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Passport Kings helps you to see the world in all of it's glory. This service is so you can Travel the world like royalty and make extra money in the travel industry!

Travel is my passion. I've had many jobs in my life but they left me feeling empty inside. Inside every cubicle I've ever worked in, I would hang pictures of exotic destinations that I only dreamed to visit. I made sure that changed! Passport kings is mostly about traveling Internationally because it's my passion! I've also created various instructional videos. 1 that even walks you through the process of getting your passport.

I have also been in the event planning business for almost 10 years. I was having a great time with my vlog videos and exciting excursions but I didn't start to see real profit until I joined PlanNet Marketing and Intele-Travel. It has also become a way that I can confidently share how YOU TOO can now explore the globe and make enough money to do it all!

This site serves 4 different functions:

1. Promotion of my Travel Videos on YouTube

Every week I upload new inspiration, instructional or just fun videos on for your free veiwing pleasure. I encourages travel and gives you insights on my experiences while traveling and making money online.

2. Enables you to Book your Trips with InteleTravel

Book your next trip though this websites and support this freedom movement for those of us who value travel. The main reason I joined PlanNet is I can now MATCH ANY PRICE FOUND ON OTHER SEARCH ENGINES!  and  customer service is TOP NOTCH! So when you book travel through me you can rest assured that you are getting the best prices and best deals on the internet guaranteed!

3. Enables YOU to become an Independent Travel Agent!

Though this site you can join PlanNet Marketing to become an independent travel agent with intele-travel. Just like me! This is the FIRST at home travel agency with over 25 years in the business! 

    • You'll be able to book travel for friends and family and get paid for it. 
    • You'll be able to travel more and get paid for your own trips! 
    • You'll be able to create a travel events for others and get paid for every sign up.
    • You'll also make residual income whenever people sign up to become a travel agent and whenever anyone book travel through people you introduced to this company! 
I have never wholeheartedly believed in an opportunity to get everyone to travel more and making money to do it!. 

4. Informs you of Passport Kings Trips that you are welcome to join!

Join Passport Kings as we hit the road and cross the seas in search for good times, beautiful scenery, new food, travel and leisure, exotic people and uncover history! When I create an exciting event that others can join, we are light on the restrictions and heavy on the excitement and adventure! You can Join Passport Kings on:

    • Leisure Travels Abroad
    • Weekend Getaways
    • City Tours Abroad
    • Beach Parties
    • Cruises

Welcome Aboard Abroad... Welcome to Passport Kings!

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