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Travel to Rio de Janiero Brazil with NO VISA in 2016!

It's a BEAUTIFUL day when you can can Travel to Brazil without the hassle and expense of getting a VISA. This week we will learn the ins and outs out how and why you can now travel to Brazil with out a Brazilian Visa. 
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Bom Dia! Well not exactly ripping them! But if you are travelling to Brazil around the time of the Olympics you won’t need them! The 2016 Summer Olympics will be in Brazil and US tourist will be allowed to enter the country for up to 90 days without a visa.
Yes, the U.S. passport is one of the most powerful when it comes to travel, But when it came to traveling to Brazil, we needed to also have a Brazil Visa. But this summer we are now in luck: In the hopes of drawing as many people as possible to the country for the 2016 Summer Olympics, held in Rio de Janeiro from August 5–21, Brazilian officials have announced they are temporarily waiving visa requirements for travelers in the country from June 1 through September 18. In addition to U.S. tourists, the visa waiver also applies to holders of passports from Japan, Australia, and Canada.
Has Brazil gone mad, Visas used to make a big chunk of money for the country? Not at all, it’s just common sense if you think about it— it’s a well-designed tourism approach. Right now, Brazil's economy is in a deep recession, and an increase in travelers would both loosen their tight wallets in and out of the country surrounding the Olympics and provide a much-needed financial boost.
Brazilian Tourism Minister Henrique Eduardo Alves feels this three-month initiative will motivate interested tourist and make a boatload of money from those tourist, He said that the goal is for leisure travelers from the four countries to increase by 20 percent. Flights to South America have been on the rise this year, and Brazilian airline Azul made an all-you-can-fly pass available in country as added incentive to visit.
Usually, getting to Brazil can took a few hoops to jump through.  U.S. citizens still have to make an appointment at their nearest Brazilian consulate; arrive with a valid passport, extra photo, completed application, and copy of their round-trip ticket; and cough up the $160 fee. But for a limited time you won't have to go to a consulate to apply for a visa, and you can use that extra money on beach clothes and learning Brazilian Portuguese by clicking the link below!

So do yourself a favor, if you have not traveled to Brazil yet, you probably should go before the Olympics turn the city upside down! But if you want to save yourself the hassles of getting a visa, make sure you get there during the Olympics. But be aware that when the Olympics goes to ANY city. The price of regular stuff has a tendency of going up. But why should you care about the money? Be profligate like a king, a passport king - peace!


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