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7 hook-ups when moving to Atlanta with no money

Make your Move to Atlanta Easier

It would really suck to throw yourself into something so monumental in your life and not have anyone to reach out to if you needed help.

Imagine having all of your vital needs met the minute you arrive in Atlanta to start your new life. Today is your lucky day.

These tips will put you a lot further ahead in the game than most people who moved down here with just prayer and a dream.

I moved to Atlanta almost 17 years ago. I was determined to make it work no matter what I had to do. I met a lot of people who turned out to be valuable resources. Plus making these videos about Atlanta networked me with some amazing people.

If I had a list like this when I moved down here, I would have gotten a lot further in a much quicker time period than it took me to figure everything out on my own.

It’s your turn. 

Today on Passport King, I am giving you my 8 Atlanta Hook-Ups, Engage

Your Hook Ups when you get to Atlanta

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This is a big step in life!

Moving to any other state from the state you were born in is a big deal. Not having your friends and family to lean on if you run into trouble is very important and some birds just refuse to leave the nest because they’re afraid of any discomfort that their parents usually took care of.

And maybe I could be accused of making it seem like moving hundreds of miles away from what you’ve always known as home, is super simple. For me, it was pretty simple though.

Firstly, I had not accumulated a bunch of unnecessary retail junk. I had a laptop, some clothes, a video game system, and my Tahoe.

I also had no immediate responsibilities like kids or lack of savings. My Income was web-based so it didn’t really matter where I lived, because my income wasn’t going to stop.

But how does that help you?

I realize that everyone is not in the same position that I was in, so thanks to your tweets and Youtube comments, I was able to compile a list of the things you will need when moving to Atlanta

If you are rich and well off moving down here, you may not need this info. But for everyone else, here are 7 things you will need and where to get them from, to make your move as easy as possible. And I can personally vouch for their offers because I’ve utilized them myself. 


Without good credit, everything will be a lot harder than it will need to be. If you can, I would suggest getting your credit scores and outstanding accounts under control before you even step foot in Atlanta. 

Harvey the Credit Houdini will take care of that. 

He has an Instagram page with hundreds of happy customers singing his praises. My wife is one of those testimonials. She tells about the great job he did to improve her credit. 

Harvey is from Alabama but I can tell that most of his clientele are people in Atlanta who are ready to make big purchases like buying a home or just get their Fico scores up.

He has a proven system that I am in the process of going through myself. Watching stubborn strikes on my credit disappear is exciting to watch. I suggest you get started with this process as soon as you can.

Jobs check credit a lot in Atlanta, which always seemed ridiculous to me because you’re getting a job so you can take care of your finances. There are plenty of ways to get your credit scores under control but Harvey the Credit Houdini, who you can find at -


will make the process easy and much much faster than doing the steps he takes on your own. 

For special treatment, Make sure you tell him Passport Kings sent you and use my coupon code of “KingsReferral”

With better credit the entire city is yours and people’s trust in you will increase drastically.

6. A JOB

  • Your Job is going to make or break your experience moving to Atlanta. Having a cool job set up for you as soon as you get here is the key to perseverance when moving down here.

For this, I have 2 solutions.

When I first got here, I had my own personal income but I was afraid of people needing an employment reference and w2s. So I signed up with The Reserves Network. This is perfect for people who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. They will literally have you working within a few days. 

The company is posting new positions for new Atlanta Transplants every day. The base is in Smyrna and you can fill out an application online before you even touch down in Atlanta.

Simply go to www.trnstaffing.com and fill out an application. Just make sure you put my name as the person who referred you. Beware that they will be contacting you immediately so only apply when you are ready to work.

The manual labor jobs usually include factories and retail plants.

Although the pay is respectable and will cover most of your bills, If you have a degree and specialize in an employable skill, this may not be for you. These are blue-collar jobs.

They can send you all around the Metro Atlanta area but the plants and factories are usually on bus routes. I’ve seen plenty of women working these jobs. They are usually not physically demanding and use the latest technology to make the working environments as safe as possible..

You can call them at 770-996-1503 and again, make sure you mention my name, but the first thing they ask you to do over the phone is fill out the online application. So you may as well do that now, then call after if you need to speak to someone. 

  • For people who want to be less physical and have the convenience of working from home, I also highly recommend Arise. This company was recommended by President Obama and the Talk on ABC

All you need is a decent computer and an internet connection.

You will work with fortune 500 companies, (I unable to say the exact name of these companies) but you have definitely heard of all of them. They are constantly hiring for call at-home call center work. This is actually perfect during the pandemic. Attached is a video I did about Arise a few years ago. 

Disregard the landline phone requirements though because most of the companies have eliminated this requirement. 

The best part is you get to choose your own hours after you have gone through mandatory training. This freedom allowed me to travel often before I learned what a Travel Advisor was.

It is very important that you use my code when signing up to Arise. I will include it in the description.

And lastly, for people who have certificates and degrees in the Medical Field, I suggest Emory Hospitals and College

Having a stable job as soon as you move to Atlanta will change your experience completely. Ask the people who complain about Atlanta on Youtube what their job was when they were here. Their answer will tell you everything you need to know about why they were so upset.


