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Make your own Passport Kings-esue Videos course: Travel Light

Thanks for your patience while I create this video course tutorial. I will be spilling the beans about how to make an engaging travel video the Passport Kings way. I am currently hard at work on this project so please excuse the lack of my own travel video during this time.

The only thing that will make this video making tutorial different from others is the focus on travelling light. That means that I will be showing you how to NOT have a bunch of expensive and hard to carry equipment for your vacation. Your vacation should be fun and inspirational, not dutiful and difficult. By following my program you will see how making and incredibly entertaining video about your exciting vacation does not have to be a chore.

What you will learn:

*Equipment to use: Most can be found here

*When, where and how to film

*Editing Fundamentals

* Getting the most out of the little time that you are shooting video

*Writing a compelling script to keep your audience engaged

*The Basics to story telling

*Adding your Flavor

*Time Management when it comes to making videos

*And much much more

If you would like to be among the first people to receive this offer please enter your info here. This will be produced by myself so of course you will be entertained while learning. There is a small cost attached but I will not price it out until my beta testers have had time with the course.


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My name is Roklan. I'm a travel advisor. I make Passport Kings Travel Videos to inform, preview and excite you about Vacation Destinations and other travel-related information. Discover, Preview and Book Travel with Passport Kings

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