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TRS - Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres - Cancun Mexico Review

TRS which is part of the Grand Palladium Brand...

of Hotels in Costa Mujeres Mexico was my opportunity to come back to Mexico for 2nd time.  My first experience in Mexico was in Cozumel.  This time I was given the royal treatment at this All Inclusive Experience in the Hot Sun of Mexico.

I took a picture in front of the Cancun sign in Mexico
One of my friends since I was 8 years old,
Paul and his wife decided to go to Cancun to celebrate his birthday. Y’all know I’m always down for a trip. I heard about Cancun since I was young but I only had very little interest to visit. Being that my trip to Cozumel was only my 2nd time out of the country, I’m smart enough to know that I could have been too harsh on judgement and Mexico deserved another chance. Plus I was not filming Passport Kings adventures at that time so this would be a cool way to tie up a loose Mexican end.

The first thing you will notice when you and in Cancun Mexico is...

 how clean and organized the airport is. The airport is like the latest state of the art airport in the US. Its big beautiful and easy to navigate.

When you get toward the end of the arrivals process you will be hounded by a group of cab drivers but that is to be expected at every airport abroad. But once you find the right cab driver who is not trying to over charge you, you will be able to settle down and take in the city. I suggest that when you book a hotel with me, that you include the hotel transport service during your time of purchase. It’s cheaper and 1 less thing you have to worry about while on vacation. Riding out of the airport you will see cleanliness surrounded by Jungle. Cancun is very grassy with a lot of trees but condition of this city is a lot better than what I remember Cozumel to be. I do need to go back to Cozumel when I get a chance.
Roklan Pointing at camera in Airport with Yellow shirt

 TRS Coral Hotel is located on sandy, white shores 

lapped by aquamarine water, TRS Coral Hotel is a heavenly Caribbean hideaway. With its palm-lined walkways, the hotel’s ultra-modern architectural aesthetic, built with sustainable materials, reflects its forwarding-thinking design without compromising the natural environment. Near CancĂșn and ancient Mayan ruins, TRS Coral Hotel’s village zone offers vibrant nightlife entertainment, diverse gastronomic options, and many exciting cultural and leisure activities. Guests can enjoy their stay with Infinite Indulgence®. Everything is included.

Completely new and stylishly decorated, this exclusive suite at TRS Coral Hotel is designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. King size bed, or 2 queen-size beds with memory foam mattresses, pillow menu and black-out curtains. I can say I honestly slept like a baby. Relax on the furnished terrace and enjoy the Costa Mujeres sun in complete privacy, have a luxurious bath in the hydro-massage bath and indulge yourself in tailor-made luxury with exclusive services such as butler service and 24-hour room service. . Some rooms even come with direct access to swim-up pools, which together with floating chairs distributed along the hotel’s canals, provide a luxurious experience designed to surprise and delight.

In TRS and Grand Palladium get used to waiting for and flagging down cart drivers and boat captains. 

Walking around this huge resort in not the most efficient way to travel, plus it’s HOT! Your outfit will be unwearable by the time you get to the other side of the resort because of sweat. Get used to the place you want to visit as quickly as possible then find the nearest boat port or cart stop to your hotel. Whichever way you find to walk, I can guarantee that by the end of your stay, you will know a shortcut by boat.
This is a sky view of Mexico from a Southwest Airplane

When I got to my buddy’s room who was staying in the Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres, it looked exactly the same as my room, lol! So moving from Costa Mujeres to TRS is not an upgrade in rooms but it is an upgrade in services. My menu on the tv had a lot more items to order for room service, we had access to a spa and a few other hotels that they didn’t, plus I was able to go to any of the grand Palladium Restaurants but they were unable to come to mine.

The sports bar is where we spent a lot of our nights their was also a live dance festival going on outside the front door of it every night and during the day, the best place to be is in a pool. 

Mexico is hot 

...but it’s always excellent to have a pool with a swim up bar to just relax the heat away.

But What about the Women?

I know dudes don’t think of a place like this as not an option for singles, but the choosing is heavy. One person cleared up my misconception by telling me that a lot of Mexicans look at Cancun the way we look at Miami. It’s a place to go on a quick vacation for them. Many think that native Mexicans are well off enough to take a vacation to a hotspot in their country but many don’t realize that As of 2016, Mexico is not the pinnacle of developed countries, but it beats the majority of its peers in the developing world on most economic and quality of life metrics. As of 2016, Mexico's per capita GDP is $17,276. And that’s enough for a vacation to Cancun!

Mexicans ain't Running to the US like we are led to believe in the media. Most people seeking asylum are from countries a lot further south in Central America. They just need to make it through Mexico to get to America - which is why that wall is always mentioned being on the Mexico/SouthernUS boarder. In all honesty a pew poll from 2009-2014 showed that More Mexicans are leaving the US than coming in.

Mexicans love their country and they are not interested in many of the crappy jobs that we all of a sudden hold so dear. Of course their are rough spots in Mexico, there are rough spots in the US, but all in all, a great majority of Mexicans are happy right where they are.

But what about the Travel Horror Stories?

When it came to the food and drinks, which was all included I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was a little afraid. With all of the news about tourist dying coming out of the DR resorts (which I know, really has nothing to do with Cancun) but I was a little more skeptical of everything I put I my mouth for my body to digest. And honestly there was one dinner restaurant that my friends and I went to on our last night there, that I was so worried that I didn’t eat at all. They got my order wrong at first and I'm not usually the one to complain but the waiter had been getting things wrong the entire time we were sitting there. When my order was finally corrected and delivered to me, I smelled it and my antenna went on high alert. I didn’t eat that and said I’d wait till I get back to the buffet to eat. But a certain item at the Buffet seemed to have been past it’s expiry. I like to play it safe so at buffets I prefer to eat what I see a chef, not only preparing, but standing guard over it until it is all gone. That would be my biggest suggestion. Hire people who stand guard over the buffet food. Maybe I was exaggerating but I’m sure you guys would be very upset if I got sick and was not able to make these spectacular Passport Kings videos.   Make sure you buy your Bottle of Liquor at Duty free is well. Not only is it playing it safe, but you can make your drinks a lot stronger than what bars give you anyway.

As far as the city itself, 
Bottom line is Cancun was Better than Cozumel but not as good as Lucy in Jamaica. The Grand Palladium, Well Palladium Connect makes an OUTSTANDING brand of hotels. And I recommend them wholeheartedly. And if you are ready to book at trip to one of these all inclusive laps of luxury, let Passport Kings be your Agent. Also, If you want to become a Travel Business owner yourself, I’d love to guide you through the process go to www.passportkings.com to find out more.

Lastly it was AMAZING how fast I went through the airport in Cancun. I could only wish that leaving other countries could be this easy. It’s pretty much the same process as going from one city to another in the States. The only hassle is they won’t tell you which gate your aircraft will be arriving in until about an hour before it lands, but the accommodations in the airport are so cool you won’t mind. I only wish I knew how easy the Security Process would be before I left my ALL Inclusive hotel because I would have went and ate a big breakfast at the buffet before rushing to the airport - on the morning of departure.

If you have written off Mexico I think you may want to reconsider, don’t believe the negative hype. Give Cancun TRS and Grand Palladium another try to impress you. They will and they will all while treating you like a King

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