So, I wrote down a complete list of Apartments in areas that I believed to be the best places to move in Atlanta and the Metro Atlanta Area. (You can see my list of best areas to live in this video) The apartment complexes that I had all of the info on were safe, close to daycare, and good schools. 

And they were actually all offering me referrals anywhere from $250 to $500 for helping people find their dream apartment. 

Unfortunately, after further research, I discovered that in Georgia, I would need a real estate license to offer that kind of information in mass. 

Researching this fact and trying to find a way around it is what took me so long to make this follow-up video in my moving to Atlanta Series.

So while I get my real estate license, I will hold on to the info I have gathered, but if you know anyone living in an apartment in the Metro Atlanta area, tell them to contact their leasing office and ask what they offer.

In most cases, you and the person already living there can receive a come-up when you move into the same complex. 

If you are interested in becoming a real estate agent, which is surprisingly cheap for training (only $125) I am going to go through the course from https://www.realestateu.com/ 

Maybe we can all get our licenses at the same time.

4. Child Care

This is a hard one for me because I don’t have kids. I know from my comments that this is very important to a lot of you guys. I pasted a link to Yelp’s best 10 Child Care and Day Care choices in Atlanta. I hope this helps you guys. I’ve never had to worry about this need.

When it comes to what schools your kid goes to, The prices of the homes in the neighborhood you live in will determine how good the schools will be. The more people in the area pay in taxes, the better funded the immediate area’s school will be. Fortunately, you could luck up with a reasonably priced apartment in a high-priced zip code. You and your kid may luck out and wind up in the best school in the city.

3. A Realtor

Of course, that same law I mentioned earlier applied when referring to realtors. What I suggest you do is look into the comment section of some of my other videos about Atlanta and you will find people who commented and have a lot of knowledge about the process of buying a house in Atlanta.

As soon as I get this license, I will offer more info 

Buying a house or getting a cool apartment is essential when moving down here. In my other videos about Atlanta, I stressed how easy it was for me and it will also be easy for you.

Gone are waiting lists and other foolishness that I had to jump through while living in New York City trying to get a place. Come with the money and you can move on that day.

2.  A Car

Metro Atlanta is not walker-friendly, even if you manage to get a place to live by public transportation, you will eventually need a car.

Your outfit’s condition, when you arrive to work, will scream “I’ve just been on the Bus.”

Vanity aside, you will not have a great time living in Atlanta if you don’t own a car. Uber and Lyft are great but if you use them too much, you’ll wind up destroying your budget. 

My guy who sells cars is: he works at Drivetime and when you are ready with a down payment, he will be ready to hook you up. I am still in the process of getting his updated information. 

What to do in your new car? Make Money. A lot of people know about Uber and Lyft but sometimes you just want to deliver things that will not put too much wear and tear on your car. I suggest you work with Postmates in your free time. 

You will deliver food most of the time but sometimes you will be delivering people’s purchases from Big Box Stores, Walmart, and the Mall.

When signing up make sure you use the code: FL-itma9

This extra income will keep you on your feet in the event that anything goes wrong financially while living here. It’s always good to have a backup plan for some quick cash.

Book a trip to Atlanta right now and just come to visit. Stay with your family, friends, or at a hotel for a few days and see what you think. Passport Kings will make sure you get the lowest prices for your visit. Go to the updated www.passportkings.com and compare offers from all flight and hotel brands in one place

Honarable Mention: 

Before I get to number 1, a lot of people have asked me where I get the cool Bronx or Nothing Caps and Outfits. 

Here is the link to the creator of that brand. His prices are reasonable and the quality of the clothes are exceptional. He’s well known for his Bronx or Nothing Iconic caps because that is what had Rappers and Singers wearing his brand

But he also makes clothes with other logos… (Harlem or Nothing, Entrepreneur, Etcetera)

Check him out on Instagram at:


and tell him Roklan from passport kings sent you. Look through his feed catalog and see which outfits promote your own style and I can guarantee that the quality and Stylishness of the gear will be TOP NOTCH!

I've ordered a lot of dope joints from him and have never been dissatisfied

1. A Career:

The best thing about the work-from-home Arise opportunity that I mentioned earlier is you will actually have time to make career-changing moves while being able to pay your bills. 

Since you’ll be making your own schedules, you’ll have time for training, certificates, and passion projects.

My Passion is Travel, so when I was first introduced to the Plannet Opportunity, It was a no-brainer for me.

But for the people who don’t need to travel, you can get a 6 month Welding, Electrician, Truck Driver, or Medical Assistant program done in no time. 

Then, even if you don’t work with a company, you can stay working with ads on craigslist, Facebook marketplace, or make Youtube videos teaching people how to do what you do, and get paid in AdSense for it.

Having freedom is number 1 on my list. A great career makes that possible.

Are there any other hook-ups you need because you’ve decided to move to Atlanta? Type your questions in the comments below. I will do my best to answer them but what I’ve seen is a lot of others in the comments have been helping each other out. in the comments section below

Also, go to www.passportkings.com and get My free Ebook called “Make Money Online so you can Travel More.” just by joining the newsletter. But before you go, check out my entire moving to Atlanta series playlist that I attached to the end of this video. Maybe I have already answered your question in one of those. Then when you get to Atlanta you can also experience freedom Like a king...



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