably do better just paying the high prices when compared to what you would spend on gas. If you are originally from a Big U.S. City, Miami's prices are actually not that outrageous. Menu cards from restaurants combine Seafood extravagance with 5 star restaurants. Watch out for the SUPER pretty girls on the strip inviting (Almost shaming) you into the restaurants on Ocean Ave. I guess it's a great Marketing scheme but there are so many spots to choose from, I suggest you walk all the way up and down before making your decision. The choices of seafood, steaks and everything else you would find on at a hotel on a sacred island will be available. These days when I'm down there, I would eat all fancy one of th nights but after that, I'm filling up on subways sandwiches and local cheaper bodega type restaurants for authentic latin tastes.

The beaches give ample space and opportunity for the sports enthusiasts. The beach volleyball events as well as the water sports are found all over the place. The clubs and small set pubs provide many options for people to enjoy. Try Parasailing Jet Skiing and the water scooters. For the not-so-adventurous types the beach is full of serene places to bask in the sunny sands and just chill out for the day. I don't need a Tan, but the sun does give me super energy. I love the sun and if I get a little darker while recharging, I'm all for it! Even if you are just going down to Miami to catch a cruise, try your best to get an extra day of vacation before the actual cruise, and hang out on the strip that night. It's a vacation experience that everyone should have before they leave this earth. The days of the Cocaine Cowboys is all but non existent. They have all gone legit decades ago. You may see some Lamborghinis and Ferraris still shooting down the streets but a lot of them are rentals or young dudes who were smart enough to jump on the Silicon Valley slash Internet Highway and take advantage of all of the incredible ways to make money on line in the information age.

I've been to Miami a few times in my life and every time, I had a blast. One of my Brothers Mike Demarco lives down there full time. It's always dope to go see him and explore the strip for a few hours. The night life is the same as downtown new york in the 90s. Drunk Girls and Bums begging. The whole place just gets a little seedy! But if you are single, Chicks came down to get away from their restrictive rules in their hometowns. I wouldn't say take advantage of them, because it'll be more like them taking advantage of you. I just want to say though, If you are just a guy who does not have game, you may not get lucky here.... or out of the country... or anywhere you go. Step your game up and have a strategy for when you meet women. Exercise everyday, eat right and Here are some great ways to work out your mental game.  As of right now, I'm not trying to relocate myself, but if I ever leave Atlanta and Im still is not ready to leave the US altogether. Miami may be my next destination.... Or LA or anywhere one will be treated like a king... A Passport king Peace!



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