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THE CANCUN JUMPOFF 2017: Ultimate Booty Contest and more!

Have the time of your life at The Cancun Jumpoff, Memorial Day Weekend. 

May 24-29, 2017

You do not want to miss the Cancun Jumpoff 2017

The Cancun Jumpoff is the #1 international vacation spot for the professional party seeker. Every Memorial Day Weekend in May, thousands of participants from the USA, United Kingdom, Europe and the Caribbean come to witness what a real party weekend is about.

This is what you missed last year!

Let me set up the ULTIMATE CANCUN JUMP OFF VACATION for you and your crew. if you need your passport, go to and fill in the form to the bottom right of the first page and get it within 24 hours! If you want to book by yourself go to or call me at 802-441-LAND to make sure we get you into everything for the lowest prices possible!

This party is for grown folks only. If you are tired of the kiddie street events and need to see other things besides viewing who has the hottest rental going down the block then do we have the ultimate event for you.

The Cancun Jumpoff is a unique urban vacation experience. Each day provide an opportunity to mix and mingle with people from all over the world. Enjoy fun in the sun while networking and making friends that will last a life time. A celebration of Hip Hop/R&B enthusiast, the Cancun Jumpoff attracts Movers and shakers from both music and film industries.



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