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Doing my research on Durbin, South Africa: Passport Kings Travel Video

So, I advertised a trip to Durbin South Africa for the Essence 2016 Festival.

 Someone in one of the groups thought I was insane for doing it. He told me I need to do some research on South Africa before I go or potentially bring revenue to that city. So I did. And what I found out will astound you.... It's Amazing!!! I can't wait to get there!
Durban, South Africa
Research Paper by Roklan Land

Durban, a coastal city in eastern South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province, is known for its African, Indian and colonial influences. Durban's infrastructure got all updated for soccer’s 2010 World Cup, the seafront promenade starts at uShaka Marine World, a huge theme park with an aquarium, and ends by the futuristic Moses Mabhida stadium.
Durban is a city with a strong Indian influence; in fact it has a greater Indian population than any other place outside India
There are eleven official languages of South Africa including English: Fewer than two percent of South Africans speak a first language other than an official one
Recent industrialization and urbanization have taken their toll on the South African environment, as have such agricultural practices as veld fires, overgrazing of livestock, and intensive use of pesticides. Soil erosion and desertification are two more significant environmental issues in South Africa.
More than a third of the people live on only 4% of the land area. The rules of apartheid were formally abolished in 1991, but most citizens still describe themselves as one of the four traditional categories.
Approximately 80% of the population claimed to be Christian, with the largest group of Christian churches linked to the African Independent Churches.
Durban is more dangerous than Johannesburg but much safer than Cape Town
Durban remains the third richest city in South Africa. Durban is ethnically diverse, with mixed beliefs and traditions. Zulus are the largest single ethnic group. It has a large number of people of British descent and has the most Indians of any city outside India. The number of Black Africans is constantly increasing while the numbers of people in all the other racial groups have been decreasing.
But yes, there are black people who are suffering in South Africa facing the same institutions we face here in America, but nothing will stop me from traveling, especially to Africa. And as bad as Black people are treated here in the states,

 I shouldn't be spending money anywhere if that's your reasoning for not going. So don’t let negative reports from the media or negative reports from well informed correspondents on the ground stop you from exploring the world. I better get an A!

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