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10 African Countries with the most Beautiful Women: Passport Kings Trave...

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Today on Passport Kings I am counting down the top 5 African Countries with the Continent’s most beautiful Women. Engage!
I recently received a question on my Twitter Account www.twitter.com/passport_kings that read... “I loved you’re your countdown about the most beautiful women in the world and I also enjoyed your countdown of the top 10 African countries we should visit first. When I go to Africa I want to meet beautiful women and although a lot of African countries were on your lists, I would like to know in your royal opinion which African countries have the most beautiful women.” So, yo, here is my list of the African Countries with the woman who are most beautiful. Like I said in past videos this is not a personality countdown. These women are winning to me in the ‘good looks” department. 1 more thing, this is just my opinion from the information I have gathered, so there is no need to give me a thumbs down for my personal opinion. If your list is different, just leave them in the comments and I’ll be happy to discuss and research your findings or experiences. I always felt that a thumbs down is not to voice your difference of opinion but should be reserved for horrible content and careless production. People who make videos put a lot of effort into them and giving them thumbs down, I think, makes YouTube think that you are just wasting space on their servers. But anyway, that’s a topic for a whole other show.
In this Episode of Passport Kings these are the African Women whose beauty will draw you to Mother Africa with just their looks! So get your Passports and your sharp game ready and check out these countries for the most beautiful women in Africa!
10.Sudan: In 2011 after a civil war, South Sudan broke away from Sudan. I don’t mean to make light of the situation but It’s seems all of the most beautiful women of this country stayed put in the North. With the fastest growing Economy in the world Sudan is cracking at the seams with oil money and beautiful women. These women are comfort to the eyeballs of someone looking for pure African beauty. Look for them in the Cities of Khartoum, Omuran and Port Sudan.
9.Morocco: These women have obvious African and Arab ancestry. The women in the Kingdom of Morocco are tantalizing but no nonsense. If you can get in where you fit in, you will wind up with a very beautiful African Princess with Exotic features. Try out you game and luck in the city of Casablanca, Rabat or Marrakesh.
8.South Africa: For over 100,00 years tribes from all over Africa have moved south to this country. And with them came all of the most beautiful women on the continent. If Africa was 1 country like the US, South Africa would be the Los Angeles of Africa. This country is very popular for tourist so for beautiful women try out the cities of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria. The women are sexy down to earth and cooperative
7.Ghana: Where better for a Passport King to travel for superb looking women than a country which name means Warrior King? The Country was the first sub-Saharan country to gain its independence in 1957 The women of Ghana are just as stunning as the gold this country is known for and as luxuriously black as the oil spurting out of the grounds of Ghana. Go to Accra, and Kumasi to find some of the most beautiful women on the planet.
6.Nigeria: Located in Western Africa, people started to settle in this region as far back as 9000BC. Today Nigeria is also one of the fastest growing societies in the world. The women here look as if they have been indulged in brilliance. Beautiful faces and bodies are the norm here. Go to Lagos, Kano and Ibadan to marvel at beautiful black women who seem to put sexy into overdrive.
Honorable Mentions who shared number 11 is Egypt, Senegal, South Sudan and Kenya. I wish I could put almost every county in Africa on this list because when African women get the time to take care of their looks instead of tending to the men who are fighting off other invading nations trying to steal their resources, they are truly some of the most beautiful women in the world!
5. Angola: Speaking of being invaded by evil empires, Angolans have one of the messiest histories with the forces of Portugal in the past and now China. Angola is and has always been some of the world’s biggest producers of oil, Bananas and Coffee. But as far as the women go, when you hear about and see all of the beautiful women in Brazil, their ancestors are usually direct descendants of Angola. Fly to the city of Luanda to see and meet the less watered down, original versions of Brazil’s Beautiful Women.
4. Somalia: Located on what is called the “Horn of Africa” Somalians have been around since the Paleolithic period. These women are gorgeous in a way that affects your soul. Traveling here is a risk because there is extreme unrest right now. But like I’ve always said on my shows if you are myelinated chances are you will have a more innocuous time than those who are not. Mogadishu is the most populated city. If you run into a Somalian woman in your travels and she has her head on straight, you will be awestruck by her loveliness and hypnotized by her affability.
3. Eritrean: After the building of the Suez Canal in 1869 Eritrea was constantly bombarded with invaders from Europe hell bent on world domination. Afterwards they fought a 30 year war for independence from Ethiopia to finally get their own independence in 1993. But conflict with Ethiopia and Djiboutian is still ongoing. But to meet one of the women for Eretria is to meet an almost golden woman! They have beautiful skin, hair and attitudes.
2. Cape Verde: Cape Verde is right off the coast of Senegal. Of course they were invaded by the Portuguese as well in the past. Also in recent years, they have been leaving. This small country has suffered horrible food shortages. So, the best way to meet a woman from this country is actually in other countries. They usually speak Creole and they are usually the skin tone of every race in the world mixed. Some people hate that fact, but I think it is beautiful. It might just be what God intended for us to do. Love each other and become 1 race. (Like an episode of star trek I’ve seen once) Sadly the mixture of these women is far from a love story and is riddled stories of what would be considered, hell on earth. But what they are today is quite possibly the most breathtaking looking women of any women on the face of this earth!
1. Ethiopian: All scientist and scholars worth their degrees regard Ethiopia as where human life began! The women can be traced back 400,000 years. If Angolan women are the Original Brazilians, Ethiopia women are the Original women. Period! When you meet an Ethiopian you can just tell they are without them opening their mouths. I think human men are natural drawn to them like water is drawn to land. They are so unique but that the same time so foreign. I guess they look like what all women would look like right now if there was no conquering, invading, occupying and human destruction for people who couldn’t just leave the rest of the world alone. Go to the city of Addis Ababa and you will meet THE most BEAUTIFUL WOMEN in AFRICA!
Did you like my video? Leave a comment and thumbs up. Did you disagree with my opinion? That’s understandable but like I said don’t give me a thumbs down, just leave a comment with your rebuttal. But please do me a favor and share this video. Also like and subscribe! Then check me out on www.passportkings.com and receive your free book titled “make money online so you can travel more.” I hope you tune in next time and thanks for watching.

Africa many times gets a bad rep because of the many struggles that outside forces has burdened her with. But if there is one thing history teaches you about Melinated people is we we not only survive onslaughts, we also thrive and usually become the best at whatever the obstacle is. Plus we make it look cool and beautiful at the same time! Don’t let the vicious stints of group competition make you give up. Keep revolutionizing, Surviving and Striving like a King, A Passport King!


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