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Will Child support or A felony get your Passport Application Denied?: Passport Kings Tr...

Will child support or Felonies get your application for a passport denied? On this Episode of Passport Kings I will explain all of the known ways your passport application could be denied. But there is good news, I'll also tell you how to overcome those obstacles so you can Travel Abroad. Don't let anything stop you from seeing this beautiful planet! If there is a will, there is a way. Besides, the restrictions aren't as tight as you probably think!

The day you decide you’ve had enough of local travel, and are ready to travel internationally, you are going to need a government issued Passport. Click the link below for the Passport Kings official video on how to get your passport. Unfortunately they are some instances where your passport application will be denied. Certain Financial and Legal predicaments could ground you in the USA until you take care of these obstacles. Here are hold ups!

  • Delinquent Child Support Cases
  • Felony Drug Convictions
  • Unpaid Federal Loans
  • Minors without Parental Consent
  • Threat to National Security
Check out my video to figure out what to do in each situation and how to make sure Traveling Abroad is in your future!

Today on Passport Kings, I am going over all of the things that could stop you from getting a Passport. 
Child Support Cases
American women strike again! People who have unpaid child support over $2,500 are not eligible for a U.S. passport. Before you apply for a passport, you must make arrangements in the state where the child support is owed to make the payments; if you have questions about the process or about what is owed, you should contact the nearest child support enforcement agency. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services must remove your name from its list of outstanding payments once you take care of the OUTSTANDING balances and give the U.S. Department of State an updated copy of the list.
Felony Drug Convictions
While not all felons are barred from applying for and receiving a passport, there are certain drug charges that can keep you from having your application approved. If you are convicted of a drug-related felony or certain drug-related misdemeanors, you are ineligible to get a passport during the time you are incarcerated as well as during your court-mandated probation period, and can even have an extant passport taken away. So do your time and pay. Once you have satisfied the state, you can usually get your travel back on.
Unpaid Federal Loans
If you become incarcerated while traveling abroad and accept financial assistance in the form of a loan from the U.S. government in order to be repatriated back into the country, you must repay the loan before you can get a passport. Similarly, if the government makes a loan to evacuate you and your family back to the U.S., you are required to pay the loan back before you can get a passport. The State Department can also refuse to issue a passport if you have an outstanding unpaid loan.
Minors Without Parental Consent
If you are a minor under 16 years of age and do not get the consent of both of your parents or your legal guardian, your passport application will be denied. In order to get a passport under the age of 16, you must apply in person with a valid form of I.D. with a parent or guardian. If both parents cannot be present, your parent who accompanies you must present evidence of sole custody or provide notarized written consent from the second parent. The third option is to have a third party stand in with a notarized written statement from both parents.
Other Factors
If the State Department decides that you are a real threat to national security or U.S. policy, you may be denied a passport. You will also be disqualified if you have been ruled legally incompetent, are subject to felony arrest or have been forbidden -- by court order, parole or probation -- from leaving the country. Also, your passport can be revoked -- and subsequent applications denied -- if you are found to have obtained a passport through fraudulent means or to have altered a passport. In 2012, legislation was introduced that could revoke or deny passports to people who owe money to the Internal Revenue Service.
Let’s face it, America is after your money. The criminal justice system and the rest of federally ran institutions are all easily tamed if you cough up the money they want. In most of these cases, some capital will solve these problems of getting your passport. So start making more money any way you can –legally--. I recommend you start making money online by checking out my FREE ebook below called “Make money online so you can Travel more” That you will get for free at www.passportkings.com Then start paying off the government whatever you owe slowly but surely. In the case of Felonies, this is the PERFECT time to write the President a request for a pardon. I’m not saying it will work, but presidents have historically granted a lot of pardons during their last terms in office, especially if your felony is old! Don’t delay these actions, Obama seems like a reasonable person and giving it a shot is always the best option. Even if it’s not stopping you from travelling, you should still try to get it pardoned RIGHT NOW!

Share this Video and give it a thumbs up and subscribe to www.youtube.com/c/passportkings. Check me out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, The links can be found below. If you are in one of these predicaments, don’t be negative about it.  Believe in yourself and believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that you WILL be able to travel abroad… Be positive like a King, A Passport King… Peace. 



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