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Top 10 Haunted Places in the World: Passport Kings Travel Video

Welcome to another episode of Passport Kings: This episode is Part 1 of the Top 10 Haunted Places in the World!

Most people don’t believe in ghost. As the comedian Paul Mooney
says. “If ghost were real, America would be haunted by the slaves of our
ancestors every single day. But it is still hard to deny that some places will
just give you the creeps. So who is to say that the people who have reported
strange phenomena have not just been creeped out to a further extent than what
everyone else experiences?  This is a
list of the top 10 most haunted places reported in the world. We are doing 10-6
on this video and the top 5 will be on the next video. Don’t watch these
episodes at night and in the dark, (lol)

10 Berry Pomeroy Castle
There are a number of legends associated with the castle, and
according to the English Heritage guidebook, it is reported to be one of the
most haunted castles in Britain. The terrifying stories are always featuring two
female ghosts. They are called the White Lady, and the Blue Lady. Many people have
said that when they are passing this haunted location, the Blue Lady summons them
for help, she uses many enthralling tactics to lure them to her tower. If a fool
goes to her, it is said they will fall to their death in mysterious ways. She
is thought to have been the daughter of a Norman Lord and is said to wander the
dungeons mourning the loss of her baby. She murdered her own child because the
baby-daddy was also her daddy. She wasn’t too thrilled about being the hillbillies
of England. The White Lady, said to be the spirit of Margaret Pomeroy and she
is said to haunt the lower dungeons of the castle. Margaret was imprisoned
there by her sister, Eleanor, who was jealous and a hater of her beauty. Their
stories frequently are blurred together. These chicks have no love for the
other side.

9) Dominican Hill, in
There is a Hotel in Baguio City, Philippines that is situated at
the top of the Dominican Hill. Long before it was reconstructed into a hotel;
it used to be a rest house and a seminal hall. During the Second World War, a
great number of nuns and priests were beheaded here. Many people today say headless
ghost are always creeping around at night with their heads on dishes. Many people
agree that they heard various mysterious sounds of banging doors, and the crying
of agonized people. Obviously the neighbors in Dominican Hill take the ghost
stories seriously because the doors and windows of the nearby houses are
painted with holy crosses and are kept shut after dark. Residents will tell you
that the haunted fountain will sometimes overflow with human blood and you may
run into vampires and ghost who don’t realize he or she is deceased right in
the middle of the town’s square. You may also hear the footsteps of old dead soldiers
marching the grounds and some believe that the vampires and monsters attract stray
travelers to haunted buildings to exterminate them. The building has seen many
changes throughout the years. At first, the building was a refugee camp then a teacher’s
camp for school seminars, then a hotel. This hotel is now a very popular
historical attraction. The Philippines have turned it into a Museum. But It is also
one of the sites most visited by paranormal investigators.

8) The Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky; USA
The Mysterious 15th floor of the Brown Hotel on 4th
street and W. Broadway in downtown Louisville has been turned into a storage
only floor. In a hotel with only 16 floors, they are losing a big chunk of
potential revenue. So why has then floor been off limits for so long? Well Witnesses
say that founder of the hotel; Mr. James Graham Brown may have once had a suite
on that floor. In 1937 Louisville was revenged by a great flood. The Brown
Hotel became a safe haven where city residents would ride boats into the front
door for safety. Many people died in the flood. It’s been a creepsters paradise
ever since.  The building has a long
history but it has been modernized many times. Today, What freaks people out is
the elevator frequently stops on the 15th floor although no one has pushed the
button.  Footprints have been seen
walking in the plaster dust on the floor, and guest staying on the 14th floor
complained that someone was walking heavily and moving furniture at night in
the room above. Everyone thought Mr. Brown went broke and died, but maybe he’s
still upstairs pacing the floors thinking and hammering away at his next
business venture!

7) Monte Cristo, in Australia:
A pregnant maid pushed from the balcony, a stable boy burned to
death as he slept and a baby girl thrown down the stairs. These are the
sinister tales that the Ryan Family believe still haunt the hallways of Monte
Cristo - a Victorian manor in Junee that is arguably the 'most haunted house in
Australia.' Olive Ryan, who has lived in the unnerving farmhouse for 50 years said
in an interview that she has continuously felt the presence of the home's
original owners, Christopher and Elizabeth Crawley. They are believed to have
haunted the house since their deaths in 1910 and 1933. According to Ms. Ryan,
the abnormal occurrences started the day her late husband moved in. The house
was lit up like a Christmas tree, even though no one had connected the electricity
yet. More recently there are also reports of a young stable boy burning to
death in his straw bed, a caretaker being shot dead in 1961 and tales of the
housekeeper who tied his mentally unstable son in the outhouse for more than 30
years. As creepy as this place is, the family now does day and night tours of
the house. He has been heard saying that if you don’t believe in ghost, spend 1
night in here and you will definitely think otherwise by the time you leave!

6) Ancient Ram Inn, in England:
Built on a pagan burial ground,  This place is documented at being so
terrifying that some visitors have jumped from windows just to get away from
whatever they “perceived” was threatening them. Now, it is packed out with
ghost hunters and horror writers - who are queueing up to spend a night with
the demons. One ghost investigator who visited the house was spooked when a
presence pushed up against his back - and felt the wooden beams of the medieval
house vibrate and tremble when he grabbed onto them in fear. A mysterious
child’s scream was even captured on video - seconds after a man’s voice is
heard to shout: 'Get out!' Ms. Humphries, the owner of the hotel who has live there
for nearly 50 years said: When she was a child growing up in this place, she
was so scared of the house that she used to sleep in a caravan outside. It was
normal for her to see people running out of the house, screaming in terror.
Once, she woke up and found a chest of drawers hovering over her bed before
they crashed down the staircase! Her father
John Humphries, at 85, was
pulled from his bed by a spirit on the first night the family moved into the
home. Above the barn that used to be blocked off to keep the spirits in. You
would think people would steer clear of the house of horrors but visitors pack
into this place nightly looking for a wild ride on the paranormal side!

A lot of people love to stay at these places just to experience
something new. I am all about exploration but sometimes I have to sit them out.
To me Ghost are all fun and games until someone gets hurt or come up missing. Join
me next time on Passport Kings when I will give you the Top 5 haunted places in
the world. Don’t forget to share this video, then like it and subscribe to the
Passport Kings YouTube channel so you won’t miss the next installment. Go to my
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I would say don’t be afraid of the dark or things that go bump
in the night but sometimes you need to play it smart. If visiting a haunted
house is something you would be interested in, then go in boldly. Like a King…A
Passport King. Peace!


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